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    That's what I think I saw. I tried them and with the exception of one clean, unless I'm playing metal or hard rock, these are useless to me.

    Seems a lot of metal players out are digging the Kemper but what about those of us who play more straight up stuff? Anything new?


    I agree. :thumbup:

    IMO, Most of the high gain stuff sounds the same. Bogner, Diezel, Soldano, etc.....I can't tell the's all maxed out and fuzzed out.
    I'd rather have some more crunch and over driven type amps. Some of us play music that's more like Steely Dan, Robben Ford, Black Crowes, Tom Petty, etc.....that range of the crunch/dirt spectrum. I think I have *1* high gain amp set up for AC/DC tunes the band plays, but otherwise, I live in low to mid gain territory.

    My band just started covering this tune. It's not really using the effect labeled as Ring Modulator, but a cousin......Wah Freq Shifter, and it sounds more like the recording IMO.

    It's sounds pretty darn close to my ears when you play the octave C notes at the end of each chorus and finishing with the G and C diad (3rd and 4th strings at the 5th fret).

    I put it in Stomp A.

    Wah Freq Shifter

    Manual: 6.9
    Pedal Range: 0%
    Pedal Mode: Bypass @ Toe << (my own preference to pull the effect in and out quickly)
    Mix: 100%
    Ducking: 0.0
    Volume: 0.0

    Be sure to read the unofficial WIKI, Lots of great suggestions. I got the BEST sounding clean tone by turning up the cabinet volume control. Made the sound extremely life like.....98% like a tube amp and warm.

    I just received my KPR a few days ago and not sure if this is common wasn't for me.
    (BTW, I can't believe you can't just pull up Wah Wah in the browser and have it have to construct it from scratch.
    How in the hell am I supposed to know where to set Peak, Manual, etc???!!!!!)

    Found these settings in a post at TGP. Apparently, they are from CK. They sound like a traditional Cry Baby to me.
    Pardon me if people already know this. I couldn't find it anywhere.

    Manual 3.4
    Peak 7.5
    Pedal Range 31%
    Peak Range -43%

    I run the wah output at 100%

    I just received my KPA today (rack version) and was setting it up with the date, time, and my name.

    When I got to the name part, I finished inputting my name but accidentally pushed the EXIT button instead of NEXT.

    I don't know if my name was can I go back and re-do the setup? ?( Thank you!