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    I like the concept of fx chain (as in I want a comp then a boost and post stack I want trem, delay and reverb. I only want the reverb on but the others are loaded ready so I can hit the remote and they are there).

    Then the ability to just select 30 profiles in Rig Manager and ‘apply’. Then save as.

    That’s one ‘for instance’ :)

    Hi Satoshi-san,

    Sorry, I missed you had the Presonus and thanks Nakedzen for pointing this out :)

    Whilst SPDIF is nice, there’s no reason why you should be getting issues with bad sound with Analogue...... it should be fine so I suspect you’re overloading one of the inputs on the interface.

    First thing on the interface - select a line level input. If you’re going from the Kemper to ‘instrument level’ that won’t be good..... instrument level is for plugging a guitar directly in and using an amp sim on the computer. So ensure you’re using the correct input.

    Then make sure you’re not turning the input gain too high on the mixed. Try it half way to start.

    In Studio One 4.5, there is a new feature where you can see audio levels pre-faded and then trim if needed. Hit F3 to bring the mixer up then right click on the meter next to the fader. Change it to ‘pre fader’. Now play your Guitar. If you keep the peak levels down to -12 then you should get no distortion. You can adjust either the output of the Kemper or you can adjust the trim controls (look at the new docs for 4.5 if you’re not sure how / there are videos....)

    Another possibility causing distortion is your buffer settings..... if these are too high you get lag but if they are too low, all kinds of strange noises are possible.

    Hope this helps?

    Before you buy anything, go into the Output menu on the Kemper and see how it is set. Master stereo should give you close to what the headphones are doing but not exactly as the headphone socket on the Kemper does headphone space too (a setting to make phones sound cool).

    Next in that menu ensure the output isn't too high as you might be clipping your interface.

    If you still can't get good results, tell us what interface you're actually using now? For sure there are quality differences but the Kemper should sound pretty good through any line input or spdif..... If you decide to buy one there are lots out there from low to high budget...... Difficult for folks to recommend until they know what you have now.

    No flaw IMHO, Gaz. I thought the same thing, but there's a tiny catch:

    The only reason I can think of for Kemper to programme "offline" functionality into the editor would be for the purpose we're discussing. I'm guessing that the team may not see or have even considered the utility of being able to edit Rigs without hearing what one's actually doing.

    I hadn’t looked at it that way - your logic is, unfortunately, good :) I hope they’ve thought beyond the ‘now’ but we’ll have to see. For example, the natural verb is lovely compared to the old reverb and, for most of my ‘everyday playing’ profiles I’d just swap them all out in one go. And imagine if they come up with a killer stomp box that is a ‘must have’ in a particular slot...... They must know that this wonderful box of tricks encourages folks to crave and hoard profiles and I think the ability to take a bunch from you’ve bought from your favourite profile maker and ‘make them yours’ with your individual tweaks in one operation that takes seconds would be great :)

    Whatever they do I’m excited - sonically the Kemper was always killer. In the 6+ years I’ve had it, many of the little things that haven’t been up to scratch have been sorted and it continues in its journey to get even better :)

    Hi Nicky,

    I get that, for real time editing, the editor program will be sending data on the fly to the profiler so show every knob turned.

    However.......All of rigs currently stored on my PC contain all the info needed to make the profiler behave in a particular way..... the current Rig Manager squirts this data across and that config instantly loads. So, in theory, this could be done offline / En masses as you’re not asking it to change what is on the profiler ‘right now’ - you’re just asking that the little kipr files be edited on the PC. You could then transfer them to the profiler for live use.

    Probably a flaw in my logic but makes sense to me based on my incomplete understanding :)

    A feature request that might be useful to consider.... I mentioned this in another thread related to another matter....

    It’d be good if the new Rig Manager / Editor had the ability to batch edit. In other words select 10 of your profiles and *the one thing you edit* then changes on all of them.

    Very useful if you always want a particular boost in slot 2 or a common cab or to turn off the reverb on everything for performances, set the delay/reverb mix to 0% so the Ionosphhere works beautifully on certain presets or....... lots of uses.

    I know some people want the editor because they absolutely love to play around with tiny subtle settings for hours and I salute them. That is not me - for me, this concept is, and always was, to enable a lazy person to easily change things that are necessary in an easy way. Batch editing feeds into this thought process. I get that we are near the initial release so a feature request at this stage is not going to happen unless it’s there already but, if possible for the future, I think it would be good :)

    Try learning another instrument alongside guitar.

