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    Here's the video of all the tones demoed on their own

    Hi Josh, I've noticed in your solo profile tones video that you have the Kemper Global Pure Cabinet setting on and set to 3.0. I've always gone back and forth with Pure cab, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are on it.

    I've got both your packs and absolutely love them, BTW. I've been following your videos for quite some time and your tone and skillful technique have caused me to slip into a deep depression on more than one occasion. (Especially the sweep picking video, haha)

    I'm in the writing process of a new song and want to throw this out there for critique if any. Also, go ahead and have a crack at the 6505 profile I used. The profile was done without an OD pedal in front, and I didn't use a modeled one in the Kemper either, just some pre-eq that's in the preset.

    6505 > 1960AV > SM57 then refined with a 7 string Ibanez RG with a Blaze bridge pickup. Enjoy!


    The profile is in the Rig Exchange under "SPLAT88 6505 1960AV"