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    I think what he means is that, since these profiles are just preamps, you need a power amp and cab for them to work properly. Either a real amp/cab, or maybe one of the Kemper's built-in cabinets, but not just the preamps straight into a PA speaker or straight into your board.

    Perhaps we should be more clear when we're asking for things. There's a big difference between "could you share that profile you made for that cool YouTube video I just found" and "could you share the profile you used on your new album", for example. Or maybe you happen to know that he's got some rare amp that there aren't any existing profiles for - looking at YOU here, Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth. Grrrrrr.

    I'm getting a Kemper in the near future and I've been wondering the same thing. I haven't been able to find any actual measurements for the rear cavity, sadly, but my best estimate from a few pictures is 14.5 inches wide, 5ish inches tall, and 4 inches deep. The Stealth, if you turned it so the ins/outs/switch are facing up, is 9 x 4 x 2.

    Assuming my numbers on the Kemper are accurate, the Stealth should fit in there pretty comfortably, but you'll only have inch of clearance for your cables. If you found cables with 90-degree plugs, it would probably work pretty nicely.

    1. Are you using FRFR speakers in the 4x12?
    2. Have you turned off the cabinet in the Kemper?

    If you haven't paid attention to your setup, you might be running your tone through two cabinets - the one in the Kemper, and then the guitar speakers in the 4x12, which will definitely give you a weird sound.

    Hi folks. I'm looking at picking up a Kemper soon, and would definitely prefer using a Shortboard over the FCB1010. A couple of questions:

    - At this point, are you aware of any issues with using the Shortboard to control the KPA? Anything the KPA can do that the Shortboard won't control properly?
    - The Shortboard mkII has an expression pedal input. Will that still work with the KPA through your translator?