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    The midi signal from Kemper wasn´t "fully" sent out to the rest of the gears?? The PC messages went thru to all units but not any of the CC messages?? I have no clue why.... ?(

    Since I have got the FCB1010 Uno4Kemper chip installed it is recommended that the midi connection would be: FCB1010 MidiOut-->Kemper MidiIN and then Kemper MidiOut-->FCB1010 MidiIN. In this situation the bank selections and other information is correctly sent to the Midi board from Kemper and could be viewed on the FCB Led display.

    I changed it from Kemper MidiOut to Kemper MidiThru instead and was hoping that the CC messages would be sent to all my units - and it did! BUT on the other hand I could not see any of the bank selections on the FCB1010 display. So what I finally did was to connect both Kemper MidiOut AND Kemper MidiThru to get the info on FCB display and at the same time have CC messages sent to the units.

    I thought you guys wanted to now! :)

    Hello! I am in the need of some help.

    I have a FCB1010 with Uno4Kemper chip installed.
    Also I have a bunch of other Midi gear in my rig but in this case I will leave them out and just concentrate on my Kemper, Lexicon PCM81 and FCB1010(Uno4Kemper).
    Long story short, program changes is working fine but I want to make som CC´s sends from the upper row pedals, let´s for an example say, button 6 on FCB1010.
    In my case it is programmed to turn Modulation (MOD) on and off. From what I understand the default CC number is #cc24. I want Kemper to forward this to the PCM81 but having difficulties with it.
    Why I want to do this is because I would like to have one patch always loaded on the PCM81 and keep it as a reverb unit and every now and then activate delay "sections" within that particular patch with the help of CC´s.
    I could always make different patches and switch between them but when doing that there´s a big time gap between the program changes so that wont work.

    Furthermore, the basic idea is that I want to "replace" the standard upper row "pedal-section" that is buttons 6 to 10 on FCB1010 with the help of PC´s/CC´s and having them taking care of the effects from my external units. Buttons 1 to 5 will be taking care of amp selections. I did not connect anything in the Kempers Loop, I connect my gear with the help of mixers, splitters and relays instead.

    - Is it possible to have that CC forwarded to the PCM81?
    - If Yes, how do I do that?
    - If no, do I need another Midiboard or just have to replace the Uno4Kemper chip with the original FCB1010 chip to get it working like I want?

    Any advice is much appreciated! :)

    Thanks for the advice! :-)

    Somehow I figured that I would manage to record this song but it is not as easy as it seemed from the beginning.

    The more I listen to it the more I notice how many little nuances makes the song, so to speak. If you miss the details, it sounds really bad. It is clearly a challenge and the question is if I succeed, just practice and time will for sure tell how it all ends up.
    When I started with the song I noticed that it becomes hard to make it sound as good if you do not get the guitar sound relatively close to the original in the verses.
    Only the solo itself is .... well what can I say? I have a lot of hard work ahead of me anyway. :-) Nonetheless it's always fun with the challenges! :-)

    I tried to mix two choruses together but lost myself in all the parameters in there but I think it might be what you suggest, A trichorus mixed together with another chorus as well...but don´t you think the sound is quite "pushed" like if there´s a compression involved as well?

    I will try the amps you advised, btw, I think your kemper profiles is outstanding, will try them all out! :-)


    Hello guys!
    I am about to do a recording of the song "Jake to the bone" from Toto´s "Kingdom of desire".
    The verse sections is what I am trying to figure out sound-wise. I don´t know how to accomplish that specific sound so I am asking if you know what effects that Lukather is using? I figure it is a bunch of chorus and compression in there, also it seems like a really clean sound but there is some distortion in there and makes it more "powerful" when he´s accenting. Do you have any advice on how to dial that tone?

    Thanks in advance.

    / Mikael