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    Was thinking about this for the new petrucci plugin that came out.

    I just put some up on the Rig Exchange. Search "MAB ArkPet".

    I agree with the OP that I much prefer the tones inside the Kemper, although the plugin presets did have some good effects settings that matched particular song's sounds. Most of the profiles I did, however, were basic rhythm sounds and a handful of lead sounds - I just threw my normal effects on there.

    I prefer them Kemperized mostly because exactly like OP said - the gate is really screwy, the "double tracker" sounds like garbage, and the core tone is rather noisy. Similar experience - noise went away in profiles to a large degree, but the essence of the profiles was usually pretty accurate.

    Now, gripe - the Kemper often was not a match for the tone even with refinement. I get it's a plugin so maybe it's got weird stuff going on, but I think this is a more general problem with the Kemper capturing high gain tones. I often got a "too much noise" error for really high gain presets - more gain than i'd want, but it should be profileable. But even if it would profile, I found that while palm mutes might sound really good, single notes in the low register of the guitar could have this really ice-pick sharpness to the attack, where in the plugin the muted and unmuted notes sounded more similar and not as harsh...

    Thing is, you can reasonably dial some of that out with some really keen EQ'ing before the amp in the Kemper. That's what I did with the profiles to try to get them into the same ballpark. What I often like to do is reduce Defintion and boost midrange to get a less harsh distortion that still chugs but can also handle leads. Here I found that it would really alter the tone away from the source too much. Almost all the profiles came up with Definition 10. That's a little frustrating to me, because the plugin's amp had controls for variable tightness and a bite switch. Most of the Petrucci presets had bite off and tightness at a very low setting. Even at the amp's "loosest" setting, Definition is 10 - no OD boost or anything in front the amp plugin. Anyway, I found in some case cutting some upper mids would help, other times maybe boost some lower mids. I wish the profiles would match the high-gain distortion characteristics a bit better, but then I'm also surprised by how well the profiles came out overall.

    I also tried using some of the amp params, but felt like only sagging was working in helping the tone without getting further away from the core sound of the distortion. So I did adjust sagging on a few of the profiles.

    In the end, I'm very happy with the profiles - not happy with plugin, but had fun with it. One of the problems I had with the plugin outside of the noise, gate, and double-tracker was the amp settings themselves were not very usable. This sounds a little bassy, so I reduce the bass - sound barely changes. wtf. You get better control with the studio EQ - but you only have 4 bands there. I find adjusting the EQ and overall tone in every way so much easier on the Kemper. The moveable mic stuff seems neat, but I'd rather have like 6-12 good cab sounds and pick out my few favorites than tinker with moving all kinds of different pairs of mic combos around. I tried not to pay attention to it, so I'm letting the presets dial that in.


    This is a topic that has been discussed at length in other threads. Without any details of your signal chain no one can help you. The Kemper by itself introduces at least 3.4 ms delay but not much more even with lots of effects on. It should be imperceptible

    Sorry it seemed like an attack on my judgment. Really I made it for me, not the community, and since I have mostly Windows machine I wanted the quickest simplest path to a simple native app. Later I tried to look to Xamarin to make it cross platform, but that wasn’t available for free at the time. I do have a Mac mini now but no time to mess with this. I also used codeplex because it WAS more consumer oriented vs developer oriented. Someday I’ll have more time and be smarter about reaching a wider audience, as well as designing things more granular and simple to use for reusability if anyone wants to pivot. Unfortunately my job is overflowing but if we succeed it will be worth it. Otherwise I’ll quit and regain some free time again. Again, I apologize for acting immaturely

    grabbed the helios and vh4. woop woop - will post clips when i get to jam on them. i also realized i've missed quite a few packs. I feel like almost all my profile GAS went out the window between the Recto EL34, EVH Stealth, and especially the Mark V packs.

    was going for a Master of Puppets tone lol B-)

    i did apply a slight EQ to this profile in the front just to tighten up the low end just a little but otherwise its very solid right out the box.

    I don’t understand… Maybe I wasn’t clear… or maybe we are talking about two different things…
    When I am playing through any given rig with gain set between five and seven, it makes a drastic difference where I have the clean sens set, if it is said hi, the tone goes to crap and the red light is on all the time… If it is set to low, The tone changes to a weaker tone with lots of treble And of course, then there is no red light, just green…
    I can make a video in seconds to show you… send me your email via personal message and I’ll gladly do it tonight… I think this is what you mean?

    Very odd. I thought I had thoroughly tested this, as I was also very confused at first about what the setting actually did. Gonna throw my shoe on the grill.

    Maybe something changed. Anyway in general I turn it down a little bit so if I turn gain down and strum on the bridge humbucker I don’t clip. I don’t bother changing the setting if I use the strat style guitar though

    Clean Sense controls the level hitting the AD converter. The led is indicating where this level is at; before any processing takes place. Whether the rig is clean or distorted is irrelevant.

    i think this is completely wrong. Its not controlling an analog attenuator. Again if someone wants to make an a/b clip with a gain setting of 5 or above and see if this tonal difference isnt completely an invention of mental bias, ill eat my shoe

    I dont know how the light works but there shouldnt be any difference in tone once gain is past ab 5 or 6. Record two clips, mix them up or have someone else rename them, and try to figure which had clean sense too high and you were getting the red light. It should just be telling you that once you lower gain, you will get digital clipping because the output is too high.

    Not sure why the kemper works like this or if its really important as a feature. I think its there so you can switch guitars that have different power pickups and theyll be the same volume. But the feature typically causes more confusion than help

    cili is the man. I have most if his packs and think theyre the best ive found. Get all the packs. Hes also a really cool guy and takes care of his customers.

    clean sense isnt an input attenuator. It shouldnt have any effect on high gain tones. It affects how loud the volume is gain is lower, and can cause clipping when you have it set even at neutral when using high output humbuckers. Distortion sense can be thought of as an offset to the gain setting, so you either get globally more or less gain on all profiles