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    yea this drove me nuts too. My solution (not the best) was to clear everything out and pick a few to work on and build up from there. I only have about 50 rigs on my kemper. I delete and add as I go along. It has helped me not get overwhelmed by all the rigs.

    I have the new power head (only about two months old) no leds issues. It does worry me but, not sure if there are a lot of people with dead leds? I've read a couple of post about dead leds but not a lot, IMHO. I also think Kemper will take care of me if any problems. Do wish the undo redo button worked.

    UPDATE: Sent everything to Kemper and they were able to hear what I'm talking about. YES!

    " Thanks for sending the backup.
    I checked the it and got the same result on some rigs, as I already noticed on your sound clip.
    Our engineers will look at the problem and I will talk to C.Kemper as soon as he's back from touring America,
    may take some days."

    Very sorry for the circumstances !

    Great service IMHO Thanks Kemper!

    That's cool but I want to get a way from tubes and all the troubles they bring. I'm an old dog with many years and many great tube amps but the price of NOS tubes and the failure rate of new tubes is only getting worse. Kemper has the tone(without tubes) this could be a marketing effort to win back some market share?IMHO

    I'm new so I'm just starting to set up effects on my uno kemper. My question is, A- thru- X. what do u find the best? I have an overdive on A then chourus-B flange-C Wah-D which only leaves me X, which I like for an eq boost but, need it for delay. Which leaves me missing a control for reverb and other things. Is there something I'm missing, or is this it? I like to be able to switch more effects in and out?

    Been reading about the atomic amps CLR cabinet. I have the power head and just plug and play into my Marshall 2x12, sounds fine but wonder if the CLR passive cab would sound better. The clr is expensive so any feedback would be great thanks

    no monitor, power head plugged right into my marshall 2x12 cab. it dosen't happen on all profiles? I thought that maybe just on high gain stuff but some are fine, it's weird.

    Is there a way to set up the wah without taking up a slot? I like to have it there for all my profiles and just come on if I move the pedal on my FCB1010. The way I have it now, I locked it so, it's there for all my profiles but, it takes up a slot which I like to use for other effects.

    talking to my son about audio.I have an Ipad mini could I record with that and post? I think I might be chirping it a little, you know like zz top does. hits with the pick and a little finger, gives that chirp sound. Maybe?

    no simple answer to this one? cleans output is yellow red = I turn down the rig volume right? then my cleans are a lot lower then my distorted sounds? I guess I need to turn the rig volume to the distorted sounds down too right? My input is not distorting and is locked (I never touch it) So I'm asking, is it as easy as adjusting rig volumes for all my clean and distorted sounds lower? By lower I mean as low as - 10 db's. is that OK?

    I'm having same problem with my clean sounds clipping on the output too. How. High are you guys running your rig volumes? I'd have to turn rig volumes very low to stop cleans from clipping