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    I have SD3 and BFD3 and I find it's fun to play around with and layer both.

    The Black Album kit on BFD3 is amazing, just like the drums on that great album.

    The way I like to look at each software is that SD3 is processed and recording ready drums, BFD3 is the raw sounds and you can process them anyway you like.

    The groove section on BFD3 is cool, just play it and it will add fills, change sections and whatnot.

    I suppose that could be said if it was analog hardware, but this is a completely digital machine and is more than likely of being made into a VST... There is nothing happening outside the digital realm. If someone found out what the magic formulas being used were. You could then potentially map all those controllers to a DAW controller.

    I for one am glad that there's no VST. It would have been pirated like crazy, and would reduce the value of the hardware machine.

    The slaving of my old Profire2626 via ADAT for those old 8 XLR's into this new audio interface is something I hope will work, and would allow me to buy a smaller new one ( ie 4i4) but for small difference I might still prefer and analog 8 in, just to be certain.

    The smaller ones like UA ApolloTwin or RME Babyface are not that cheap - not sure why anyone with Kemper would pick UA Apollo Twin as I expect onboard UA effects less good than Kemper.

    Are you saying you prefer the RME for its routing interface over the Apollo ? Profire2626 routing interface was very confusing - especially the standalone setup.

    If you're aiming for 8 inputs, don't look at anything with less than that. I was suggesting the UFX and UFX II, which have a whole lot of analog inputs, besides a lot of digital ones. If Universal Audio, Apollo 8 or 8p, but they are really expensive.

    On the Apollo though:

    The Kemper FX are outstanding, and you don't really need the Apollos preamps for that.

    But, let's say you are profiling: in such a situation, you'd find the emulations of a Neve or SSL or API preamp followed by an LA -2A or a 1176 really fun to use.

    Or alternatively, if you're creating a mix, the UA plugins are great in those situations as well.

    Of course, the drawback is that you get locked into Universal Audio's ecosystem, and their plugins are really expensive when not on sale.

    Personally, I find the plugins really good. And I am more than happy to have the DSP on the interface handle the plugins rather than my prosumer iMac. If you check on some other sites, a lot of people will tell you the same thing.

    Routing wise though, it is like the Stone Age. I was really disappointed when I found that I couldn't route more than one input to the same output within their Console app, for example. Whereas with the RME, I can route every single input on my device to multiple outputs, at multiple settings.

    Let's to forget one of the most-important reasons of all - that of Kemper's IP being more-secure in a hardware unit.

    A plugin or app would likely be cracked within days, the net effect being that this'd remove potential customers from the pool. Sure, it may even create some, especially those who'd otherwise never have come into contact with the Kemper, but the overwhelming majority of those who'd use pirated copies would be lost-for-good.

    Pretty sure the rate of conversion would be <1%, translating into a suicidal strategy. We've seen what piracy did to the music industry.

    When you send the CC, are you sending it at one place, or several? Seems like it is continuously transmitting the CC number.

    A good idea would be to use the Midi OX utility to verify this.

    There should be a way to just send the CC once, rather than constantly, but I'm not familiar with Sonar.

    If it fits your budget, I'd say look into an RME UFX or UFX II. They're extremely reliable, rock solid drivers and low latency. Lots of inputs too. I'm still using my Fireface 800, which I bought in 2007. Had to replace the whole motherboard last year, but the company was willing to do so even though it was over 10 years old. I still use it, even though i have an Apollo 8p, because the routing capabilities are superior. I just slave it to the Fireface using ADAT, so I have all the extra inputs and mic pres.

    I have the same problem using an iMac ( I bought my Kemper/Remote last friday, if the problem only occurs when it's connected to the computer I am less worried :)

    here is a message in the Kemper display :

    Well, since Kemper Amps has ruled out a cable issue (assuming that you all are using the original cable that came with the Remote), maybe it's a problem on the Mac side of things.

    I have my Kemper hooked up to my iMac using a USB hub and the Remote is connected to. I have set the power options to not allow the Mac to go to sleep, even if the display turns off.

    Maybe try that.

    If that doesn't work and it's not the cable, as I suggested open a support ticket, provide Kemper with a backup of your rig library, etc, etc.

    A nice, Utopian idea, but given that this would allow some company to build their own "Remotes", I don't see it being considered.

    It would be akin to shooting yourself in the foot. Only the Remote can do what the Remote does, and I don't see the company ever changing that.

    I think $999 for a monitor stand kind of underlines Apple's "logic" that its fans will pay obscene amount of money for their products.

    It's despicable really, they probably make the stands in China for $40-100 a pop. Can't see them costing more to manufacture really.

    Then again, I don't see these machines targeted at regular users. They are far too expensive for most homes, even the base model.

    If you get the chance to try out a Strymon Deco, do so. Here's a video I did comparing the Mimiq to the Deco.

    Both are great, but I kept the Deco. Just so many more settings, which I preferred.

    I watched the "Kemper comparison ... -Part2 " video on utube. First time listening I totally forgot to "watch out for any differences" - the playing and the melodies had my full attention.

    So I gave it a second try - same thing ^^ Just got carried away by the awesome song and playing!! So for today I don't care if there are any differences :D I had a long day - for now I just listen to some Hanmer stuff on youtube and enjoy it... with another cold beer in my hand and a big salute to that great guitar player... (and just because I am in the mood: Cheers to ashtweth another day you are missed here... the next bottle(s) for you) :*

    What a pity ashtweth left.

    Good comparison Foxglovestudios . I think I would be happy with either tone.

    It's a common problem due to bad acoustic spaces. I have a similar problem in my rented apartment.

    Try positioning your monitors as far from any walls as possible and raise it off your desk. If it's possible, try to get some acoustic treatment done to treat your space somewhat as well.

    It's also a good idea to check your mix on headphones from time to time to figure out whether your recording is being washed out by excessive reverb.

    It's also important to listen at a healthy amount of volume so that you can hear the little details.

    I specifically said that they were accurate, Brother AJ, meaning that they were for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the source amps; very-close at least.

    The subjective quality of any source amp in a "Profiling" comparison is irrelevant; it's about the accuracy of reproduction and nothing else. You've (probably unintentionally) created a straw man, brother. ;)

    FWIMBW, I'm not, nor have I ever, made any sort of judgement about how the plugin compares with the Kemper; I haven't even used the software yet. I simply responded in Christophe's thread 'cause of the preset update and new vids.

    What I meant, Brother Nickster, was that it was intentionally dumbed down. Those tones were unusable, so the question of accuracy just goes out of the window.

    It's almost as if they "reverse engineered", i.e. tweaked the amp to match the capabilities of the amp sim. Just pull up any JCM800 modded or otherwise on the rig exchange (I think I have some Cameron modded ones somewhere) and it's obvious these were far, far off from accurate modelling.

    I like Slate, fwiw. Funny guy and ambitious. Makes some good products, but this video was just disingenuous.