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    Is it possible to compare the Sound of the F12 to a DXR10 and post a description?

    I'll definetly buy a Kemper Kabinet just to compare the full-range-sound to my DXR10-sound, which I like very much. For me the DXR10-response is a Kind of reference.

    Quote from Wheresthedug

    If you apply that logic to expression pedals no body in their right mind would buy the Mission EP1 which is literally a Cry Baby Wah with the main circuit removed for nearly double price of a Cry Baby with the circuit still in it. But people do still buy them in their droves.

    Man, you’re right, I’ve never figured out how people could buy it :/

    You both are right, and if you screwed it up and had a look inside, you would wonder, if it's a steal.

    But - you both have to commit - the pedal Looks rather cool besides the remote !!!

    I am fairly confident you will get more OD/Distortion options at some point. However, I don’t think more pedal models is likely to be the best way forward (or in keeping with the Kemper philosophy). I think (and hope) that what we get is one or two amazingly flexible distortion engines that can create presets of almost any pedal you can imagine and go way beyond anything available in the physical world. That’s basical what the team did so successfully with delays and reverbs.

    I could imagine to get also the possibility to (kinda) "profile" an OD-Stomp and store it as a preset, which might be the starting Point for the distortion engine for adjustments inside the profiler.

    Normally, a Cab's size (and material) is determined to it's aimed bass and treble Response and also to it's resonance-behavior. I'm not sure, that the Laney-cabinet will be adequate to the results the Kemper-team aimed at.

    For me it's most obvious, that the Kemper-people at first had created the cab to their specifications and after then they had the F12-X200 been customized by Celestion together with their own DSP-developments in the profiler.

    So, an even similar looking cab ain't deliver the same results.

    As we don't know yet what the issue is exactly with William's Kemper it's pure speculation that it's a consequence of whatever. Furthermore he wrote in his first post that the output level is still where he had dialed it in.

    That's right. But if we had the opportunity to store volumes in an Output-Preset, we could compare settings to a recent backup.

    I once was able to compare

    a TS 808 narrow-Box with an

    80s TS9

    a TS9 reissue

    and an analog-man modified TS9

    all linked to the KPA loaded with a clean Fender-Profile

    The differencies for me were really subtle

    The profiler's TS-Model was slightly but audible different to all of them. I wouldn' t say worse, but not complete authentic to the real-stomps.

    Though at the end I got rid of all my TS-Stompboxes because the Overall-Sound of the Profiler ist really convincing.

    Asking for anymore seems greedy...but...

    Profiling...its a snapshot of the amp at a particular setting. Is there anyway that 3 profiles (or more) taken at extreme settings could be combined so that the eq and gain changes could be more aligned to the real amp (I know this has been asked before..)? Not sure the processing power is there but just another thought.

    This is more of a general request so happy to move this to feature requests as I suspect its a fairly big change so perhaps outside the scope of 6.0...

    Maybe the Morph-function could help. At least with two profiles.

    You could make a Profile at the starting Gain-setting of the amp and a second at the higher Gain-setting. Afterwards you could copy These Settings (Gain, Amp-Parameters, EQs, Volumes) into the first Profile as the morphing-end-Setting.

    In the other thread, about the new Celestion speakers AZRipp explains what he had to do to get a FRFR speaker sound really FRFR. It was basically very smart EQ-ing.

    I bet that this is exactly what the Kemper Kone does. They profiled the curves of these famous speakers and built EQ to go from the Celestion FRFR to these famous ones. So the Kemper will use some of its DSP to do a post effect EQ to match the speaker model selected.

    Check out the original post here: Celestion F12-X200 (FRFR Driver) Released

    Hopefully this Output-Eqing is based on dedicated IRs. This would make me hope, we once will be able to import independent IR's directly (or further on via CabMaker) into the Output-section.