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    Lol, yeah, here's to #4.

    This circular argument keeps reoccurring.

    The manufacturers benefit from those who like what they hear and feel via Profiles and many who've never even considered buying tube amps do so after using a Kemper. It's a form of free advertising.

    I'm pretty sure that it's not a free form

    of advertising, as rosy as that sounds in Kemper land.

    The Kemper authenticity actually motivates more people to ditch their amps for the Profiler, there's plenty of evidence of that from numerous forums.

    Most people can't even be arsed to keep their existing amps, when their are high quality profiles already made of them.

    Obviously manufacturers are feeling that pinch, as evidenced by the tech to prevent profiling.

    Honestly, looking at these forums, how many users have you seen with amp collections or even one tube amp? Or how many posts saying, "I bought this amp after playing it on my Kemper".

    I've hardly seen any really. A few here and there, sure, but nowhere near close enough to buttress the argument that the Kemper motivates people to buy tube amps, which is ridiculous.

    They said the same about CD copy protection. It took just a couple of days and a kid had cracked the code. Record Companies wanted to stop the mp3. How many buy a CD today? You can't stop technological progress. Embrace it instead. Instead of blaming something like Kemper. Maybe more invest money in HW amps becuase they want to make their own profiles? Who knows? You can't blame technology becuase your sale decrease. I know Laney, Blackstar and Engl have hybrid amps. That's how to embrace new technology.

    We were talking about ethics. Downloading torrents is illegal, even if there's no way to enforce that. You can say everyone is doing it, and then cry foul about people sharing commercial profiles or IRs, but you don't really have a leg to stand on.

    As far as the Kemper, we already know the profiling procedure is legal.

    But if something is used to prevent profiling, I don't think it will be as simple as breaching CD protection, as easy as it sounds. Because the Kemper uses its own OS, it's not a question of some kid just spending a few days and cracking it.

    And remember the REVV guy in the video said that other manufacturers might adopt similar technology.

    It's a very interesting development, I thought.

    Victory Amps is another example for an amp manufacturer who sells as well profiles of their own amps.

    And I was thinking already quite some time if this in our digital age might not be a new business concept for some of the amp builders as well. Just build a prototype, create great profiles, sell profiles and never produce the amp head etc. physically in series. Sounds appealing but I assume you can't make a living out of this any more... :/

    Well, do you sell hundreds of profiles at $10 each, or do you sell one amp costing $4000 that can't be profiled?

    It's part of the answer. I think some kind of copy protection would be a great move on Kemper's part. That would convince a whole lot more amp manufacturers to do what Dr Z did.

    The way things are going though, I see the opposite happening. More manufacturers are going to find ways to prevent profiling from happening with their new amps.

    Skip to the 7.11 mark or so in the video.

    Apparently they're referring to the new VHX by Diezel amps. There's a failsafe built in apparently that prevents profiling.

    The guy from Revv also says a bit later that he thinks that Kemper should look into official profiles from manufacturers which would contribute a few dollars to those manufacturers.

    Honestly, I've been offered literally thousands of commercial profiles by a guy I know for free, and I turned him down. Kind of makes you wonder how many people would say yes to something like that.

    What does that mean to a commercial profiler, to put in hours of work, only to be cheated by it?

    Going back to amp manufacturers, sure, they can't do anything about profiles already out there and more profiles with existing amps.

    But if more manufacturers latch on to the idea of a failsafe to prevent profiling, it could mean that users miss out on a lot of interesting amps in future.

    Maybe Kemper should adopt the idea that a lot of users had suggested earlier, some kind of binding process with official profiles to Kempers, or something like that.

    It's all cutting edge tech, and we've seen what digital disruption can do. In that regard, it will be most interesting to see what something how amp manufacturers react to something like the Kemper.

    Earlier in the video, the Revv guy says they actually partnered with Line 6 for the Revv models in the Helix. That's pretty cool.

    Remember, it's under a decade old technology, so we may see some surprises yet! 8)

    what do you use instead ?

    Just an amp and cab for me. I loved the Kemper, but I found more and more that I just like the sound of an amp with a boost in front into a cab.

    I suppose that is exactly what people rave about when they talk about the Kemper + Kabinet combination. The sound of a traditional guitar amp.

    I hardly used the effects and usually just loaded the same distorted profile that I alternated with the same the same clean profile.

    I just valued the simplicity of it. Not even the huge 100 watt monsters at home, what really convinced me was running a 15 watt MT-15 into an Orange 2x12. Just an authoritative sound.

    If I could keep the Kemper, I would have, but you know what it's like: sell something to fund something else.

    Might snag #4 someday in the future, never know!

    What about recording the DI with effects? For example, with a DI box I can place it after a wah pedal if I'm using the wah in my performance, and want to preserve that during reamping.

    Yes, you can do that with the Kemper as well. There's now the ability to record CC messages from the Kemper while you are playing. Just send those CC messages back to the Kemper when reamping in order to have the wah operated just like in your performance.

    A cool trick with this is to manipulate the CC numbers after recording so that you can get the performance exactly as you'd like it to be.

    Totally agree. Another standout player from back in the day (and even now) is Jennifer Batten.

    To me, i think it's a big market for this particular case. I've not seen any company that has a 16 cabs imprints technology yet and not to confuse with IR's solutions out there . Fractal , Helix and tube guys will be happy to find that they can play 16 different cabs into one cab.

    You already have something like that out there in the Line 6 Power Cab.

    The Kemper models are based on real speakers. You can find IRs already of most of these speakers.

    If you want specifically IRs created from the imprints, you can shoot them yourself.

    As far as having the sound of the imprints through a PA, it's a great idea, and worth a shot.