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    I use one of the amp stands that tilts your amp back at 45 degrees. I *turn the stand around* backwards and put the Kemper's rack on it so the controls are now pointing up at me 45 degrees.


    Currently the following Speaker Imprints will become available with the PROFILER:

    • Celestion Vintage 30
    • Celest G12M Greenback
    • Celest G12M Creamback
    • Celestion G12 Blue
    • Celestion G12H Anniv
    • Celestion G12H Herit
    • Celestion G12-100
    • Celestion G12T
    • EVM12L Blacklabel
    • Eminence MFD
    • Goodmans Audiom 61
    • Oxford 12L6
    • Jen P12Q
    • Jen P12R
    • Jen C12N Ceramic
    • Jen Vintage P10R
    • Jen Vintage C10R
    • JBL D120F 12'
    • JBL 2110H 8'

    I wish @lonestargtr could convince ckemper to include an imprint of the Celestion Classic Lead 80 since MOST of Mike's profiles use that speaker.
    I know there are many of us who use MBritt profiles 99% of the time.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Since the Kemper Kab will be closed back, wouldn't you expect better performance (given a choice for your own cab) to use a closed back cab?

    It's more of a personal preference thing. A closed cabinet will give more bass, but that may not be desired. Raising a closed cabinet off the ground will lose bass which might be comparable to an open cabinet on the ground.

    Some players like the open sound of an open cab. Metal players would probably prefer a closed cabinet.

    Kemper said they will work in sealed or open back cabs....pretty much the same as any speaker. And, like other speakers, they will sound differently in an open back vs. closed cab.

    I'm going to use mine in an open back, T21 Power Engine as a cabinet only powered by a DV Mark CMT head.

    I have been using FR from the beginning...not because I wanted to. I don't like tweeters with a guitar signal. I tried using a cabinet, but the speaker is 1/2 your tone. When studio profiles were created using different speakers, I had to tweak every one to match the speaker I was using.

    I gave up as it was more authentic using the FR cab in spite of the tweeter.

    I'm patiently waiting for the Kone to be released so I can hear how it's supposed to be and retire my K10.

    Well sorry but I didn't see any official announcement about the impossibility to makes RM2 and future Kemper OS Updates (I could missed it ) and when I asked few times informations about that here I didn't have answers so I thought maybe some people could be interested by this information cause i know I'm not the only one in that case.

    I will update my hardware one day (computer and soundcard) It's not I don't want but can't for the moment.

    Although I have more up to date PCs and Macs, I use a 12 year old Core2Duo PC that runs Windows 10. I *ONLY* use this laptop for running Rig Manager as it doesn't run a lot of newer more demanding programs.

    You could look for a used PC laptop that will run Rig Manager as I did. They should be REALLY cheap considering a budget laptop these days is about $300.

    Your use case is more like a feedback destroyer though. All these devices do is locate a spike in the frequency that swells and put a very small Q PEQ on it with a big dip in gain which is very frequency specific.

    Strange use case. Can you explain?

    No, nothing about feedback.

    As someone mentioned previously, most FR speakers are not even though they claim to be.

    QSC K10s are notorious for having low mid mud at ~700Hz which needs to be cut by 3 db.

    I'm sure other brands have their own idiosyncratic frequencies.

    The benefit is that FRFR speakers are not truly flat-they all have bumps & dips in their frequency response that varies from model to model. This means that the same profile will sound different when run through different monitoring systems. Many people have commented/complained that profiles that they purchased do not sound the same as the demos they have seen.

    And this is EXACTLY why a PEQ is needed in the Monitor Out section.....not a broad brush HP and LP filter.

    Don't forget to check out the free MBritt Rig Pack that shows up in Rig Editor along with the other Rig Packs. Many times Mike has a sale on major holidays.

    I have all sorts of odd-ball amps and cabs and find the Weber Z-matcher invaluable. Pricey solution, but I don't see why I wouldn't work for the Kone. It's a great gadget to have, probably my most borrowed piece of gear

    That's a cool piece of gear! I'd buy if it was 1/2 the price.; too pricey when the end result is to use with my Power Engine. Time to sell the Power Engine since it's useless for my needs.