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    when I purchased my first Profiler in 2015, after first impressions I was sure I can get rid of my "suseguitar"-combo and my Engl-860 Head - I was wrong. I'm no mystic, not at all, but there is just more than the technical aspect. Firing up one of my tubeamps, sometimes, just for fun, is something special, can't explain.

    For my situation the Profiler is the best solution in terms of soundquality, weight and volume to be moved.

    If I would have some roadies available moving my stuff I probably would have never switched away from tubeamps.


    Given that the OP still hasn’t commented again - not even logged in since starting this thread:


    nevertheless, it turned out to grow an interesting thread...

    for my feeling I'm "on the save side", means: if the Kemper company would completely disappear from now on (what noone would wish ;)), this wouldn't impact my playing world in any way. The Profiler does a lot more I ever dreamed of - the rest of my personal displeasedness belonges completely to my limited playing skills.

    The Rigmanager was a nice idea... not more to me... I'm running my homestudio completely in Linux, so I needed a 2nd machine just for RM. I tried to use my old Thinkpad R61, but it's far to slow, and my patience is limited. Thanks God I get all my stuff done with my 2 Profilers and usb-sticks and I'm more than pleased with the outcome.


    ich nutze seit 2015 DXR10, letztes Jahr hab ich eine zweite dazugekauft, eine allein ist mir für Direktbeschallung bei keineren Auftritten doch etwas dünn. Ich hab auch mal mit Endstufe und Gitarrenboxen experimentiert, hatte aber kein langes Leben, da klingt alles gleich, die Boxen machen eben ne Menge aus.

    Die Neigung der DXR10 zu leichter Schärfe im Höhenbereich läßt sich mit entsprechenden Einstellungen am Kemper gut im Zaum halten. Und: sie haben mich noch nie im Stich gelassen.


    after a couple of years I've finally done it: I took some profiles from my completely custombuild 1x12/ 6L6 Combo, nothing exciting, just fun, the few pictures might provide some impressions, I built it in mid nineties. It's completely free handwired (and if you would take a look inside you might not believe that it's reliable enough to stand only one gig - :D - but I played several of them and never had any trouble8o).

    If you like, take a look into rig exchange and search for my username to find three profiles:

    Combo clean

    Combo crunch

    Combo lead

    thanks for your attention, have fun!


    a few month ago I had to face some failing of switch 4, sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

    I contacted Kempersupport and they told me how to check button-functionality.

    I did it and everything worked fine: I pressed the button a hundred times with my finger and the machine counted exactly 100 switch operations. I did this more than only one time.

    However, as soon as I returned to "normal rehearsal business" the button returned to it's unreliability, too.

    The result of this now is, that I strongly hesitate to play a gig with this machine - on the other hand there is no gig in sight - you know why :rolleyes:

    The Kempersupport told me, I must wait untill the button fails in a way, that the check mode prooves the failing - what my technical mind has to accept ;) .

    The other day I read of someone who had opened his Stage doing some cleaning of buttoncontacts which solved his problem...

    for now I decided to live with the situation watching what will happen...

    today I worked on a new project, going to record some guitar tracks... I took one of the Thomas Dill rigs, the one representing the Santana sound, deactivated fx and played with both, sc and hb guitars - and it worked out of the box, a very balanced fat sound, which lives almost perfectly within the mix, no big eq-ing necessary, I was impressed and can only say: great job Thomas Dill and thanks to Kemper for the release:thumbup:

    hi all,

    it's no showstopper for me, but in principle I can hardly stand those (to me) unexplainable issues... :

    the other day I got snoopy to throw an eye on rigmanager, so I updated the (normally unused) win10 partition on my Thinkpad W520 to latest update-status and installed latest Rigmanager.

    Connecting the Profiler tells me: "the hardware is installed and ready to use..."

    Now I start rigmanager and get this message:

    (entire text see attached "rigmanager_fehlermeldung.txt" (it's in english;))),

    followed by this empty RM-window:

    I had some mailexchange with the Kempersupport, they gave me some hints to reinstall, but in the end they are not able to help.

    Maybe somebody here might have the skills to give me a hint, how this strange issue could be solved...



    Das funktioniert nicht. Woher soll der Profiler wissen, wo die Performances vom USB-Stick abgelegt werden sollen?

    hinten anhängen? zum Beispiel? (sofern Platz ist, ansonsten:"error")... sorry, der Punkt is hier schon verschiedentlich aufgetaucht, es scheint also einen Bedarf zu geben und ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, daß es dafür keine programmtechnische Lösung gibt... so man eine finden möchte... aber vl. hab ich ja keine Ahnung und denke Blödsinn...

    The only thing I think I'd like to do differently would be to have the middle position engage the neck and the coil closest to the bridge of the humbucker, in parallel, tele style. That would be my ideal. Even better if it was only if the switch was in the “low output” position, so the other was à la Strat.

    this is exactly what the "EYB-Megaswitch" is doing ;)

    nice thread :thumbup:

    my musical Big Bang were the Beatles, they made me playing guitar... ok, many years no solo playing, just chords...

    When I look back to the last 20, 30 years I must determine some other influences:

    Ritchie Blackmore, Jimi Page, Carlos Santana, David Gilmour... but no one after them on the timeline ;)

    Lemmy stated one day (don't know his exact words): "first things you hear and which really knock you out stick with you and you never gonna hear anything better than that" - for my person I agree ^^

    Haven't worked with performances yet, but shouldn't it be possible to arrange them in Rig Manager, (Local Library) and from there place them on each device? :/


    thanks for the hint :thumbup: - but

    a - I do not have access to this software on Linux and

    b - I don't think I would carry my computer each time to the rehearsal room in order to do a small adjustment ;)

    I have a Rack and Stage. I give them different names so I know which one I working with , keep my library on each unit separate. On my Stage unit I typically have fewer profiles loaded but more performances ( the opposite on my Rack). I also use my Rack unit as my Beta test unit.

    same with me here, it is not the ideal procedure always having to exchange the whole content incl. fundamental settings.

    Mostly I'm facing the challenge to transfer one or more performances from one device to the other, but exactly this is impossible...