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    Ah, but that’s not suffering. It's a feature only present (to this extent) in 4x12" constructions.

    And if one of the Kemper/Celestion speakers behaves like model x it will interact with other speakers behaving like model x the same way.

    It seems that the 4x12" lovers can not only have the cake now but eat it, too (when slamming 4 of these speakers in a cab, that is).

    That was my thought too...

    Hopefully it should be no different to putting a quad of v30s, or greenbacks or lynchbacks or evhs or whatevers into your current cabinet...if each speaker receives individual dsp correction - the interactions should be 'a 4x12' experience.

    Totally agree.

    I bought CLRs, which is nowhere near as nice to play through as a cabinet (thump etc - all the cool stuff), but I would rather sacrifice my 'pleasure', to be sure that a signal I send to FOH is bang on.

    For a fatter clean rhythm sound (single notes and chords) a really short 20 to 50ms delay can really help notes seem fatter and bloom a bit more.

    Sometimes for solos, especially if you play percussive rakes unto your note, you need to lose some low end from your delay - so cut the low in the delay parameters, and often the top end of the delay can interfere with the actual notes you are playing, so cut the highs.

    I find this gives a fuller sound than ducking - but setting the ducking to 0.5 can really help clarity.

    Hope this helps!

    If it is the VH4 one from a well respected seller, I have it...and it can sound a lot like that component of his sound...until my right hand lets me down big time!

    OP: I would be happy for you to send me a profile you are using, tweak it, and then send it back.

    So you can see what has been done to it, and then apply it as at least a starting point to your other profiles.



    When I try and add a cabinet (from those I have within the Kemper) to a direct amp profile, it doesn't sound great.

    When I play a direct amp profile through an actual cabinet, it sounds so much better than a merged profile with the virtual cabinet turned off, running through a cabinet.

    Dunno why...but it does :)

    I do simple maintenance such as truss rod adjustment, setting up action and intonation, etc. but I draw the line at dressing frets or filing nuts because I'm just not good at that sort of thing.

    That said, different people have different talents. Personally, my friends encourage me to avoid power tools and sharp objects due to spontaneous bouts of unbridled enthusiasm, but some people just naturally have a feel for such things. They have the instinct and touch to just watch a YouTube video and fall right into the groove.

    Of course, if I had a 100K+ LP, I wouldn't be worried about a G-string problem. I'd be looking for the escape hatch since I clearly would have woken up in an alternate reality. :)

    I used to work as an electrician, and sometimes people would call me out to change a light bulb - seriously.

    If it was an old lady, then I would ask her for a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits as payment.

    If it was some millennial douchebag, that was struggling because they couldn't find an iPhone app on changing lightbulbs then 80 quid callout for 5 seconds work.

    I might put grey dye in my hair and wear my granddad's clothes next time I go to a luthier. Worth a try.

    Those are the same Tortex I use. I have a pack of red Jazz 3's I haven't touched cause I'm a creature of habit. It feels weird holding something so small lol. I like the tortex a lot when playing like punk rock.. but might try and wean myself into Jazz for more precise picking styles. Trem picking does feel kinda out of control with the tortex lol.

    I know exactly what you mean, and I almost gave up! It took about 2 weeks of daily playing to stop 'losing' the jazz3 in my fingers - but now it feels like the complete opposite and I can't imagine how I fit ALL of the tortex one in my hand hehe

    That's too bad. Live, I run my LR Baggs Anthem SL into a Mooer Radar pedal running the 3 Sigma Takamine and Martin IRs. I've been pleased with them. Do they sound like a mic? Not really. But they sort of add that bloom and listening distance that mics give you.

    Gforce guitar , depending on your guitar setup, production style, and how "super" you need your results, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the 3 Sigma IRs to you. Particularly the Takamine pack. You'll just import them into Cab Maker and then into your KPA like other speaker IRs, then load one into a patch an bypass the Stomps, Amp, and Effects sections.

    Absolutely agree that mileage may vary - their demos sounded so FANTASTIC, that even though they didn't work out for me, I'm still glad to have got them - as they are not expensive...and if someone comes to my place with a different acoustic/piezo equipped thingy, then they may be perfect. Options are always good to have! :)

    I would also have gone the EMI route - everything from motors, fluorescent lighting, other musical gear in the room (or adjacent practice rooms etc) can introduce pops, clicks, whooshes, static, splasplunks and all kinds of exciting and very annoying noises.

    Did any of the ground lift buttons have any effect?

    As a few have said, the issues are due to the break angle - and the binding this causes in the nut.

    It has been this way since the day they were made, so the binding isn't a QC issue. Their nuts have always been like this.

    The only fix needed is to have the nut cut, and by all means, take it to a luthier for it to be done. I'd think it is the most common job any luthier will do on a Les Paul so it should be no problem for them to do it effectively.

    Lubricating is something to do 'on top' of having the nut cut properly, and if you fancy, have a better grade nut installed that is then cut properly.

    The string butlers do work, and are non-destructive, which is a big plus - but cutting the nut properly is the proper fix and will sort out the G issue.

    I used the same orange dunlop tortex for 20 years....and then changed to a jazz 3 because I wondered what all the fuss was about - and to see if it would make me more 'accurate' - when I listen to isolated parts from what I recorded in that time, compared to now, there is a huge difference in attack...and it now feels like I'm trying to play with a shoe or something if I happen to pick an old one up.

    I think the difference in picks is almost as pronounced on electric as on an acoustic...mad innit!

    Cant wait for Kemper 2 to come out...

    So I can also gobble up at least 2 more Kemper '1's'...

    It sounds like an it can't get any better in terms of tone.

    FX...of course, they can be improved...but please dont think they're 'bad'....its just that they're not yet as good as some very high end standalone effects units.

    Go for it!


    I've been drooling over the soapbar version for a couple of weeks. I am an admittedly PRS fanboy.

    Me too...they can do no wrong hehe

    I have my 2 keepers, which are pattern thin CU22's (wide thin) and I have had at least 10 PRS with different, thicker profiles that I have flipped because they have been too fat...this is a pattern vintage, so the thickest carve they do...and it feels fantastic! Its a tiny bit asymmetrical...but as fat as it is very comfortable.

    The pickups are fantastic too. I am a happy chappy!

    Oh FFS....I need a soapbar one now :) :)