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    The idea that anyone thinks DSP is any different than software is mind-boggling...

    Most of the space taken up inside a Profiler is.....empty, save for the power and heat dissipation. Hardly different than exactly what one would find on the inside of a Virus, desktop computer, etc.

    SMD at its absolute best, which isn't to knock it. But without internal software, the Profiler wouldn't do anything.

    Hi all,

    Due to a project falling through, I'm forced to push my brand new Kemper Profiler into another artist's able hands. This unit is brand new with all documentation, stickers, supporting materials and manufacturer's warranty.

    I need to make a sale this weekend, so the price is $1600, which saves you $200 overall. I'll either PayPal or Square invoice and shipping will be via FedEx and is included in the price.

    I'm only interested in shipping to North America.

    Please feel free to look me up on Talkbass, eBay and Reverb for feedback. I tend to buy more than I sell, but c'est la vie!

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    I couldn't agree more, lespauled. Great outlook and attitude!

    A positive mindset is hard as hell to acquire and maintain, but worthwhile, especially to the artistic process.

    The Kemper is a badass piece of gear. I thank my lucky stars every time I plug into it that I am fortunate to be able to.

    It doesn't help that we live in an age of instantaneous 'everything'.

    Disappointment sucks, but it doesn't cease as one gets older.

    Without expectation, there is no disappointment. There is no enthusiasm either, but there is no disappointment.

    Disappointment = frustration. Frustration equates to venting so you aren't ate up with it. The best way to vent? Plug your guitar into your Kemper and jam out for 20 minutes. You'll feel better.

    Kemper needs to follow in the footsteps of fellow German company, Nonlinear Labs, based in Berlin.

    The way their editor works, is the hardware acts like an access point, so the user can then use anything (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) to "log into" the editor and tweak their brains out. Granted, this is for a synth, so it's a little more complex than what an editor for the Kemper should amount to, but the fluidity of the interface and stability of the connection, sans any wires, is impressive. It will spoil you.

    As shown in the imagine below, there are Preset Banks to the left and all of the modules to the right are various aspects of the synth...Envelopes, Shapers, Filters, FX, Macro Controls, etc. All of this can be manipulated and re-arranged, zoomed in and out on, split across multiple screens and multiple devices, etc. No wires and 100% in realtime.

    It's pretty damn brilliant and is fluid/seamless. I wish every manufacturer would embrace this method.

    Here's a slightly different train of thought...

    There are a few companies (Moog, being one of them) that don't readily produce a software editor, but allow third-party companies to produce what is seemingly an 'official' looking software editor for $$.

    Who would be cool with Kemper charging for an editor or licensing the rights to a third-party developer to produce one for $$?

    What are you guys going to do when this editor virtual tailgate party is no longer relevant? I honestly think some of you will miss the play-by-play speculation as you've grown used to it in a Stockholm syndrome kind of way.

    For what it's worth, Rig Manager is fantastic. If that is any indication of the level at which they're aiming for the Editor, I'm all for the wait.

    Having spent a significant amount of time as a developer, it really is beneficial to all for them to get their software right, right out of the gate. Half-cooked software, ala Windows 8, is just more frustrating than it is worth!

    Here's something that Nonlinear Labs does that would be really cool if Kemper implemented:

    The C15 (a synth) can create it's own access point, so from any device with a browser (i.e., Desktop/Laptop/iDevice/Android/etc.) you simply jump onto its network and pull up it's editor/patch librarian. Super intuitive and super useful. Also, there is no need for a physical connection with any computer/tablet/phone.

    If you wanted to, you could go nuts and have different parts of the synth module editable on as many different screens as you have! You could also have someone else tweaking parameters as you're playing onstage 50 feet away.

    Now, wouldn't that be cool? Nonlinear Labs is another German company, btw, started by the founder of NI.

    Another thing to keep in mind, for those of you that don't travel in synth circles: Access Music, specifically, the Virus and iterations, were a very big deal in the 90's/early 2000's. Christoph Kemper knows exactly what he is doing. When an editor finally reveals itself, rest assured, it's going to be thoroughly thought out and (probably) over-engineered.

    That's the German way! ;)