    I’m attempting to learn drums and trying to get better at bass. I’m again having a go at keys but I am so far finding that challenge to be on the wrong side of frustrating so it’s pain as opposed to pleasure right now.

    An unexpected benefit of focusing on music from other perspectives is that I’m seeing the guitar from a different direction in a good way. I think that the act of looking at a song’s parts and how it’s built can be helpful and a better understanding of the other components might help me to understand why the guitar is actually there and when it shouldn’t be.

    I’ve never owned an actual Gibson guitar, let alone one of the holy grail ones associated this this tone so please take the following with a pinch of salt; if you decide to google these, others seem impressed by the pickups I’m about to mention and maybe some of them have actually experienced the originals :)

    With that in mind, I have a PRS Stripped ‘58 which has the PRS 57/08 pickups in it. If you read up on them, there’s lots of mojo speak for why they capture the spirit of back then. Apparently made on an ancient machine from wire that is actually wood from earth’s first tree as opposed to metal, magnets made from Jack Sparrow’s compass and wound by a blind milkmaid who (legend has it) has actually met Robert Johnson.

    I have no idea of the accuracy or truth of the matter but I can say that I wouldn’t dream of swapping these out - whatever they did to make them they are glorious and, for me, that’s what matters. I believe they sell these pickups for a small fortune but you occasionally see them come up on eBay; they’re very low output (which they should be) and some folks just don’t want that.

    Thanks for the explanation Burkhard - it makes sense and I can see the useful nature of the feature. Looks like I just need to make myself some tweaked rigs just for the new reverbs as, really, it’s only an issue with those when you’re wanting to minimise or eliminate the dry guitar from the equation.

    So my next question which you may be unwilling to answer due to it being a ‘future’ :)

    Will the new editor allow us to edit this parameter? And will we be able to do ‘batch editing’? I was just thinking that I have a lot of TJ profiles and it’d be great to do ‘new reverb compatible versions’ in a separate rig manager folder by highlighting all of the profiles and turning this parameter to zero on all of them. Batch editing would potentially be valuable to users who (for instance) want to put ‘their green scream stomp’ on every single profile in a particular folder. Hope this makes it into the program, either at release or at some point :)

    My question would be, which type of effect is placed in the DLY module of those Rigs in question. Perhaps DLY+REV Routing just does, what it is supposed to do the way the author designed the Rig!? This picture is from the Main Manual and it shows, how the routing works in the range above 0%:

    Thanks for the diagram - If I’m reading it correctly it means that if there is no active delay you will always get a percentage of the dry signal bypassing the reverb and going through to the output? It has helped my understanding of what the setting does - it means that some element of the guitar sound gets through untouched no matter what you do with the reverb / delay.

    The fact that every TJ rig I’ve tried is at 58% (which is a legacy Kemper setting) would suggest that they perhaps didn’t realise it was a factor any more than I did before yesterday..... It’s an amazing coincidence if 58% is the intentional secret sauce on every preset they do :) I’ll have to look at which delays they are actually using...... I’m not sure. But in the profiles I’ve used, the delay hasn’t even been on.

    Thank you for this Burkhard.

    The difficulty seems that some commercial profilers have made literally hundreds of profiles whereby this previously hidden setting was set inappropriately.

    If you are intending to normalise all factory content to 0%, can I ask why it isn’t instead removed or give the users the ability to lock it to zero? In other words, if it is no longer helpful (and it seems like it isn’t hence you setting it to zero in all cases) then why is it there? I have hundreds of purchased commercial profiles that are affected in this way as they’re all at 58%. If there is not a solution from factory, it either requires considerable time by individuals to re-save their own purchased profiles or it requires commercial vendors to realise the issue and take a view on providing updates for all their profiles with this normalised..... the ability to lock at zero would be a more elegant solution if possible?

    My understanding is that this setting is burned in to a profile when it's made.

    If you're using a 'regular' reverb at a low-ish mix then it's unlikely to break your heart. If you're using the new ones up at 100% mix, it means they don't work as expected.

    I wonder why some profilers choose to go non-zero with this?

    Mine goes to 58% with any Tone Junkie profiles. It means the reverb slot behaves a bit differently than expected and this is very noticeable with the new reverbs.

