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    I know I posted about this, when I first got the KPA. We kind of figured, it was a sound made, like a bad filter cap. It happens on the high E string around the 15 fret. If I attack the note really hard,(pluck and bend up a step) I get this weird scifi sound? out of tune with the note? I have a ton of tube amps and have heard bad filter caps, this is different. I thought I was only getting this on super high gain stuff but, I just loaded 6pf breath profile and shut off all the effects and I get that weird sound. I can deal with it but, anyone else hearing this? Same Problem with two guitars, Les Paul and PRS SE. Both low output PAF style hums. thanks for any feedback still loving my KPA power head

    UPDATE: sent clip to Don

    I play my power head into a marshall 2x12, right next to all my tube amps. It sounds real and fantastic. I did try my power head into some studio monitors (NS-10s) didn't sound as real to me, just my opinion. There's something about a guitar cab to me. I would think a lot of people used FRFR, because there was no self powered profilers out there. IMHO I think simple cave men,like myself, (small bar gigs , no sound man or micing) old tube NOS plug and play guys, are going to use their guitar cabs IMHO. a FRFR just seems weird to me. IMHO

    yea that's the one bummer. the power amp is mono. It doesn't make sense, because there's stereo effects in there? any way, I think you would have to run the non powered stereo outs, in to a additional stereo power amp. I'm new at this (have a power head about a month) so I could be wrong. My marshall 2x12 can be run stereo or mono.

    I e-mailed them on 9-10 and got this

    "thank you very much for your email and interest in our products.
    I'm sorry but we can't comment on future developments.
    I ask for your understanding."

    I bought the fcb1010 but will buy the kemper ftsw when ever it comes out.

    thanks but, still doesn't seem to work. still showing - - - instead of numbers and doesn't want to be configured?

    I sent an e-mail to uno but my problem is instead of numbers showing up in the display I just get thre lines ( _ _ _ ) did I fry the chip? I put the stk chip in there and it showed 00 on start up. tried the uno again and same thing
    _ _ _ ? any help[ would be great tried to use seach engine but don't see this problem. Hope I'm missing something

    Update the only thing wrong is me not reading the manual. Be thanks to all who helped me out including the guys at UNO.

    I'm very new at this kemper power head (about a month) but I was starting to wonder why my kemper power head didn't sound that loud. I was having to turn the master volume up to 4, before I could hear any volume? any way, I had already turned up the power amp boost. there's these other settings in there, (hold the output button to get there) There's one in there called, the monitor volume. It seems to knock down the volume of the amp. if you turn this up, the amp will get loud real fast. Again don't understand it and maybe someone else can chime in with more info. all I know is it make the amp a lot louder.

    I have the Kemper Power head and just started profiling my amps. My problem is, after profiling an amp, I switch over to browser mode and try to play an amp and I get no output. I see the level go up on the lcd sceen, as I turn the master volume but, still no output from my KPA, to my guitar cabinet? I switch the KPA off, turn it on and it works. Just wondering if I need to worry about this or its just a bug?

    sorry I don't think i'm expaining this right. I have a power head kemper. I don't use a monitor speaker, I plug into my marshall 2x12 cabinet. To start profiling, I disconected the main out in the back of my kemper power head (that goes to my guitar cabinet) I plugged my guitar into the kemper. I then ran a cable from the Direct output jack of the kemper into my fender bassman amp input. then I ran the speaker out of the fender bassman amp to my guitar cabinet. I put an sm57 mic on that cab and ran the mic cable to the XLR return input of the Kemper. Everything seems to work (makes all the weird kemper noises) except the microphone dosen't seem to be doing anything. when I move the mic or adjust the level of it nothing changes, sound wise? Do I need to monitor the process through the headphone jack or do I have to add monitor speakers to the main outs? Is that my problem ? thanks again