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    The interface for the more complex effects, like the reverbs and delays is many pages deep. That is terrible design in terms of ergonomics and is the opposite extreme to being able to see at a glance how the patch is set up on one page of parameters. Any DSP plugin on other platforms (VST, UA, Protools etc) would put the key parameters in a large GUI - a single page - and many use graphical methods to display envelopes etc. The editor and a decent preset saving system for the effects will make all the power that is in the newer delays and reverbs easy to exploit and that will be a big step forward for the KPA.

    I totally agree with this one, I started to want the editor after delays been released, despite not using them that much, it's just fun to play with them from time to time and there is a lot of pages to scroll through. New preset system is neat, will work even better when supported by external software. Kemper Stage is another important reason, nobody wants people to hurt their backs and knees.

    Having said that, Damian's ToastME is really good editor too, I may even stay with it if I find it better than upcoming Kemper one.

    Yes. You most certainly did.

    Ten tons of passive-aggressive criticism here. You the. double-down claiming others are being insecure.

    No it's not passive-aggressive or any other made up BS, you don't know me, I really don't care about others insecurities. It's much easier to fiddle knobs than play guitar, therefore more people twiddle knobs than play guitar and hardware manufacturers know it. Some of these people become great producers, to push it even further, a few of them (surprisingly, one of the best) admit that they were more inclined to play with gear than guitars, so they have made a career out of it and produced quite a a lot of great albums. In some rare cases they can do both.

    Bottom line is, editor may or may not be a handy thing to have, depends on a person. We know it's coming, so whole discussion is purely a banter.

    What do you think about artists who spend their time sketching and carefully organising their colour palettes instead of painting? Without these people there would be no great art hanging in the galleries. Music can be viewed as painting with sound and it follows the same artistic principles. Nobody plugs their guitar into an amp and bangs out a great album. You need some prep, and an editor will help in this regard.

    Lots of insecure people here :). I never said it was anything wrong with it or it wasn't useful. People made a great careers out of twiddling knobs.

    What's wrong with that? They paid less for the equipment?

    Have less rights to expect new features?

    I didn't say anything was wrong with it. Many hardware manufacturers know that there is large group of people who prefer to play with the knobs and touch screens over playing guitar and decide to cater to them.

    What % of guitar players do you think spend a majority of their time leaning over and twiddling on a computer?

    I'd say majority non-gigging bedroom players. There is a massive market deliberately aimed at tweakers, I don't think Kemper is in this business though, it's covered by many others. It's much easier to fiddle with the knobs than play guitar.

    You operate your Kemper using your arse?

    are the room sounds which are made by the OX be put into the Profile ?

    means with OX made Profiles you have a realistic amp in the room sound ?

    Time effects can't be profiled (reverb). Other characteristics like frequency response etc. will likely come through.

    Out of memory crash while trying to copy more than 4-5 presets (try 10+) at once from factory content to the Kemper. Anyone ran into this? Seems to be UI related by looking at crash log, but I may be wrong.

    ps. I've already contacted support.

    The fact that Kempers have never needed fans shouldn't be overlooked IMHO.

    Makes it "easy" to include the whole shebang in a floor unit without having to limit any features, unlike a "competition company's" wares.

    Imagine having a fan in a unit that sits down there with all the dust and grime... :/

    More unnecessary stuff in (bluetooth, audio interfaces, metronomes, touch screens etc. ) more things to break/raise the cost of the unit/service. There is plenty of gear out there which does it all. Reg. 7 years old tech, heh, there is still nothing out there which can compete with Kemper when it comes to great tone or ease of getting that tone.

    Agree- but sadly I reckon the Head and remote setup are doomed and will soon become worthless.

    Why on earth would anyone pay more than this for a toaster now?....Hope they dont have loads on the shelf

    I don't like to bend over and have my gear under my feet, I'd rather have it a couple of meters away or more, controlled by small remote (I barely use any pedals when using analog gear) Here, one of the reasons why.

    As for head becoming "worthless", unless you have invested your entire life savings in profile head stock (physical stock), even if resale price goes down, it will still sound the same. I am keeping 2012 version of mine even if there is a mkii. Stuff is going to get vintage status in 10-15 years 😀

    Pete made the first demo of the “Marsha” on and old forum ‘HRI’ and since then I was hooked. The company was always been “Racksystems”, the amp was Marsha, but after a cease and desist letter from Marshall, it was renamed BE100.

    One of the very first EU tranny BE100 was ordered by me for a client, serial is something like Eu002. It delivered in spades next to a Yjm100 and a Satch jvm. Since then I was after the BE sound, this year I was able to get one. I have almost all BE profiles, commercial or free, nothing comes close. Really. Bert Mullendijk’s are pretty close in feel, but you really don’t want to do a 1 on 1. Like the 1073 preamp plugin of the UAD. Yes it is kinda like, but if you check it back to back, it’s in a different leauge. Just my 2 cents.

    I own BE-100 and made a DI profile of it, when I hook the Kemper to the same cab, at the same volume and settings it sounds almost identical, the difference is negligible. The main difference is weight of the hardware. I'd not hesitate to play a gig using a profile of BE-100 next to physical BE-100.

    Tubes yeah, 6L6s vs EL, but not Sovtek vs JJ.. pedals yes. Bottom line, this sort of info gives me an idea how the profile will sound like. Easier to find one I need.