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    I have owned Kemps since 2 weeks that they became available...what a huge leap of faith that was!!

    I had lots of giving up moments...stopped taking it to practice...preferring my amps....until I dialled in a sound I thought was 'ok' (heavy dirt) after about 2 months...

    About 2 months after that I took some tracks I had recorded for a 'mix check' at a studio that had 30K monitoring system...and I was dreading my guitar tracks being 'found out' and being awful...

    They sounded even better than I had ever dreamt...

    Its just time and patience...and never Kemps fault!


    Been playing 24 a band...and I do love guitar, more than life itself.

    You know when you are 'on it'.

    You dream about playing all day at work, you even find somewhere to hide a guitar at work BECAUSE GUITAR IS THAT get home and play for 8 hours and think 'jeez...where did that time go?'

    And then sometimes, you only pick your axe up at rehearsal with the band...and not at all between.

    You can't be arsed even getting it out the case, or walking across the room to pick it up...

    What do you do to make it sexy again?? How do you break the 'cant be bothered cycle??'

    Hi Adam,

    Your interface is fine for Kemper.

    What is it specifically you don't like?

    In one of the eq's you can pull 5kHz down, that helps fizz, and also, high pass and low pass at 100 and 9kHz.

    Are you in the UK...if you're close to Halifax I would be happy to help mate.



    The benefit of FRFR for many guitarists, that don't have good monitors with a good space in which to monitor, is that you can tweak your rig to make it sound good FOH.

    They aren't as 'fun' to play through as a thumping cabinet moving lots of air - but for me, the crowd and what they hear (all 6 of them) are more important than me :)

    But as a previous poster mentioned...if I was just starting the journey now...I'd wait to see what the Kemper proprietary cabinet is like.



    I don't see a problem either with having circular knob controls.

    Having the option to set a value with the keyboard might be useful though (maybe by double clicking on the number below the knob icon.

    +1 for being able to type the numeric value into a box below the knob/fader whatever...

    Though I have no need for the Kemper cabinet, Ive decided I'm going to buy one.

    Just because Kemper has given me more value from my initial purchase than any other piece of gear I have ever owned...and for the first time in my life, I feel like I need to give something back to a company.

    CK could have rinsed us for every update and charged us for it like AVID do, and he hasn't...even though 90% of us would have paid...or signed up to a subscription model...

    Kemper's business model is unbelievably customer focussed and has made me incredibly loyal and proud to be a Kemperite!

    Just watched the video linked here earlier...

    Seems to be some confusion regarding what FRFR means...

    Each FR in that phrase means two entirely different things.

    Lots of speakers are FR...with an incredibly wide range...

    Few speakers are the 2nd FR....with a flat response.

    Ah, but that’s not suffering. It's a feature only present (to this extent) in 4x12" constructions.

    And if one of the Kemper/Celestion speakers behaves like model x it will interact with other speakers behaving like model x the same way.

    It seems that the 4x12" lovers can not only have the cake now but eat it, too (when slamming 4 of these speakers in a cab, that is).

    That was my thought too...

    Hopefully it should be no different to putting a quad of v30s, or greenbacks or lynchbacks or evhs or whatevers into your current cabinet...if each speaker receives individual dsp correction - the interactions should be 'a 4x12' experience.

    Totally agree.

    I bought CLRs, which is nowhere near as nice to play through as a cabinet (thump etc - all the cool stuff), but I would rather sacrifice my 'pleasure', to be sure that a signal I send to FOH is bang on.

    For a fatter clean rhythm sound (single notes and chords) a really short 20 to 50ms delay can really help notes seem fatter and bloom a bit more.

    Sometimes for solos, especially if you play percussive rakes unto your note, you need to lose some low end from your delay - so cut the low in the delay parameters, and often the top end of the delay can interfere with the actual notes you are playing, so cut the highs.

    I find this gives a fuller sound than ducking - but setting the ducking to 0.5 can really help clarity.

    Hope this helps!