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    44 years ago...several years of lessons with a jazz virtuoso was a short cut to learning advanced chords and training my ear along with slowing down records to figure out solos.

    Rock was easy to figure out after that.

    Thanks, Deadman....that's a good tip to know!

    They're alphabetised when you quit and reopen Rig Manager, Carl, so even 'though you can't move them, you can determine where they'll appear in the list, which is what you want.

    Well, Nicky, you are correct. I don't know why I never noticed this. I guess I haven't added profiles in a while. Aging sucks. LOL. Thank you!

    I was unable to find a thread on sorting folders, so....

    When I create folders for profiles, they are added underneath the last folder I added. I like to keep all of one pack together.

    How can I sort them so the folders are alphabetical in the left column? I'd like to keep all packs of one profile maker together.

    Thanks for any help.

    So this raises a question for Michael (sorry if this has been covered before, and you don't have to answer if it steps on any NDA's or contractual stuff or you just don't wanna...) - has Christoph Kemper ever bought you lunch at NAMM and said thank you? The KPA is a stunning piece of engineering, but the CONTENT (MBritt amps in particular) is really what drives the value and longevity of the platform. Inquiring minds need to know...

    I had the Kemper for a year or so and the stock profiles weren't wowing me. I was about ready to sell it and totally go back to tube amps. Michael's packs were the deciding factor in keeping the KPA and 99% of my profiles are all MBritt.

    The Fender DRRI rigs from the pack are so good, you can save the money and instead buy the 3 remaining MB packs for christmas.

    And from the money left... you can still buy the amp for christmas too ;)

    I'm sure they are stellar. A Fender amp is missing from my collection after 45+ years of playing (although I had an early 70s silver face Twin for about a week ....never should have let it go, but it weighed a ton.). The Kemper Kone might convince me.....if it ever gets released. Tubes really warm up the sound of single coils more....especially when there is no FRFR tweeter, which I despise.

    I went nuts and almost completed my MB collection. (I think there are 3 left not in my collection) Added the Heavy Pack, Mod Pack 1, Pack #3, and Sweet 16 Pack. I love how, after adding a pack to the cart, there is the KEEP SHOPPING if I needed to be reminded. LOL. Thank you, Michael, for the generous discount! :)

    The Sweet 16 pack is of particular interest as there are multiple profiles of a Fender '65 DRRI.

    I'm intent on buying one near Christmas time.

    I have a feeling a lot of these commercial profiles are EQ'ed at a very loud stage volume...hence mud at lower volume. My stage volume is only loud enough for me to hear myself, no more. I need to look into more post amp EQ as it can really make a difference.

    That message looks like a client side error (meaning your computer/network is blocking it) Turn off any blocking plugins you might have on your browser.

    This happened before a few months ago and it was because of a bad certificate. Mike had a look into it and everything was fine.

    He just mentioned GoDaddy moving to a new server so they probably haven't done everything they need to do. I'm going through work Internet. I've also tried it on different browsers with no blocking software.

    Normally, I have no problem here. I can still access it on my phone with Wi-Fi turned off, but that error means something is still not right on the website side.

    Just received my Stage today. Never had a profiler before & didn't buy it to profile my own amps but to play others :).

    I have only used the early Line 6 UX1, 11 rack & Amplifire Box (with which I was very happy). Have heard nothing but good things about Kemper products & I'm psyched to get to know the workings of this machine.

    Watch ALL the official Kemper tutorials on Youtube and get to know the Amp parameters. They completely affect/change the tone and response of the profiles.

    ^^ I’m just somewhat perplexed with my experience...I feel like I’m the only one who has had difficulties with Highly recommended commercial profiles.

    I can’t be the only person who uses the Kemper direct with quality QSC k series speakers.

    1. Most of the MBritt profiles (unless otherwise stated in the profile notes) are created using P90 pickups. Guys using humbuckers (especially those high powered ones with fewer highs) will probably notice a muddy tone which can usually be fixed with tweaking the Definition and Clarity parameters in the amp section.

    2. I use one of the original series QSC K10s. They are notorious for low mid mud. The trick (and this is VERY important....night and day difference) is to cut-3dB @ 700 Hz.

    For a while I was using a Quadraverb between the Kemper and QSC with a PEQ patch with the above settings. Now, I use a PEQ patch in the MOD slot on the Kemper.

    If you're using hot humbuckers plus the K10 I'm not surprised you're getting a muddy sound.

    BTW, the MBritt profiles are my go to profiles for everything. 90% of the time I use single coil pickups, but have used them successfully for PAF style humbuckers as well.

    Hi guys! Anyone fancy recommending me some of the better Clean, Edge of breakup and pushed Britt profiles on the Rig Exchange? Am using a cab. :)

    Check out his /13 profiles in the freebie pack in Rig Manager. Those are GREAT for clean/over driven tones. Some of my favorites. Think Tom Petty tones.