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    The stage has an upgraded SPDIF chip that allows it to be connected in slave mode. This means that you can connect 2 Kempers to each other which is not possible with the head or rack.

    The stage was marketed this way but after a lot of trial and error it turned out that Kemper simply had not yet activated this function in the software (without telling the buyers).

    Now in 7.0.5 one month after release its ready but it doesn’t work for me. I’ve started a new thread to see if anyone can get it to work.

    Why would you want to connect two Kempers using SPDIF? What are your objectives? You can just hook up two Kempers using an analog cable from direct or monitor output to your second Kemper.

    I bought a kemper for that reason: Moving away from any ampsims and cab impulses. Everything I need in a box without having to load something in the daw or on the desktop. Sorry but I just don't see the point of bying something expensive as a kemper and still use cab impulses.

    As I mentioned, for most Kemper users, it may not be of much interest.

    I have a few nice tube amps that I like to run through IRs. I have been using Ownhammer IRs for some time now, this is far more intuitive, especially the ability to blend mics and different cabs.

    One just needs to look at the Stage introduction thread and the numerous threads started reporting problems. No reason to believe they won't be fixed, but it's significant enough that some guys who were thrilled for the Stage can't trust it to use live until all the bugs are figured out, and new ones seem to replace the old ones when fixed. Seems really touch-and-go.

    Obviously this OS will be working with the new Rig Manager, so it's worth monitoring.

    I thought these two posts had a good angle on the editor with regard to the Stage.

    Seems like Mothership will be working overtime (assuming their engineers are back from summer holidays) to ensure that whenever the full-fledged release of the Editor is out, there won't be any further issues of the kind we have seen reported with the last two updates.

    My take on the Stage software bugs? Sh*t happens, though I understand people who paid money won't be too happy. Hopefully that will be resolved in the near future.

    On the other hand, hardware like knobs falling off and buttons failing on the Stage is reminiscent of the infamous LED issue, which was nipped in the bud really quickly.

    Obviously some dodgy supplier of parts that were not made to spec. It's likely that the issue has been taken up on a war footing.

    As far as the Editor not being ready yet... I've lived this long without an editor, one more month or even three without one isn't going to kill me. I hope Kemper does it the right way and it's a cutting edge solution for management of all things Kemper. :thumbup:

    Do not use an attenuator while profiling, the results will be poor.

    What you need to do is get some kind of decibel pad in the signal chain to lower the signal, rather than attenuate the amp.

    Do you have an audio interface? Route the signal through your computer and just lower the volume of the channel before sending it to the Kemper. This will do the trick.

    I wonder what'll happen when the editor comes out and everybody realises they can't discuss the pluses and minuses of an editor infinitely by rehashing the same old arguments 8o

    My bet is that everything will settle till the next feature set is announced, at which point the situation will deteriorate into infighting once again.

    Can't be done, rik777 . You could always just create a new account and migrate your Profiler information data to that account, but all your posts and like counts will be lost.

    I'd just play every guitar I could get my hands on - custom shops, American Standards, MIMs, anything.

    a friend that knows a lot more about guitars and their construction once pointed this out to me:

    - a common guitar pickup has no way of picking up anything else then the strings vibrating in it's magnetic window (unless it's so microphonic that it is hardly of any practical use

    the 'play the guitar acoustically' trope has been around forever, but honestly I've seen it confirmed just as many times as I've seen (heard) it being not true.

    That's interesting, and does ring true. After all, why would the vibration anywhere else in the body matter to a pickup mounted along the neck?

    Got to ask though, does your friend also subscribe to the view that tone wood makes no difference?

    And as a rule of thumb, I'd still say that an electric guitar that resonates in a pleasing way will sound better than one with inferior tone woods and construction. At least 9/10 times.

    Hey man, seems like a bit too much distortion going on there. Try a different profile, this one sounded a bit muddy.

    Also, just a suggestion: instead of just running a solo clip down the middle in isolation, to test how a recording might sound like in a mix, double track and then pan left and right.

    Soloed guitars run down the middle almost always sound like yours, though I do think you should back down on the distortion a bit.

    Hi Guys ! I have a kemper rack and I was wondering if there is someone who upgraded this model to firmware 7.0

    Hi Norman, I've done the update. You have to copy the kaos file to a pen drive to do the update, it's a bit dodgy using Rig Manager. Also, you have to update Rig Manager separately.

    The latest update seems relatively stable, though there are reportedly some bugs and I myself keep running into a message saying my rigs are corrupted though I have done a repair.

    Up to you to do the update, but you may want to wait till a stable release this time, because I think this one is a bit buggier than previous betas we've received.

    A VST that offers Total Integration similar to the Access Virus synths would be cool. It is really overdue to have some method of recalling the settings that were used in projects. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Librarian will be something like that.

    As far as a full-fledged Profile player, I wouldn't hold my breath. It would be akin to Kemper Amps shooting itself in the foot.

    Welcome to the forum! Now that you have a Stage and found out which gear rocks and which gear sucks, sell what you don't need and get the wife a present (as you gently break the news to her that you bought something for yourself too)! ;)

    Well Damian I did what you said and also I raised the "distortion sens". that made a small difference in sound. I want to ask something if anyone here can do for me! I want someone to sent me a very good metal profile and also to send me a track recorded with this profile (without compressors, limiters,maximizes etc) and so to see the differences. ( I will understand the difference from pickups etc)..please anyone!!

    Did you upgrade to the latest beta OS? I had a similar problem with my Kemper about a week or so ago after doing the update.

    Everything sounded really terrible and lifeless.

    In my case, I did a firmware reset and (I think) it made things better. You should try this.