    For years I used the reverbs in my DAW. Then I've been concentrating on the natural verbs that were added a few months ago which are excellent but I run them pretty low hence not seeing the issue before. Details in this thread V6 Reverbs Dry / Wet Mix

    OK, so I've just found this thread

    Delay + Rev Routing

    And it's helped me to find the problem.

    My DLY+REV routing was on 58%.

    I've set my DLY+REV to 0% and now my reverb slot works with the new reverbs.

    If I change to another profile using Rig Manager, my reverb slot stops working again simply because this DLY+REV routing goes to 58% again!!

    Profiles in question are Tone Junkie. If I choose any of their profiles, this setting in RIG goes to 58% and the new reverbs don't work as expected. If I choose other commercial profiles I have or factory, there isn't an issue. Might explain why Digibob had the problem then it fixed itself :)

    If you want to hear the exact issue I'm having and don't have any TJ profiles, simply go into your rig menu and crank that setting to 58%. You'll then see what I mean....

    Suggestions on how to fix this appreciated please :)

    OK, so I'm home and this is interesting!

    If I put the reverb in the X slot, I get the wet / dry behaviour as I would expect it to be so it works absolutely perfectly. If I put the same reverb in the actual reverb slot, I get the issue. Here is exactly what I am doing:-

    I am loading a commercial profile that I like which has regular reverb already enabled. I am then pressing the 'reverb' button on the Profiler and scrolling through to the new presets. I am selecting the 'Angel' preset which tells me that I am using the new Ionosphere reverb. I play. I hear a very clear 'dry' guitar signal and I hear the choir come in afterwards so the reverb is working / sounding impressive but the guitar is clearly audible as a guitar.

    I go in to edit and notice that the mix is on 70% on this preset. When I increase past 100%, the display shows 100.0/90.6%

    If I keep increasing, it finally reads 100% (wet).

    At all points from 0% (dry) to 100% (wet) there is absolutely no difference in my dry guitar signal - the dry guitar itself is just as audible as it is when I am at 0% (dry). The mix knob ONLY affects the level of the choir and the choir is not there at all at 0% (dry) which is, of course, expected. What it should not be doing is allowing me to hear the guitar at all when it's 100% (wet).

    I have checked the Parallel Path and it's off. I am running to SPDIF and have also checked by plugging my headphones directly into the Kemper - the behaviour is the same.

    I am making no other changes to the preset apart from altering the mix.

    Out of curiosity, I then put exactly the same reverb into the X slot and it works completely perfectly - at 100% wet, I cannot hear my guitar, only the choir.

    Any ideas on what to do? I updated via rig manager and everything else appears to be working OK. Well, everything I use which isn't much as I'm a simple kind of guy (mostly just load a profile that makes me smile and go for it plus put on the occasional effect).

    I believed Don was joking, Burkhard - I had no headphones plugged in. Apologies for any confusion..... I was sending a joke back :) I was actually going SPDIF out into my Focusrite interface as usual.

    I’ll try it again tonight. Honestly, with my settings unchanged in years the mix settings didn’t do quite what I expected - I genuinely went ‘fully wet’ and still had guitar coming through. This is probably me missing something (I have no idea of parallel path is enabled as it’s not something I’ve looked at since it was released maybe 4 or 5 years ago) but I’ll report back.

    I must have had headphone cables touching stuff too Don :)

    I’m not at home now but, on my initial play through, I also couldn’t quite understand how the Mix worked. At 100% wet I still had some clean guitar signal in there. I had limited time so just figured I must be misunderstanding something / doing something wrong.

    To my knowledge I don’t have parallel path on but will check - I tend to keep things simple. The reverb was the only effect in play and was in the dedicated reverb slot. All I was doing was going through the new presets to audition and l, when I’d done that, I started playing with a few parameters to see what they did. Mix wasn’t what I expected.

    When I eventually get home I’ll play again but my Kemper seemed to behave the way Digibob’s did before his fixed itself :)

    I've just been having a play..... the quality is excellent and they're very interesting. Not something for 'bread and butter' cover work but I can see these leading to some pretty cool experiments. I appreciate them being added - thank you :)

    The schedule they mentioned at Winter NAMM was ‘summer’. So I guess technically that’s any time between 21st June and 21st September.

    But the sun is shining here this morning.... in the U.K. that means it must be summer as it doesn’t do this very often :)

    Also interested in the wording of ‘other features’ with V7 beyond these reverbs (here now) and preset management. Is this simply talking about the new rig manager / editor or is this going to be even more cool stuff??