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    Josh actually shared the info about each of the profiles when I got in touch with him. I won’t reproduce it here in case he doesn’t want to. In saying that the DR2 profile is a Marshall 1960 TV cab with a Maxon 808. Josh has mentioned before he just rolls with a single SM57 most of the time.

    Awesome, thank you so much for the info. I guessed it was greenbacks compared to the other profiles, but always nice to know for sure.

    I just got these, mostly interested in the Mesa profiles, very awesome mix-ready profiles. I just wish there were some notes or tags in the profile to let you know what is going on. No idea what cab, speakers, mic, any pedal etc.. for each profile.

    My fave Mesa one right now is JTM-MUSA-DR2, but I have no clue what is used on it except the amp. Makes me use my ears instead of my eyes for what I'm expecting to hear for a profile, but wish I knew the details.

    Thanks for these, I had tried out the plugin but didn't have a lot of time with it before it expired. It's neat that you can make profiles from a plugin, I didn't think it was possible. Wish I knew what was in each profile (mics, use of the Grind etc...) but I can't complain :) I liked 7 and 4 so far. I remember finding the plugin very bright, but I play more pagan metal/black metal, nothing a low pass can't tame down. Cheers!

    I bought the pack the first day as I was a fan of the original free Kemper pack.

    Love that you get the profiles of Gloryhammer!! I have to say I find these ones a lot more gainy and harsh than the first pack (and those were super gained too), but right now I like the NWOBHM and Metalgods one’s. There’s also a great low gain crunch JCM 800 at the end of the pack, can’t remeber the name. Was disappointed in the Fortin and Schenker 2210 profiles but right now I’m just trying these in a recording context. Have not tried through a poweramp into a cab.

    I feel like I have to EQ these more or at least shave the high end and gain out of them, but what do I know, I’m not an album producer just a bedroom black metaller ;) there’s something for everyone in this pack, definitely geared towards studio use for a variety of styles.

    EDIT: Just a note that I might have my distortion sense too high. I use an Explorer with 500T pickup that is hot and bright. The bass profiles on here are great too. I especially love the “Secret Sauce” bass profile with the gain turned up on my old bass. Fits perfectly with the profiles which is a huge bonus in this pack.
    I’ll play with my settings some more and revisit some profiles.

    Man these Mark V:25 profiles are awesome. The IIC+ mode on this amp is just killer, I've always been a Marshall guy and never much liked the Mesa tone, but this just converted me :)

    Another great profiling job by the man, thanks!

    Some amps don't profile well. Such as those that use both preamp and power amp for distortion.

    Can you post some comparison clips?

    Ok I’ll do that tomorrow, that would definitely help to show what’s going on. This is a high gain amp so yes a ton of preamp distortion, but I do put the master around 3-4 to get the poweramp in there.

    Been trying to make a profile, and I feel like I’m always getting this weird “cocked wah” sound in the midrange that I don’t hear when just recorded mic’d. It’s like the Kemper is picking up some frequency and enhancing it and it’s something in the midrange that makes it abrasive and annoying and I can’t dial it out.

    Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, tried different mic’s (SM57, e906, PR-30) so that’s not it. I’ve tried not to use any tubescreamers because that just seems to make it worse. Cabinet is a Traynor 4x12 with chinese v30s, amp is from Peters amplification. Nothing else in the chain.

    Again, when I make a recording just mic’d it sounds fine to me but the same setup profiled through the Kemper doesn’t sound right. Is there a setting I’m missing here? Kemper was brand new and I’ve changed no default settings.

    Thanks for any help as it’s driving me nuts. Do some amps just not profile well? Or is it the speaker?

    Thanks Brother ill try #15, i have not been able to go past CiliLab Mr.British 800_1 (1960 cab)
    JCM 800. Playing active Seymour black outs (7 string Loomis). its just has the perfect heaviness and note definition , its basically modern but with a classical metal sound for me, (Judas Priest etc).


    That’s weird, I think I’m missing 1-7 in my pack, it only goes from 8-45, so I’ve never tried #1.
    Will get it fixed!

    Another kudos here for the Cililab JCM 800 pack. I’m always let down by other JCM 800 profiles for metal, I’ve tried so many free and paid and nothing what I wanted. Very frustrating.

    These were perfect combination of what I was looking for, an 800, Marshall v30, and sm57. Also an Orange cab and Mesa cab if you want different v30 flavour.

    Cleanish, mid-gain,and high gain profiles for each type of amp setting/ mic position. I prefer to use the mid-gain profiles with my own boost.
    I’m currently using #15 mostly. Just hits the right spot for me.

    Thank you!!

    Back with a Kemper after a few years and just "relearning" some things.

    I made a direct profile of my amp. What is the proper way to take a cab/mic section from another profile that I like and add it to mine? Does it have to be a studio profile or a merged profile?

    What I usually do is browse to a rig I like, go into the cab section, lock the cab, then browse back to my DI profile and save it as a new profile. But I don't quite understand if I should be taking the cab from a Studio or Merged profile or does it matter?

    Just my opinion, but neither were better than the other, it was just a different sound which is personal taste. I think I preferred the original myself.
    The difference is pretty the same as when you get a whack of profiles numbered 1-30 and they are just different mics and placements and eq settings and it's the same difference. You just find the one that feels and sounds best for your own ears and music and changing cabs is part of that too.

    I was just about to ask the same question, except I am using an ISP Theta Preamp pedal. I really love the the sound of it, and I'm wondering how I can make a 'direct' profile of it, then use it with a cab from a merged profile.

    For example, just now, I was playing guitar > Theta preamp > Kemper input, and then I picked one of the profiles from the free Michael Wagener pack (in this case Mrs. Scary), but turned off the amp portion, and it sounded quite good. But then I thought I am missing the power amp part of the equation, and sure enough if I switched between other Wagener profiles that used the same cab, it sounded different.

    So... can I profile the Theta preamp pedal successfully?

    So I got the Stealth and it sounds awesome with the Kemper through my Marshall 1960a. However I feel that you really have to tweak the EQ of most rigs, I find there's generally always too much bass.
    I went through my Monitor Out with cab turned off, and went through a bunch of profiles, some DI stuff, it all seemed kind of random what sounded good and what didn't. But overall, really loved the sound that I could get by a couple of devices I can carry in a shoulder bag ;)

    I mounted the Stealth in the back of my toaster, and have been using it with a Marshall 1960a as well, for almost a year now. Works amazingly well, and sounds great. I use it for band rehearsals twice a week, and have played several gigs with it as well. Easily keeps up with acoustic drums.

    Thanks, how do you hook it up, with just the mono bridged into the 16ohm jack?

    I have an unpowered Kemper, and I'm thinking about getting an ISP Stealth power amp to power it through a 4x12. Has anyone had a lot of experience with this and how well it works, especially in comparison with a powered Kemper? I was contemplating jumping up to a powered Kemper, but figure I could save some money by just getting the Stealth as an option for my current one.

    When reading about the Stealth I was a little confused by the outputs and whether it supports 16ohm in the mono bridged mode. I have a Marshall 1960a with 4ohm and 16ohm mono options, and 8ohm stereo if I had a second cabinet which I don't.