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    Been a while since anyone posted in this, so I thought I'd resurrect it.

    Just got a PRS MT-15 amp which I plan to use in a wet dry setup with the Kemper, since I can't afford to get another beastie. Someone was selling it used for under $500, so I figured, why not?

    [Blocked Image:]

    A lot heavier and bigger than I thought, but at the same time, not too big and heavy. It's larger than the Kraken I used to own and heavier, if that reference helps anyone.

    I actually like it more than the Kraken though. Very polished and refined sound, though at the end of the day, it is still a lunchbox amp.

    Still kicks ass though. I did a video today using it.

    Hope you like it, it's my symphonic white metal project mechanevil (which is constantly being pushed back because of other bands, other commitments, life in general haha).

    Well, I have been selectively banned for periods of time, which makes me effectively invisible for a while and discourages my participation. Though, I never suggested they outright get rid of everything they don't like here. Not sure how these are connected.

    I'm not prohibiting them from doing so, I'm just offering the way I see it from the outside.

    I'm a little confused. I never suggested they just throw people out, only that they may not like you promoting a competitors marketing campaign in the header of a thread. It's of course an assumption. As for butting out, you posted on a public thread rather than a DM to the admins, which invites participation and scrutiny, much like how you offer your perspective in conversations not directed at you here. I thought my response was polite and constructive but you seem to have taken some personal offense.

    1) You didn't read my post. I contacted the mods via PM and got no reply for two days.

    2) Have you seen the Helix and Quad Cortex and Axe FX threads here? How do you justify those then? These aren't the Axe FX forums, they have always allowed the discussion about competing products within reason. Please don't use these kinds of tunnel vision arguments.

    3) Telling people there's a contest isn't even remotely rude to the host on any forum, It'd for a plugin, why would I not mention that it's a Neural DSP contest? Iirc, the Kemper demo guy at quite a few NAMM shows (I forget his name, Thomas something) posted his entry to a contest where he came first. It's been done before too. What's the harm? I never even insinuated it's as good as the Kemper, which people were doing on the Quad Cortex thread without any clips even.

    4) Butt out means when I ask a mod "why did you make my post invisible", someone who isn't a mod should mind his business and let a mod tell me what I did wrong.

    For a simple reason: you have no idea.

    I don't mind, I respect the rules and follow the rules. This was shameless self promotion and if that isn't allowed on Show Your Music, half the other threads should be made invisible.

    And why made invisible? Why not deleted? I need to know.

    Since you don't know, it doesn't make sense to chime in with your reading of why a thread was made invisible.

    No offence taken, just irritation and not even lasting irritation. I was waiting to be slapped down by G String or Don unjustly, to be completely honest.


    I'm sure they're not over the moon with posting entries to another competitor's contest that's designed to promote their brand. If you hadn't mentioned Neural or the contest, just linked the video and said Kemper was used in it, I don't know that anything would have happened.

    Seems like they maybe hid it instead of deleting it hoping you wouldn't notice or be insulted? Surely a better thing to do would be to politely ask you not to advertise another company's competition on their forum like that, which I think would be reasonable.

    You mean sort of like they're not over the moon about you being on the forums? You'd think they'd have made you invisible by now then.

    Let them explain it to me, ay? In the screen shot I posted, there's someone else that had posted a contest video.

    You of all people should know by now they don't throw out people who talk about other competition and trash talk the Kemper very subtly all the time, neh? I just posted a video with the Kemper in it.

    So to be polite, butt out, yes? :cursing:

    Sorry to OT, but @G String neither you nor DonPetersen told me why you made my thread about a contest I entered invisible, even though I've tried to PM you and notify you, Now I'm forced to come to a thread that you are no doubt monitoring just to get a response.

    I could have used some hits, maybe I'd get some support or something. Who knows?

    Or maybe that's not allowed, but I've seen quite a few threads that do the same thing.

    At any rate, let me know what the reason for making it invisible was. Isn't the standard procedure deletion? Why make it invisible? At least give me a warning, how do I know what I did that was verboten?

    This is the video at any rate, I couldn't figure out what was so bad about my entering a contest. The Kemper was on that track too.

    I could come up with multiple explanations why you made my video invisible without even having the courtesy to tell me why. But the one that strikes me as the most plausible is the one you'd deny the most, just like this business about paid awards.

    Sorry if that cuts a little too close to home. Anyone can see that eye closed icon next to my thread. Invisible.

    A lot of equipment on my entry, including my Kemper, my Mayones and Caparison guitars, my Engl Savage, Diezel VH4 and Engl Fireball, as well as a Warwick Vampyre Bass and a Darkglass Microtubes 900 amp.

