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    I’ve had the Kemper for years now. I’ve always been happy with the sound through monitor speakers. I now have a Kone and I’m enjoying using studio profiles whereby I am swapping out the cabinet for a Kone imprint. I like the results.

    What I would like, going forward, would be batch editing within Rig Manager so as I can swap out the Kone on a whole bunch at once. If I buy a rig pack, I like to play with the Kone and see what it sounds like with the speaker that the profiler actually used as a Kone imprint. It’d be nice to be able to swap these all for the original speaker when a profile maker sells me 25 profiles of the same amp :). I know you’re potentially missing a better sound there (to you as an individual) with other Kone imprints but my OCD wants ideally to start with authentic. There are other good reasons why batch editing in rig manager would be very welcome and this is just one example :)

    Agree regarding contacting Zilla. Like most speakers, the holes in the Kone are big enough to accommodate a reasonable range of screws and are unthreaded. The cabinet itself will have the threaded part for the screws to go into. They should either be able to provide them or, at the very least, tell you what size is needed.

    Another Gary with foot issues? We’re a dying breed :). Thanks for the reply.

    I’m hopeful it’s threaded but, if you or anyone else know this for sure, it’d be good to know :)

    Hi everyone,

    I was lucky enough to pick up a Kone a few weeks ago which I’ve fitted into a decent Matamp 1x12. I’m really pleased with it but the amp handle is chunky enough that, when the Toaster sits on top, it rattles (brass sides on the handles resonate when certain notes are played at inappropriate volumes - which is half the point of the Kone :) )

    I’ve popped some padding under the Toaster feet but.... has anyone unscrewed / replaces the feet on the Toaster with bigger ones? Happy to do this but I’d like to know if there will be a little nut inside that will fall off. Whilst I’ve had it for years and wouldn’t be breaching warranty by opening the case, I’d still rather not. I’m hoping the case is threaded and I can unscrew with no worries?

    MBritt plays country music for a living with Lonestar and makes lots of Kemper profiles (both commercial and also he has a pack for Kemper).

    Checking out his page is worthwhile.... he has tons of sound examples on there so you can see what you think. Also, he's thought of as a really nice guy - he might be able to give an opinion on what works for him live if you get in touch.

    WELCOME TO M BRITT PROFILES - mbrittprofiles

    Thanks for the replies.

    ST - I appreciate the detailed instructions. Thank you :) I’ll try this later - might help things a little as a work around but hope that the company will consider fx chain storage / batch editing as this would for sure help quite a lot of people I think.

    Paul - for auditioning, your suggestion helpful for sure. I just think it’d be great to be able to apply any particular setting within Rig Manager easily. It’s a useful thing when you pull up a profile pack that has one cablinet / speaker so as you can just save them as per the original without any further fiddling. It would also be useful for (say) swapping out the old legacy reverb with the newer reverb on a bunch of profiles at a time. Again, you can just lock it but being able to make permanent changes to multiple profiles would be helpful.


    I’ve mentioned this one before - it would be useful to be able to (for example) apply your favourite fx chain to multiple profiles at once in rig manager then batch save.

    This would be nicer still now with Kemper Kone.... I just got the Kone and like it very much :). I was also lucky enough to get the Tone Junkie everything pack for a bargain price due to Black Friday. It would be awesome to be able to apply the imprint as a batch...,, For instance, some of the tweed amps were profiles with a Jenson P10. If I want to audition these using Kone and the speaker that TJ used, I must select each profile, change the Kone imprint and save. First world problem for sure but some of these amps have 40 profiles which are all profiled with the same speaker. A lot of mouse clicks could be saved here if a user wanted to use the Kone as per the original profile. Yes, I know it’s always best to see what you like but I’d ideally like to start from the original is a simple manner.

    Thanks Sambrox,

    So..... should the Kemper Drive now be capable of giving a volume boost to a clean amp? In my scenario given, the volume control on Kemper Drive still seems to only increase distortion, not give a volume boost, when used with an otherwise clean amp.

    When your amp is already distorting, then you hear a change in distortion, not in volume boost.

    Thanks for the explanation - I still need a little help to understand this if possible please :)

    If I understand you correctly, once an amp is already distorting then hitting it with a hotter signal simply results in more distortion / compression and not a volume boost.

    I've just installed the beta and have chosen a profile that, in Rig Manager shows as zero gain bars (it's a Tone Junkie AC10). I then put the Kemper drive in front of the amp stack.

    With volume in Kemper drive at zero, I check out the meters in my DAW for a particular chord progression. If I turn up the volume in Kemper drive, I can absolutely hear a difference in distortion (and I like it) but it is not influencing the volume - the meters peak at the same point so it seems like it is not getting a volume boost. If I turn Kemper Drive below zero it for sure affects volume - with it at -5 the volume level is much quieter.

    I'm very pleased with the Drive - just trying to fully understand it and I believed the latest change caused an actual volume boost in certain situations. In my case, it doesn't so I'm keen to understand if I'm using it correctly?

