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    Meaty sounding profiles and cool riffs, they’re a bit too mids forward for me personally for modern metal but I could definitely see using them for classic rock.

    Awesome, Per. Thanks for the feedback. I messed with the mix a bit, see if it works for you now. The guitar is in drop D standard.


    Just a heads up. Two of my guitars were stolen when I shifted from Singapore to India. The guitars are a Mayones Regius Core 7 and a Sugi DH496C. Here are some pictures. A police complaint has been filed, if you see them, do let me know so I can try to retrieve them.

    Any Kramer players out there? I picked this up yesterday from a thrift store for $350. Kramer Vanguard, looks like 1985 made in USA. I haven't touched it yet except to make sure everything works. Looks all original, straight (and very thin) neck and no scratchy pots. I'll take it apart and clean it up. Seems pretty nice. Never played one before but I think I like it. Anyone familiar with it?

    Super cool axe!

    I remember the first time I saw one of these in blue at a music store back in the early 2000s. Used to dream about it.

    Had no cash though, so when I finally went to the store to buy a guitar (it was literally the only one like it back then), I bought a Gibtone Stratocaster clone and my brother got a Givson Mustang clone, both made in India.

    Those kind of statements will get you flamed anywhere there are Fractal fan boys. I have taken a little heat just for giving my honest opinion on the experience I have been having comparing the Kemper and FM9 to a real amp. I honestly don't care if they want to hate on my results. It is my experience. Maybe I will start telling them I am thinking about selling the FM9 because it just can't keep up with the Kemper. That will make some heads explode.

    I agree with your comments above. I haven't really had any lag issues. Where I really noticed the differences is in the high end response and dynamics, as I noted in my posts above. I think that will be a significant difference within the mix of a live band or a recording.

    Oh no, don't get me wrong. Towards the end of the clip, there are two amp tones which are just from the Axe. The FAS Modern and the Thorendal are sort of like "imaginary amps" in that you will not find anything like that in the real world. I just dialled them in for the kinds of amp tones I like. I could do the same with any of the models really, you need to be able to dial it in. The sounds are totally not what most people would use those models for, there are many more better suited for the job.

    As far as Axe FX versus Kemper, what I think is that the battle is really between guys who own either one or the other device. They either haven't tried both, or have only spent a limited amount of time on the competing product and then start waxing lyrical about their views.

    We saw it on the Neural QC thread here too. Guys who hadn't even used it (as the device wasn't out) were either hating or raving about it.

    It's quite childish really, and as with any kind of material that is not peer-reviewed, you shouldn't take it at face value.

    This is the room I'm currently using my profiler in. The Kemper is behind the tangle of cables on top of the rack box. The plexiglass cabinet is where I have my cabs set up so I can run the amps through them at appropriate volumes and profile or just record tones.

    You can look at the clip I dialled in to get an idea of how I think one should approach the Axe FX. I had the Thorendal and FAS Modern rigs running into a single output and completely killed the gain and whole lot of mids, bass and treble to get a sound I liked. In the case of these models, they sound like nothing in the real world.

    So I dialled it in based on my own tone choices, with settings that would not look normal on any amp. And it worked (I think),

    I would approach any of the other Axe rigs with the same mindset, I.e listening with your ears rather than looking with your eyes. There are some kicks tones to be found.

    In that regard, I also found the Axe to be as amp-like as the Kemper when it came to feel, which is to say they are almost there but the latency kills the experience.

    I've only tried the Kemper and Axe FX, and I feel that the small differences we hear and feel can be ameliorated with some tweaking.

    It should definitely not be overlooked: there are so many parameters that require deep diving that many of us don't even touch them simply because we don't hear what they're doing.

    I would love to try a QC, but I am going to hold off for a long time till I can pick up one used for a reasonable price, or when I hear them doing something that I couldn't expect.

    But as a Kemper, Axe and amp user, I would really have to be able to justify it. To me, it's just not enough GAS. What could I possibly expect?

    Thanks, guys. After some careful thought, I decided that I really may not have time to put into a pack with all the bells and whistles, so here is a free pack of seven profiles that you can have for free.

    My least favourite is NT Fiery 4, but what I did was applied some processing to it and I have included that in the pack.

    If you listen to just the raw tone on that one and then compare it to the other profiles (none of which have any effects on them), I am hoping it'll give my fellow profilers some ideas on what else is possible with this wonderful machine and these rigs.

    Seasons greetings to all! :love:

    NT Fiery Profile

    I have an Engl Fireball 100 and a few cabs, as well as some interesting mics.

    This is the amp with an Orange 2x12 with English V30s. The mic is a Sennheiser E906. I also have an SM57, an SM58 (with dust cap off) and a Townsend Labs Sphere.

    Pardon the squeaking sounds, I have a ring on my palm muting hand.

    I also have a few other cabs - a Friedman 2x12 (Chinese V30s), an Emperor 4x12 (Governors and Tonkers in X pattern) and a Mesa Boogie Thiele 1x12 (EVM12L).

    This is the studio I'll be working in for the recordings.

    I'll drop off this profile in the Free Rigs section later, but if there's interest in a guitar pack, have a listen to those sounds and let me know what you'd like to hear.

    That's what I do.


    It doesn't matter if live or studio.

    Drop outs or a changing from left to right and back are a NO GO.

    I've tested it quite a bit, what are the settings you are using? I found that not moving too far from the default settings helps, but I also have messed with the presets and found them usable.

    It just seems strange after Kemper Amps said the problem was resolved. I guess they need to investigate further.

    Also, How are you using it live? Into two cabs spread apart? On your PA, have you panned hard left and right?

    I recently got an FXIII and it seems pretty amp-like in my opinion. I just did a short video, first a mix and then an isolated recording of the patch I created with two guitars (OD Guitars Venus and PRS 1957/2008).

    The isolated guitar tracks with the two guitars used (OD Guitars Venus and PRS 1957/2008) are towards the end of the clip in that order. The short mix at the start is cause I keep trying :P