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    Amazing! I loved it. It would have been *too much* if David Bowers nailed Roth's screams, wow. Top notch. A pity the guitarist messed with Eruption though, bet he could have done it note for note.

    You know what I'll do if a Kemper 2 comes out?

    Nothing. I mean, it's the same strategy I have for my PS4. A PS5 has come out, but to me, I really don't see an exponential benefit from getting the latest and greatest. Maybe an incremental one, but I'm not too worried about 10-15 per cent.

    What has always struck me about the Kemper is Mr @ckemper's declarations that this is it. This is profiling technology, and it isn't going to change.

    Now whether it does or it doesn't, that would be interesting to see in itself. But from my viewpoint, I really don't see Kemper Amps rebuilding the wheel. Instead, I see alternative benefits, such as dual amps, blending amps, morphing amps... You know, things we have often discussed on the forums, but have been shot down because they were found to be not feasible given the existing hardware.

    But during my time with the Kemper (which actually was my first ever real "amp", because I had always been using modelling devices), I realised what my tonal goals are and how I use my existing gear. I mean, even with the current Kemper, I barely scratch the surface, because I am pretty much a clean, dirty, lead, and perhaps a couple of zany FX for some songs kind of guy.

    So at least in my case, it really wouldn't be a pressing need to upgrade. Not that it wouldn't be nice, of course, haha. But I really am glad that all those years ago I went with a Kemper (and three others since). I really don't think it is the kind of device that you can outgrow, because it is a professional-level amplifier.

    People are talking about used prices for KPA 1s coming down? Haha, wait for another 20 years and then the market for "vintage" Kempers will be booming ^^

    There's also a possibility that none of us has broached yet. Could Mr CK be working on another kind of device altogether? I mean we have the Kemper Amplifier, we have the Access Virus. Could it be some other kind of cutting edge device? Would not surprise me, to be honest.

    Yes, that's right. Use the return jack to feed the Kemper and then select the appropriate setting in the input section for reamping.

    One thing that might be different between SPDIF and an analog signal is the strength of the return signal. Change the level of the signal using the output volume in your DAW and adjust distortion sense if you feel more or less gain is closer to your intended sound.

    This is a relatively new song out of South Africa. 292 million views, and a viral dance too.

    Cool, I can't wait to try them out.

    On the argument that it would have been better to have many differently named stomps vs one stomp that does it all, I guess both arguments have their merits and demerits.

    In the end though, I guess it pays not to get caught up in semantics and just tweak with an open mind till you get a tone that might be a cross between a Klon and a TS-808, for example.

    There definitely have been variations in distortion pedals over the year. Take a look at some of the tube derived Damage Control or Blackstar pedals, or even the various iterations of the tube screamer. While changing a chip might be considered a modification., the real world impact is far more than it would seem.

    Powered Rack. So how would I send the cab sims to house, and not send them to my actual cab?

    Just connect the speaker output to the cab and select monitor cab off in the output section. This disengaged the cab section on the monitor and speaker output, which mirror each other. Your regular outputs will carry the cab signal to the FOH using the stereo TS outputs or the XLR outs.

    EDIT: Realised that during mastering, I limited the signal too hard, so a lot of rough edges are popping out. Will remaster and post the video again.

    Testing the free Omega Amp Works Obsidian Lead Profile V30 SM57. You can get it for free on the Omega Amp Works website.

    NOTE: my interface died last night. Watch this space.

    The monitor output wouldn't power my speakers though, correct?

    Is it a powered Kemper? If so, connect the speaker output to your speaker.

    If it's an unpowered Kemper, you'd have to connect your monitor output to a power amp of some kind and connect that to the speaker. Otherwise you'll be unable to drive the speaker.

    As others said, just tick the "Monitor Cab" setting in the output section to off in order to remove the cab sound from the signal.

    I like the wahs really. You are pretty much able to dial in any sound, the level of control is incredible.

    Pitch FX are also good. They don't track as fast as some other solutions, but it's fast enough that no one who's not a musician is going to complain. The transpose up to a certain point is more than sufficient to play along to tracks that are down tuned.

    Yes, I know that. But there are several pages outlining earlier updates and the changes in the Kemper Announcements forum. But a whole bunch of them from Version 6 to 7 are missing. I was looking for those.

    This is normal. The Kemper headphone amp is really powerful. If I plug in headphones directly, it is far louder than if I plugged my headphones into any of my interfaces.

    What is the recorded signal peaking at? At maximum with -12db, you should have a pretty robust signal and have nothing to worry about.