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    Here are a couple of videos of me demoing other amps. If you like these tones, do consider letting me know if you'd like DI and matched profiles of this Quad amp.

    This one is the Kemper.…XJ_/?utm_medium=copy_link

    The power amp I am using is a Rectifier Stereo, so these will be unique profiles. The Rectomark.

    I have four cabs - an Emperor 4x12 (Governors and Tonkers) , a Friedman 2x12 (Chinese V30s) , an Orange 2x12 (UK V30s and a Mesa Boogie Thiele 1x12 (EVM12L

    I'll be using a SM 7, an E906 and a Townsend Labs Sphere microphone to profile. I also will use some preamps and EQs for a mix ready sound.

    I don't have any profiles of this amp to share, but if you'd like to try out my Diezel VH4 profile (a class), just respond here or send me a PM. If there's interest, I'll upload it on the Rig Exchange.

    If there's not enough interest, excuse me for living haha (sic)! :P


    I came into an amazing amp and I was wondering if there was any interest in a profile pack.…m_source=ig_web_copy_link

    Please note that the first video is an in the room sound with the amp running through a cab. I will be making DI profiles if there is interest.

    The second video is a complete mix. but with minimal processing.

    If there's interest in a pack, how many profiles should it have? What settings are you interested in?

    At the end of the process, depending on how many users vote yes, we can have a discussion on how many profiles you think is fair and what price as a group buy, though I would have to request users not to share the profiles thereafter.

    OK, I understand now. I believe that is what guys with Helix etc refer to as”scenes”. I have seen a few requests for this recently so it is obviously more common than I realised.

    Not the same thing. I have a floorboard with thirteen buttons. Just using midi, I could get the Kemper to active six stomps with a press, four stomps, eight stomps, or any kind of permutation and combination.

    It is pretty much instantaneous. No lag and no gap while doing that. And it is in a single rig. I can then jump to another rig in a performance without any trouble and do the same thing.

    You could also activate a morph with the same press, or change the panorama function, or tweak an EQ if you start getting into NRPN.

    There are so many possibilities under the hood of the Kemper really.

    I don't know about NRPN code, could you enlight me?

    Right now I will create dedicated patches, but since I can't (still!) Afford another JM, if i had to switch on my solidbody, switching on a regular amp with a single hit on a footswitch could be great.

    Thank you!

    Got this from wikipedia

    Non-Registered Parameter Number is part of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface specification for control of electronic musical instruments. NRPNs allow manufacturer-specific or instrument-specific MIDI controllers that are not part of the basic MIDI standard.

    Not all floorboards have this though. The Kemper Accepts NRPN though. In the support section, you'll find an explanation of how the Kemper uses NRPN.

    I was wondering how to get a slicer effect with Kemper. I attached a video (3:30) of what I'm trying to duplicate. This one is done with a Boss BF-3 flanger pedal in gate mode. I was told by Kemper support that currently the Kemper does not have a slicer effect. I'm sure if a $100 pedal can do it the Kemper can be programed to do it. Need a new Flanger effect with a gate feature....


    Hi, we had an old feature request for this. You can support it if you like:

    Stutter/kill switch/slicer effect - Feature requests - Kemper Profiler Forum (

    You should be able to do this with NRPN code.

    However, if you need to use the Kemper in conjunction with a certain guitar, it might make more sense to have dedicated patches where the amp block is either off or on. It's a dead simple solution too.

    I can understand the requirement, but I think it isn't a feasible request. The thing is, the profiler needs to load all kinds of things before it can even "play" a profile. It isn't like the profile file itself is sufficient, there is a lot of other software coding involved.

    Trying to think what could get you there and I'm pretty much at a loss. After all a TS is a pretty distinctive stomp, and if you like that sound, there really is no other way to get it, unless you try to do it with an EQ in the post section and try to approximate it. That might cause all kinds of other tonal issues there, such as a loss of low end or honky mids.

    When all else fails, I'd suggest you just try some other profiles that have the sound you want. In my case, I have some profiles where the TS stomp comes in handy, and in others its not really necessary.

    I'm a bit curious as to what you find missing from profiles without boosting or EQing. Could it be some kind of option paralysis?

    I mean, if you profile a tube screamer when profiling, I can't imagine why you feel like you were getting better results by adding another tube screamer in the profiler.

    Also, have you tried the cabinet shift (was that what it's called) parameter, or any of the other cabinet section tweaks? That might help you get more of the sound you are looking for.

    Some of your older posts were of a totally different tenor though. I get it, new gear, but it always pays to be objective about these things even if you spend money on it. Otherwise you'll be fuelling the hype machine that goes along with some of these products.

    Not trying to point a finger, just glad you came clean after you had spent more time with the new toy! :saint:

    That's a fabulous build, man! Nice work!