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    Thinking of buying the Kemper di box to profile without the speaker. First question is that the best way to get a good profile? If yes where can I buy one in the US or can I use any di? thanks

    The only thing is its class D and that worries me, because of my power head experience - the PH seemed really Flat, with nothing jumping out at me in the sound, had to dial out a lot of bass too- could have been me, it was a couple of years ago. really the Katana made me start to think more about the kemper and going class AB power. the Duncan does look like a great solution so tiny thanks

    I had the Kemper power head twice - I could not get it to sound good through my guitar cabinets. I now have a boss katana head which sounds fantastic through my guitar cabs. I know no one will believe me but it does. I think it has to be the power amp in the kemper- that's the week link IMHO the kemper power amp is designed to be flat like a hifi amp - the katana power amp is more tube like, it sounds more alive and punchy in your face. The louder I turned up my kemper ( all 600 watts ) the worse it sounded. I want the kemper to be the total deal - I have a tone of tube amps that I love but I would love kemper to take over- I sent kemper an email about the power amp they use - but what do I know- I hope they look into it.

    Is profiling with direct box the way to go? This is my second time around with the kemper PH. last time (2013) I profiled with a mic sm57 and wasn't happy. Also I know to disable the cab when going direct into a guitar cabinet but are there other things I need to adjust? I just got the kemper and have to buy a direct box but, going through the profiles most if not all, sound dark with heavy bass ? I like the sounds of some of the profiles but when I switch back to my amp bogner XTC ( a dark amp IMHO ) it sounded extremely bright with a lot less bass compared to the profile on the kemper. I've yet to profile the XTC with DI hoping this will work. Thanks for Any help or suggestions.
    Using humbuckers Duncan jb and jazz in the neck :thumbup:

    This sucks? the only way is for me to bite the bullet and buy a cab. I still like to hear everyone's opinions on this stuff. Thanks

    hey maybe Kemper could make a Kemper cab, for powered and non powered KPA's, Right? Still I'll take a Kemper footswitch first, or a fix on that cabs off (but not really off) problem.

    thanks very much. my input led is fine. The output led is a problem. for clean (it clips) easily. I did adjust my rig output to stop clipping . The problem is now I'm at -7db's to -8db for distorted tones and -15db's for clean tones this means my rig volume master is set very low, as low as 7 to 8 o'clock, for cleans and 9 to 10 o'clock for distorted tones. Does this make sense or does it even matter?

    I've been reading up on posts and the Wiki page and it tends to confuse me more? I'm an old tube guy who loves my Kemper but finds a lot of this stuff confusing. I am currently using the sense setting to keep my clean sounds from distorting the output led (is that OK) In doing this, I have to run my distortion sense lower then my clean sense.I do this to keep the volumes equal on my rig sounds (so clean rig and distorted rig are close in volume) This means I'm running clean sense at -5 and distorted sense at -10 is this right? Thanks for any help on this I see it has been gone over a million times and I still don't get it, sorry.

    I can bypass the power amp in the kemper and still use it with both powered and passive. Funny thing is, I bought the powered version so I didn't need a FRFR. I like the powered kemper through my guitar cabinet but, always thinking about what I'm missing without hearing the full profile with the cabinet. Thanks for the time

    I have the powered kemper head so I thought passive FRFR right? just got back from GC and the guy there's telling me better to buy the powered FRFR. He said it would sound better then using the built in power amp of the kemper. Any opinions on this? also the EV ZLX-12p built in power and DSP $400 pasive $300
    Anyone use this speaker? thanks for any info

    I have the behringer uno 4 kemper which is big. I need something small for band practice, just maybe give me three rigs that I could switch through. any suggestions? thanks