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    Thanks guys! The new spring verb is great indeed, and very authentic but I’m just trying to work out if there’s a way to adjust the tone or band pass just the dripstone effect, it’s a little too trebly at times.

    From the description this might help....

    Spectral Balance
    The Spring Reverb is originally processed by a strong lowcut filter. By moving Spectral Balance away from the (default) middle setting you can balance the sound of the wet reverb signal more towards low or high frequencies.

    My god man, not trying to start any drama here but jeez... You need to take this stuff to the Hollywood insiders forums or something. Anyway, norburybrook digging your profiles. Looking forward to more profiles in the future.

    Well I never post here but I figured I would log on to add my voice for whatever it's worth: I'm disappointed.

    I bought the Kemper in early 2013. Bought it knowing what features and capabilities it had at the time. Over time Kemper has added features and upgrades that have substantially improved the unit. I personally am grateful that they have continued to do this and not charged consumers for any of it. Never have I been so excited and interested in a single piece of gear/amp for so long and yes, there are upgrades that would be great to get (reverbs for me) but someone else might not care about that. If Kemper had announced a direction or features that they would be implementing and you bought the unit and they never did, well, I would understand everyone's disappointment.

    Its working fine for me (usa) must be the mobile site.

    Edit: I just checked and the mobile site is working too, weird...

    I've pretty much been using the CAE MC404 1 (working well for me). Just saw the updates, can't wait to try the newly added VOX. Thanks for the updates to all involved....

    Also, make sure to turn the "cabinet" off while playing through the guitar cab. I only play through a guitar cab, so I turn the cabinet off then press "Lock" which will disable the cabinet for all profiles..