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    Congratulations, Ingolf !

    Big question: powered Kemper into unpowered Kabinet vs outputs into powered Kabinet. Which do you prefer? Which route would you suggest if I can only get one Kabinet, if price isn't a consideration?

    I've been watching a few videos of the QC, the Kemper and the Axe FXIII. All the tech sounds remarkable nowadays, that's for sure.

    I'm guessing you could go with any of these devices and it will be awesome. Which is the best? I'm sure you could have three guys with three different devices and each one will say his is the best.

    In that sense, I doubt we will get any objective feedback on this thread anymore than we would if we watched youtube videos.

    For me, I'll hold on to the Kemper for now, since what I like most about it is that it is a mature platform and sounds really good. There's an editor, there are good FX and the tones are as good as any of the other Top 3 devices.

    I mean, sure, you can nitpick about whether the Kemper or QC is more accurate, but the Kemper sounds good, I really doubt anyone who claims that it is inferior is speaking with any objectivity.

    After all, we've seen this time and again with any and every new product. People like what they spent money for, especially the newer stuff that just came in.

    This looks really good, well done Team Kemper!

    I have been waiting for this for a while, having an unpowered Kemper, but I am now a bit curious to know what's the difference between going with a power amp into an unpowered Kabinet versus going into a powered Kabinet.

    I'm also curious if anyone would suggest going with a different kind of cabinet altogether? I have an EVM12L equipped cabinet I like with the Kemper, but have yet to try the Kabinet. I play metal, so it's a real dilemma for me over whether to spend or abstain.

    Have you changed the input on the Kemper in the input settings to the return input?

    I am frustrated, sheesh. Been in quarantine for so long, but I'm about to get out in a few days. I'm lucky my cuz brought me my guitar, so I was just jamming on it acoustically. How loud are unplugged electrics usually, I was wondering?

    I have a feeling this thing is going to kick ass, it I've always been one of those weirdos who think the unplugged sound of an electric can give you an indicator if it's going to kick ass (sometimes).

    That is the best Silver Sky finish I've seen. I wouldn't worry about resale value, that's the kind of guitar I would keep unless I found it was a lemon. Looks so gorgeous, and under stage lights, it'll be magical.

    It actually is a great idea to know more than one instrument, even if it's just guitar and bass. I find it gives you a different perspective on how to write/arrange a song.

    What else do you have in that studio corner?

    Fender HM Strats are beautiful to play, I used to have two of the original ones, but sold them because I could never get the Kahler Spyder to stay in tune with even minimal usage. A real pity, the guitar has a really interesting neck radius that begs to be shredded on. This is the one I used to own, it was originally shell pink, but aged to a firey orange. Still wish it stayed in tune. I bet the newer ones with Floyd Roses are much easier to keep in tune and maintain too.

    I did promise more pics and here they are. Really loving this guitar. It's very loud acoustically too, which is kind of fun. Feels good in my hands too. Definitely a keeper.

    I'm currently in quarantine after a trip home, but I'll try and post a clip of this thing when I get out.

    and that you cannot just assign them to any parameter that you want; you have to assign the expression pedal to the morph functionality, and then set the morph functionality up to change the parameters you want.

    This is distinctly different from having freely assignable expression pedals to parameters, and in some ways is easier to use and understand, but is also not quite as flexible.

    Ah, but this is actually only true if you use the Remote as a floor controller. I mean everyone has been demanding an automatic double tracker with the Kemper, I have already got one with midi.

    Basically, you can do anything with the Kemper that you can do with any other floor processor as far as assignments. You can even control things like the amp controls and panorama.

    I think morphing on the Kemper is pretty poor, overall. I don't think it works as well as having a proper assignable expression pedal or snapshot assignments like on Axe FX/Helix.

    What do you mean by a proper assignable expression pedal? You can actually programme the morph to sweep within a limited range on pretty much any parameter, for example from midi values 30 to 99.

    Also, which expression pedal are you going to use that will allow you to raise the delay time while reducing the size of the reverb and also changing multiple other parameters up and down?

    That would be very difficult with most other modellers.

    Also, morph isn't only available with an FX pedal. Look at it as a button assignment: you basically are automating parameter changes on a vast scale.

    And don't forget that you get to decide the rise and descend time for the morphs.

    I think only a few of the more expensive midi foot controllers (like my Gordius Little Giant) will allow you to do that on other devices. On the Kemper, you can activate a morph with just a simple footswitch. Not sure if there are other devices that have similar functions, at least I haven't seen that done.

    Well, here's Mike Shinoda talking about NFTs and how they benefit musicians.

    As far as piracy, I think you are going to see it increasingly implemented in software, for example. Some kind of hash check that leverages the blockchain technology.

    Whether you could do the same with music is debatable. But it definitely has promise for monetising content/art, which is why artists like Shinoda are touting it as a game-changing development.

    Hi Larry, not sure if it's my speakers, but did you do any extensive tweaking to the profiles, or did you leave them stock and just add FX? I got a bit of a synth feel from them, like a saw effect. Not sure if that's due to the wetness, which might be a bit excessive, but if that's what you were aiming for, all good. What pickup were you using - bridge/middle/neck?

    Cool riffs, btw. Good stuff!