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    I do this with the Helix. Running it in 4 cable method, I can switch the Kemper and blend the Helix's amps and effects with the Kemper's in all sorts of different combinations. I don't imagine the AX8 would be much different.

    I've gigged mine several times now. I get nothing but compliments from audience members, other guitarists and sound guys on how it sounds. Soooo much better than lugging an 85 pound Mesa combo and pedalboard around.

    Pete, I just got this one and the Ratt/Dio pack. I use your Brown Sound pack as well. We play Runnin With the Devil and I had guitarists in the audience freaking out about how close the RWTD profile sounds to the real deal. Your profiles quickly filling out my performances for my 80's hair metal cover band. Keep it up. Excellent work.

    Thanks guys. Just got back from a week of training out of town, so I haven't been able to use the KPA for awhile. :( I've thought about profiling the Stiletto/Warhead but I don't have the facilities or equipment to do it justice.

    I've had my KPA for about a month. I got it along with an FCB1010 with UnO for Kemper and an Alto TS110a powered monitor. I'm in a cover band covering mainly rock and 80's hair metal with a little bit of 90's thrown in for good measure. Prior to getting the KPA, I was gigging with a Mesa Stiletto Ace 1X12 combo and an additional 4X12, with a Digitech RP1000 for effects. The Mesa is 85 pounds, and the 4X12 cabinet is a Randall Warhead which is a good 50 pounds or more. Lugging that stuff to shows and setting it up and tearing it down was starting to really wear on the old (41) body so I decided to go the modeling route. I wasn't too happy with the RP1000 for amp models and started looking at both the Axe FX II and the KPA. After a LOT of research, I realized the KPA was for me due to it's lower price, and the fact that I'm a plug and play type guy who doesn't like to do endless tweaking. I'm also not a player who needs a stupid amount of odd effects.

    So now that I have the Kemper, I've played guitar for several hours every day. Before, I'd play at band practices and shows, and a little bit if I was trying to learn a new song. The KPA has had me excited to play again. The seemingly infinite amount of amazing tones available is unbelievable. I've really been needing a pitch shifter, too, and it seems I came along at the right time, since Kemper recently added one. Loving it and can't wait until our next show, as so far I've only been able to hear it with the band at practices. Thanks for an amazing product, CK!

    The vid is us with my old rig.