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    This is a common issue if you're used to a guitar cabinet. Guitar cabinets roll off a lot of high end and low end on a tone, and reproduce the sound in a different way than a studio monitor, which is designed to be flat.

    Another big factor is that profiles are basically the sound of a miced up a guitar cabinet, rather than a guitar cabinet. As such, there is a marked difference in comparison to playing directly through a cabinet, which is an amp in the room sound.

    You'll just have to acclimatise yourself to hearing the FRFR (full range flat response) sound as opposed to an AITR (amp in the room sound).

    Rest assured the FRFR sound is the best way to judge a tone that is going on a recording, since you are mainly interested in getting a miced up guitar tone. It is also important to use this FRFR sound when playing live, as you can send your main outputs to the FOH and it will sound killer, just like a miced up cab on stage.

    I like the "Indian Savage Rage" :D

    Here is a raw recording in a very primitive Black Metal context. First takes, no tweaking, no eq, no lo/hi cut - nothing!

    Even the bass is the same profile; recorded with the same guitar and Kemper transpose.

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    Nicely done, man!

    Well, glad to report that I have taken the 'next step'. Couldn't pass on a nice offer for a KPR Stage. Been noodling around with it for the last couple of days checking out primarily the onboard profiles for now. The online videos are great. Next step is to find some profiles that sound similar to the ones I'm using on my Axe.

    Do try my Deedle VH4 Rage TS9, man. I think you'll find it superior to the Diezel models on the Axe FX.

    Sure, Nicky. I'll add the profiles to this thread as a zip file when I get back home today.

    Hey Nickster, after reviewing the profiles, I was really amused at how lame they were compared to some of the other offerings on the forum.

    Just not worth uploading and I feel I've bored too many people with my bad profiles to be taken seriously.

    Anyway, all a part of learning, life is good, life goes on.

    I can definitely recommend if anyone wants profiles in that vein to try the stuff in Lasse Lammert's rig pack and Michael Wagener's excellent material.

    And if anyone wants a good VH4 profile , try my (here is again haha) Deedle VH4 Rage TS9 profile.

    Thanks, man/guys.

    Where is this rumour about the editor being "almost here" coming from, haha :D

    It's Oct 20 now, almost one month after "the end of summer" and it's like everyone wakes up every day since then thinking, "Today's the day" hahaha ^^

    Welcome to the forums! I think there are also some micro EHX amps that you should consider. One gives out 22 watts, the other 40 watts iirc. That's really loud enough for home jamming.

    hello guys, i'm a fulltime guitarist from Indonesia. I play with my band called Kahitna. We're one of the busiest band in Indonesia. i've stopped carrying my heavy fender hotrod deville 410 and using kemper profiler stage now. My band is 9 pieces. 3 vocals, 1 piano, 1 synth, 1 bass, 1 drum, 1 percussion, and 1 guitar. I lately found my guitar sound dont cut in the mix at foh sound even if it's very loud and clear in my monitor wedge. I set main out volume at -11db and use both xlr out to foh, but still from the audience video i didn't hear my guitar sound. I only hear loud piano, synth, bass, drum, and vocals. No guitar sound heard. It seems don't cut in the mix or lack of headroom maybe. The engineer said he had maxed level a guitar channels in his foh mixer. Any tips and tricks about this anyone? Thanks and regards :)

    Hello from Singapore! Seems to be an issue at the mix desk if you can't hear it at all in the FOH system.

    Do you mean audible latency? In no way the audible latency is affected by how a Rig was loaded.

    Some effect types might add latency, like pitch. Check the effect chain of that Rig.

    Hi Timo, I know it sounds weird. What was happening was that when I played, there was a lag between when I hit the strings and when the sound came out.

    Unfortunately, I have no objective way to measure it, I think. Let me see if I can mic up my strings and do a recording to show you what was happening. The wave forms should confirm what I was talking about.

    Sorry for the noon question, but maybe I have misunderstood the other posters, but from what I understand EQs can go in three positions: Before the stack, b/w the amp and cab, and after the stack.

    The first and 3rd I know how to add....but what about adding after the amp but before the cab?

    Are they referring to the profiles basic EQ (bass/mid/high)?

    Or are they referring to adding an EQ in the loop (which in a normal amp is b/w the pre and post amps)? If this is what they are referring to, how do you do that in the Kemper with a virtual EQ?

    And if adding a physical EQ in the loop, where exactly does that place it in the kemper since there really is no such a thing as pre and post amp?

    In between the amp and cabinet buttons on the Kemper, there's an EQ button! Try that.

    Thank you, AJ.

    Hey man, it'd be nice if you could post 'em all in an attached .zip file to the OP. Anyone cruising in here who wants to try the other Rigs out might be disappointed that they're now nowhere-to-be-found.

    Also, bear in mind that forum activity's been pretty-low for a little while, so try not to feel too-disheartened by what you're seeing as a "lack of response". ;)

    Sure, Nicky. I'll add the profiles to this thread as a zip file when I get back home today.

    Hey, I just noticed this.

    When you load a rig on the rig exchange, it loads pretty much instantaneously and the profile doesn't have latency.

    However, when you go to your Profiler in the rig librarian and select a rig, there is latency introduced when playing the profile.

    What I mean by latency is that when you play the profile, there is a delay in the responsiveness.

    So, strangely enough, when you load a rig from the Rig Exchange, it has less latency while playing. But when you load a rig which is already stored on your Profiler, there is more latency, i.e. you play the strings and the sound is delayed by quite a large amount.

    Seems like a bug. Can someone else confirm this? DonPetersen

    I think using the EQs on the Kemper are a great way to save processing power on your computer later.

    While a traditional EQ plugin is suited for sculpting things to fine detail, I've realised that the Kemper Profiler's EQs are "musical".

    They effect just the right frequencies in order to carve a profile into shape for a mix.

    For best results, do the EQing while reamping after getting all the instruments in there.

    Remember, the best guitar tones are the ones where you don't do have to do anything to them to make them stand out.

    Thanks, Nicky. Guys, these profiles have run their course and when I listen to them, I see a lot of sore spots in comparison to some of the great profiles on the rig exchange. I am therefore deleting them.

    However, I have one final profile for you, it's called Deedle VH4 Rage TS9. It's on the Rig Exchange.

    This one represents the culmination of a home recording enthusiast's dream to give you guys a great profile that will stand up to anything out there.

    My favourite profile on the Rig Exchange, bar none. I have a lot of commercial profiles as well, and this is definitely one of my Top 10.

    Do have a try with it, and thanks for the support!