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    Spent almost 20 minutes trying to track down a dodgy connection in my wiring, crackling lead, dodgy pots....trying different leads and different guitars.....driven insane.

    To then realise, I had unwittingly managed to record...and indeed playback a 10 second loop...of me turning the kemper on with the lead dangling on the floor and then me plugging my guitar in.

    Bought the pack, especially as I liked his continuum pack anyway! So great suggestion!

    And the rig by the chap 'heater' is now my heavy crunch channel profile! So my mileage did not vary hehe

    Excellent suggestion from you both!



    I have done some searching but found very little.

    Can anyone point me to rigs that contain EVM12Ls so I can use just the cab?

    I have direct amp profiles I want to pair with them.



    I use hybrid 9's with a fat bottom on 25inch scale length, and standard 10's on 24 3/4 lengths...

    When I watched this video a few days ago it made me think about skinnier strings on the bottom for heavy music - makes a lot of sense actually.

    But for cleans...bigger strings are queen said about ladies.

    ^^^This is what I think will be optimal. Two FRFR powered wedges for effects, with a Kemper Kabinet in the center, for the dry profiler amp only, for the W/D/W sound. It seems like they would sell a whole lot more powered Kemper Kabinets, than passive ones. I am curious as to whether Kemper has sold more powered Profilers than unpowered, including the Stage. If so, then I am surprised, as I would have thought the unpowered Profilers would dwarf the powered ones in units sold.

    Thats how I am set up in the rehearsal room (not kemper kabinet of course) and its fabulous!

    I think pretty much everything is a compromise unless:

    You just play in pubs...and don't need that much to do a convincing cover of dont stop believing...

    You have a lorry, roadies, guitar tech and a FOH and monitor engineer that travel with you...

    For the personal monitoring of your core tone and guitar/speaker interaction, a guitar cab always wins, and for clarity of time based effects I think FRFR wins...


    I am still weighing up getting a remote - mainly for the looper function.

    Are there any detailed videos on the remote on youtube? I have seen the 'official' ones and done a lot of searching but not much luck!




    I have been having tremendous guitar fun today...especially when I listened to some Van Halen and set about making the 'main guitar panned slightly left - effects panned slightly right' effect...I haven't enjoyed my wildly woo's this much at home for a LONG time!!

    How can I best replicate this with Kemper?

    I play a stereo set-up, and often the venues we play have a stereo PA. I can do this in the DAW - so more interested in how this would be set-up fully internally in the Kemper.

    Screenshot for panning of GTRS and panning of Delay.

    Ok, today I tried multiple times to create a new performance filling each of the five slots with the same rig (Michael Britt Taylor K4 3). First, it would not allow me to save it local or to the Kemper using the orange buttons at the bottom of the main screen. Then, most or all of the slots were reverting to crunch when I changed slots. Then, it started crashing and giving me an error message when I tried to drag and drop the rig onto new slots in a new performance. I shut down and rebooted a couple of times. Will submit to support but attaching the error pic here for reference.

    I get this when trying to build performances - everything else seems to be ok though!