    Had a lot of fun doing this! Would love to see if any other Kemperites also entered!

    If I'm not mistaken, drop the sun put in an entry! Great stuff, man! Could you share your video here?

    A few more days left in the contest, it ends on Jan 24th guys!

    I don't think the Kemper approach is to use an IR either.

    From my understanding, the Kone has been designed to have certain characteristics.

    Now if I want to achieve FRFR characteristics, DSP is used to apply certain EQ changes to the signal so that when it is output by the speaker, the response is flat.

    The same thing goes if I want a speaker like a V30 or a Greenback.

    It's important to notice the difference here, because if you capture an IR of a Celestion speaker and just use it on a speaker, it is unlikely to be the same as the Celestion, because the speaker you are using has a different character.

    Instead, based on the characteristics of the Kone, the Kemper uses DSP in order to impart certain characteristics to the signal being fed to the speaker in order to achieve a similar response to the speakers it models.

    That's why you are able to do things like change the beaminess of the imprint, something you could not do if it was reliant on an IR, I'm guessing.

    Good old Choptones testing the unit.

    Check out the 2.38 mark. That's some really good ACDC style tone imho. He ruins it about 10 seconds later though. Listening on my phonr, so escoose me plz.

    Can this answer some questions?…Setting_input_sensitivity

    "You can think of distortion and clean as two parallel paths in the Kemper. Every profile contains a clean and distorted sound. The Gain control not only changes the amount of gain on the distorted path, but the volume of the two paths. Gain at 0 contains only clean tone. Gain at ~4 or above is only distorted tone. Anything in between is an interpolation of both.

    • Clean Sense (CS): whether CS controls loudness depends on how much distortion there is (what you hear). It affects loudness from completely clean into some distortion (Gain 0-4 on my setup, with DS at 0). How the amp is profiled doesn't matter - only the current Gain setting matters.
    • Distortion Sense (DS): A pre-gain level adjustment of the "distortion path". It results in more/less distortion and applies to all rigs. Whether CS has an impact on loudness still only depends on what you hear (how much distortion). IOW, the transition between clean/dist on the Gain control will be shifted up/down as you adjust DS."

    This is just a different explanation, but exactly what Kemper Amps has been saying all along, i.e. clean sense helps level the volume of clean profiles to your distorted profiles by raising or lowering the volume of the clean profiles. Distortion sense is a global distortion parameter, which affects all distorted profiles by raising or lowering the distortion.

    If you listen to my examples, clean sense is affecting distorted profiles (with gain above 4) as well.

    That is not supposed to happen by design. Yet it is (listen to the examples). It's not the tone being affected. It's affecting the sustain or compression, and not in a way akin to using a volume pedal or your guitar volume.

    For a modeller, yes. Not Kemper but also not bad and usable, I think.

    I hear you and just want to underline how competition is good for us.

    When I was young, and I needed something like this for all my bandmates, this would have been perfect, Two guitars, bass and vocals through one device. All at $1599. The band could share the cost even.

    Those tones could definitely be used live. A good time for musicians (though maybe not so for music bwahaha)

    What's really interesting is this:


    Impulse responses, so-called IRs, are standard today when simulating guitar loudspeakers. IRs provide a precise image of the frequency response of the respective box - but only with a fixed volume. If the volume changes, the sound of the loudspeaker also changes. IRs cannot capture these dynamic sound changes because they are static.

    BluGuitar has solved this problem with the new Dynamic IR ™ technology. Sound changes are reproduced dynamically here. Dynamic IR ™ delivers lively "mixer-ready" direct sounds that have never been heard before.…YdUPsS9pd7-VXvaMES5wCz_sQ


    • • Fully programmable
    • • All-analog amp circuit
    • • Neural Analog Amp ™ design
    • • 100 watt Nanotube ™ X power amp
    • Ships with tones from AMP1 ™ Mercury Edition and Iridium Edition
    • • Onboard analog effects (compressor, boost, overdrive, fuzz, tremolo)
    • • 8 core digital FX processing
    • • Pre / post, mono / stereo digital effects (chorus, phaser, flanger, univibe, delay, reverb)
    • • Dynamic IR ™ stereo speaker emulation / recording output
    • • Get more amps, effects, and cabinets with the expandable BlugPrints ™ sound library
    • • Flexible I / O: two speaker outputs, line output, headphone jack, effects loop, MIDI in / out, two expression-pedal inputs
    • • AMP X Wings ™ option to integrate additional pedals or controllers
    • • Universal power (100-240 volts)
    • • 9 volt phantom power option
    • • Weight: approx. 5 lbs.