    It’s a snapshot of the entire recording chain at the settings given. So if you then tweak the bass / treble settings on the profiler on the fly, it might not react exactly as per the original. Whilst that might be considered bad news, the good news is that you can go far beyond the original amp.

    if you look at a commercial profiler, many of them will do multiple profiles of a single amp.

    Guitar volume should work as per the original amp *at those settings* so you can absolutely profile at a hot setting and get things clean by rolling back guitar volume.

    Thanks again for all the help folks - my Kone and Loudster turned up earlier this week. Whilst I got it all set up pretty quickly, my first chance to give it some volume was last night. I’m really pleased with it and, for me, a worthwhile addition to my much loved Kemper. I’ve cranked the Loudster between 1/3 and half way and it’s got plenty of legs in it. If I’m lucky enough to gig again at some point, this will be more than enough..... I’ve played between a horn section and drummer before with a 7w Matamp with my 1x12 and had to use an attenuator so the keys player didn’t glare at me. From this experience of perceived loudness I know this thing will be able to give anyone at the front a reasonable haircut.

    I don’t have a massive amount of experience with guitar speakers - the Kone is replacing a Celestion Greenback in the only decent 1x12 cabinet I’ve ever had. For this reason, I can’t say ‘this sounds exactly like a Jenson etc.’ as I really don’t know :) What I can say is that each imprint does a little something and it’s great fun to have my trousers flapping again. IMO it sounds great :)

    My default imprint is a Greenback (makes sense for me as I always liked mine) but I’m experimenting per profile. I think it’s good for the ‘I wonder what......’ mindset and consequently great fun but, until I settle down, it’s going to be time consuming. I’m not a massive tweaker these days so I’ll find what works and leave it...... but that process might take me a while. As well as many favourites from various vendors / factory / exchange, I managed to get the ToneJunkie Everything pack at 90% off in a recent sale so like £40 U.K. for over 4000 profiles. A complete no brainer purchase. I’ll have fun going through these and experimenting with imprints. Should keep me going for a bit :)

    Thank you for the interesting thread - I went to 24 bit 48k a while ago. Not really clear why except it’s one louder.

    Seems like, unless I get better looking and start to star in my own videos, I can do just fine with 44.1k and 24 bit. I’m not seeing compelling arguments to go back to 16 but, if someone wants to blow my mind, it’s entirely open :)

    So I've had a play in the output menu and seen how to change the global Kone / how to alter these in a rig within Rig Manager. I've just ordered a Kone and a Hotone Loudster so, for the first time in a while, my very well made Matamp cabinet won't just be a Toaster Table :)

    Thanks again for the advice - I'm looking forward to fitting it and playing :)

    Great - thanks for the clarification.

    Alan - sorry for one follow up question.... If I understand you correctly, you can set a global speaker imprint which will come into play through the Kone on every single studio profile you use if you are browsing?

    If you wish, you can overide this in any particular rig and say 'I know my default speaker is a Celestion but for this rig I want Jenson' and save it with the preset? Or you can alternatively tell it to forget being in Kone mode for that one rig and tell it instead to go full range / use the entire chain as per the original profile? I think that's what you're saying - sorry to labour the point but just wanting to make sure I've got this.

    Thanks for the reply Bob and apologies for being a bit slow but.... I don’t understand what this means. Does this mean that each profile can now have a different Kone imprint applied? So if I change from a Marshall to a Fender, the Kone automatically changes too from Greenbacks to Jensons for instance?

    If it does, is this something I have to program / save with the rig? Or can I pull up a ToneJunkie profile and it ‘just knows’ (I doubt this but don’t know!)

    Please accept my apology in advance if the answer to this is already buried in these 84 pages - I’ve dipped around in this thread and don’t have the answer hence me asking. I’m considering getting a Kone and a Hotone Loudster. I have a nice 1x12 that (since I got my Kemper) has only served as a table so it would be a good home for a Kone :)

    Early in the thread (about last January!) CK answered a question about Kone imprints being saved per rig and alluded that they would be in a future release. Does this now happen? If so, how does it work? if I load a Tone Junkie profile where he profiled something with Jensons (so this is given to the main outs), does the Kone automatically select the ‘right’ speaker? If so, how does it know as this sounds like magic :). If not, I guess you’d have to select the appropriate speaker imprint and save it with the rig?

    Who really cares if "it's not a Klon anymore"? If it sounds good, it is good, and if it's not 100.0% like the real thing, the sound you yourself came up with is better than the original. And it saves you thousands of dollars along the way.

    Not everyone will care and of course if it sounds good, it is good. But it matters to some folks clearly that the boxes work like the originals.

    Everyone’s mindset is in different places with this so, if it’s possible to do both, that would hopefully suit everyone’s way of thinking.

    I made a similar point back when the delays were released...... they are beyond the wildest dreams and you can do pretty much anything. But there’s a case for saying ‘this model is a Memory Man’ as some people care about such things as per my long ramble a few posts back. We all use the gear / think in different ways and, if the aim is to maximise the enjoyment (and therefore the selling potential) to every possible customer then it is worth doing both the ‘limited boxes’ and the ‘beyond reality because we can’ roots.