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    Volume/Wah works as expected, but I cannot select/use the a switch on Pedal 6, it only shows "connected" but I can only select one of (off, Volume, Monitor Volume, Wah, Pitch), i.e., it does not allow me to select "Stomp A on/off" which is my Wha effect.

    I don't have my Remote yet, but did you select Wah (instead of Stomp A) to see if it works? I wonder if the Remote and/or new firmware is "smart" and looks at the effects you have in the slots instead of the slot themselves(?)

    I got my Toaster from ZZounds when they were offering it on 8 payments, which was a whole lot easier to swallow than the whole $1750.00. By the time I got my Rack I went with Sweetwater, as no one else had them in stock.

    Except for special promotions, the longest payment spread I've seen lately is 4 payments.

    Paypal Credit (formerly, BillMeLater) allows 6 payments (at least in my case). This is how I'm getting the Remote. Having never wired money from my bank before, I found they would charge an unacceptable amount of $$$ for this type of transaction to Kemper so I changed it a few days ago.

    I read G String's instructions earlier on how to change the payment method. (I did....from pre-pay to Paypal).

    I think some should chill with the "I want my remote YESTERDAY....CHECK ON MY ORDER NOW!!!!....WTF IS GOING ON??!!! " thing, slow down, and give it time. Do you really think you'll be charged for something and not receive it? The Internet has reduced people's patience to the point that you expect everything NOW. Sorry, the world isn't like that.

    Give Kemper some credit that they will handle this and the remotes will come. When I was ordering stuff in the 70s and 80s, I didn't have the Internet to get this information as we have now and I survived.

    In the meantime, tweak your Profiler and enjoy it.

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    Thank you! (Now I can "like" your post :D )

    I actually have a post about the IEMs in this part of the Forum. I do not like the Shure SE215s at all. I went to GC tonight and bought a super cheap pair of Sennheiser HD 201's for 20 bucks. They sound great. Ill be coming out of the headphone jack of the Kemper for our set up. Were using the Jamhub Greenroom as our monitoring source so its not a typical in ear monitoring system. So I go out of the headphone jack of the Kemper to the Jamhub if that makes sense.

    Thanks you for the comment. I think the headphone output sounds the best.

    Ok, ladies. Those who really want the thing will buy it online from Kemper. Those who don't will buy something else that works just as well for them.

    Regarding Sweetwater; their prices are the same as any other online retailer or less. They are probably able to offer free shipping due to volume of orders from gear companies.

    We're in the process of switching to in ears at our church so everyone has to go direct. I knew the Kemper would be the only thing I would be happy with. It just doesnt disappoint in any way tone wise!

    Please report on how you like the sound using the IEMs. (if you don't mind) and which output of the Kemper you are using. I"ve only been able to get good tone out of the headphone jack for IEM use even thought the main and monitor out is supposed to be the same. (Might be a difference in impedance which is giving me a warmer sound via the headphone out)

    Some of you must have the luxury of huge stages for your gear. I'm envious. Locally, there are usually no stages...just a corner of the room where a couple of tables have been removed. :whistling:
    I usually have room for only one guitar and must stand perfectly still so I don't hit anybody with the guitar neck.
    I only take what I can get by with.

    After weighing the no dedicated button for EACH of the stomps and effects VS other features, I went ahead and ordered. I guess I'll have to assign the expression pedal switches for those.

    What swayed me is:

    • Lighted display on board. I can see what the patch holds in front of me.without having to look at the Profiler.
    • ONE cable vs. three on FCB (2 MIDI + power cord)
    • Looper which I probably won't use, but it's there.
    • Switches which appear to be quicker response than the ones on the FCB which I HATE.
    • My choice of expression pedals instead of the horrible FCB pedals.