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    Not a Kabinet owner (yet), but looking ahead to the promise of being able to set the imprint on a per profile basis, I was hoping we could get some global controls similar to clean sense.

    What I mean by this is we should have some kind of parameter that would allow us to adjust the setting of the directivity setting.

    This way, when we are in different venues, we will not have to adjust the directivity for each imprint setting. :thumbup:

    Not sure how this would work with bass boost. Would it be possible to have a control to raise or lower the amount of boost? Otherwise we may have to go from rig to rig turning bass boost on and off. :saint:

    So here is what the Kemper sounds like through an EVM12L.

    I really love this speaker and have been recommending it on this forum for long time. Sounds pretty good with cleans too.

    I'm hoping someone can give me a comparison to the EVM12L imprint.

    Just playing it cool on the Kabinet for the time being because I am very worried about more financial shocks and threats to my livelihood at the moment. Can't eat MDF :D

    I will get one though, had already stashed away the funds. :saint:

    does anyone know what the Kabinet is made of it’s pretty light

    it sounds great , but I need to be able to switch the imprints per performance slot

    I'd love to know as well.

    You can't switch speakers per performance slot/rig? I had saved up a small fund to get myself a Kabinet, but I think I'll wait a while longer.

    What would be mind blowing is if someone with a V30 or a EVM12L or whatever does comparison videos of the actual thing versus the imprints. I would be very interested in that.

    To my mind though, the Kabinet seems superb and a big win if you have a Kemper. I almost spent the same amount as the entire cabinet on just a single EVM12L.

    But your audience has never heard it (even when the venue was small enough to rely on stage amplification only: those in front of your mid-woofer were laser-beamed, those on the sides were getting a muddy, booming tone, Only a small fraction of them would hear the cab as the player, if any).

    Re-read what you said for context! True that.

    I often play guitar for pleasure though, so we shouldn't discount amp in the room as being of no value though!

    Also, would be grateful if someone could post gut shots. What's the cabinet construction like? What kind of wood does it use? Is the tolex the bullet proof kind or the stuff that will peel if you just bump it?

    Ah, gotcha. I thought they were all valve. Every day's a school day ;)

    Just on the basis of A to B: How do you like the Kabinet compared to the Thiele cabinet you own?

    I really like my Thiele, but plan on getting a Kabinet because it just seems really cool to have multiple speakers for various tones. But the Thiele is kind of suited for a variety of tones as is.

    In that sense, I'd love to know what you think are the benefits of the Kabinet over the EVM12L, assuming you like the sound of that speaker.

    I'm sure skoczy wouldn't mind if I quoted from our private conversation about this; it'd save me a bunch of typing and repetition:

    [Skoczy plays Kemper->Fryette Power Station video]

    This is just MHO as expressed in a private conversation; I'm no authority of course and YMMV.

    HTH anyone who's been pondering the situation, and thank you skoczy for inviting me in. <3

    skoczy You'll like the PS-2. I own one and it's actually designed to be flat as possible, despite the tubes, because it's actually designed to be used with tube amps with the intent that you can either attenuate a big amp down to a lower volume or raise the volume of a small amp - all while maintaining the original tone of the amp.

    To use it with a modeller, just send your monitor out to the line in on the Fryette and send the signal to a cab. It is 50 tube watts loud, and extremely responsive.

    I've seen some people say that the PS-2 is actually a better power amp to pair with the Kemper than the actual powered Kemper power amp.

    However, I don't think that's the case at all. Didn't notice any additional responsiveness or tube feel compared to the powered Kemper with mine.

    It is a great option though, because it's like a swiss amp attenuator/loadbox/power amp. One of the best purchases I ever made.

    In case you didn't realise it I was ironic because the way you wrote.

    And thanks Kemper for the support they give. In case someone tries to registed my device Kemper will send me an email so I can contact police.

    Yeah, I do see the irony (not).