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    Ocean Way is the only UA plug that has ever made me want to go the external DSP route..I have a lot of outboard and none of it can properly replicate what I heard OW do the last time I was in a pro studio. It was VERY real! I think it gets overlooked a lot because it doesn't have a shimmer setting! But for a serious studio - without a huge live room it is pretty much perfect!

    I have set all of sunday aside for OX noodling - so I will get a video made for you. I will try and answer the questions I myself had in the video, but if there anything you'd like me to explore then let me know?

    I was (like everyone) having major concerns about the price - especially when Kemper has, and still does perform beautifully in the studio.

    It seemed a bit ridiculous to buy something to fix a non-existent problem and I had in mind, if it was just JUST DIFFERENT, it would go back.

    The two things that made me take a punt were:

    1) I have been enjoying playing my tube amps at practice recently and I have fallen in love with them again.

    2) I have a small studio - and even though guitarists enjoy the wampa-thunka-chugga space-ship noises when I profile their amps - I know they still want to play 'their amp'.

    So this seemed a great way to achieve that and seriously, it sounds fantastic.

    3. Yes, you are absolutely 100% guaranteed to sound better through the PA using kemper - than the other guitarists on the night that have mic'd up cabinets and going through the same are can profiles mic'd in great studios by great engineers...and not the sound guy that has limited access to good gear.

    4. Kemper EXCELS clean through a FRFR.


    Thanks for your advice mate, so I would have to A-B box between (guitar to iPad to kemper aux) or (guitar to kemper front input)...clunky...but that would still work I guess!

    Though as the iRig is mono out...and my main outputs are panned hard left/right for stereo that would mean aux input would only output on one side?

    Can a mono aux input be routed to stereo main out? I know it won't be 'stereo'...but can it be made to come out left and right so that the FOH doesn't become 'lopsided'?

    I normally use the CLR as a wedge and its great, though last week the PA was so small at the venue/shithole that only vocals could go through it. I plonked the CLR on top of a cabinet that was from the previous band and set the EQ on the back to FF.

    It sounded amazing!! Much better than when I had in on a pole in the rehearsal room set to FF...I don't know if it was some extra resonance from the unused cab below...or if it was just a bit lower down than usual or anything...but after the initial panic of realising I would have to use CLR as my only sound source I was dead happy and won't panic as much in future!! I'd deffo try that!

    Definitely tweak your sounds in your rehearsal room at 'gig' volume and low and high cut the profiles - especially removing the top end as the CLR can reproduce higher frequencies than a traditional 4x12 that we are unused to hearing as guitarists. Then have a little EQ sweep around to find any whistling mid frequencies that need a little dip.

    Also, and this isn't to be patronising my friend, remember that often your 'killer' tone when you play by yourself isn't good for sitting in a full band mix, so it can be really good to make additional tweaks when all of your band is there so you don't get lost in the mix. When we soundcheck - people snigger at what our bassist sounds like...and then giggle when I line check...he is muffly wompa flabbaflab and I am a wasp in a jar....then we all start and they presume the engineer has hit the 'make me a star' magic button on the mixer...its all a wonderful jigsaw :D

    Hi, I have recently discovered the Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 - and have it working well on my desktop.

    This made me think about using it live with the the software and synth sounds loaded onto an iPad. So I can play some synth sounds live.

    Guitar into an A-Y box, one lead going straight to kemper input (essentially from guitar as normal) and the other lead from the A-Y box going into a basic iRig style input to the iPad and then a 1/4" line return out of the iRig that then goes into the kemper somehow. This is to remove the need for DI boxes/audio interfaces to get to FOH.

    So I was a performance slot, could I have slots 1-4 for my normal clean, crunch, dirt etc and then have slot 5 reserved for the input from the iPad? Maybe using the aux input? So that the iPad is receiving signal all of the time regardless - but will only output any synth sounds through kemper to FOH when I have this slot active?

    The same idea applies to having an iPhone/mp3 input on the kemper to send to FOH so that you are not needing additional connections.

    Any thoughts on a set up plan? Thanks for any advice/experience you can share!! Greg


    I am comfortable in recording a D.I signal from Kemper into my DAW whilst monitoring a Kemper Profile on a separate track created by Kemper.

    I would like to know how to set Kemper up for it to be able to receive my edited DI signal from the console and then send this to an external tube amplifier.

    Please note, similar questions have mainly responded to the OP with things such as 'why would you want to send your signal to an amp when you have a Kemper?' or 'just use the SPDIF to cut out additional conversion' etc...

    With respect, I'm asking how to specifically perform this process - if someone could tell me how to set-up the Kemper as a Re-Amp box - using ANALOGUE connections - it would very much be appreciated :)

    Thanks for your time and input!


    Hi, my names Greg and I'm a Kemperholic

    Had this lovely powerhead for 3 days now and truly in love.

    One thing that I haven't figured out yet...

    In a single patch, can i have the cabinet emulation on for the stereo outs...and simultaneously have the cabinet emulation off for the power-amp out?

    Thanks for your help :)