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    If I get it wright the thred is all about guitar ergonomy and the effects it produces! It is very difficult to pair an industrial,standardised
    good whith an unique gift that mother nature granted to us !Your hand (an unique piece of art).In theory every human guitarist hand
    (left or right ) has an unique guitar neck paired but this is not the way industrial goods are made.You can turn to a luthier but grosso modo they use the same plans ! I never saw a study in guitar ergonomics (maybe it exist) ,a study which analises the correlation
    between the guitarist hand properties (dimensions,anatomical constitution,motility etc) and a neck properties.I dont think there is any data base about it but i am sure that the conclusions might be an other guitar revolution (after Kemper).One hand one guitar neck!
    Two years ago I had the idea to ask this community (the largest I know) to create a database about that but the lack of time and laziness
    made me to give up! Maybe is time to do it!I can use the initial ideas (i did not forget them) and create this database ! All we need is standardised data!

    I understand every word you are writting ! For allmost a year I considered myself a great incompetent
    because the same issue you are speaking about! I tried all the things the other guys were suggesting
    and never reached a total satisfaction.I thought it was me and my ears!One day my pal who lives in another country payed me a visit and I prowdly show him my Kemper.After half an hour of demo he commented-all the profiles sound the same! It was not my ear! So I begun to chase for some resolution and in the end I resolved it!!!!!! The solution came from the man I appreciate most for his professionalism and fantastic ears M.Waggener.In his pack is hidden a gemstone I never saw first.All the profiles have the correspondent mp3 recorded (that was all I needed a point zero recorded profile).I used those profiles for tweak and I reached very close results.Conclusions :every guitar I have, had to be set individually with distorted sens (all are different from 0) ,different definition ,ev.eqd and DX10 setup.Now I have everything on a piece of paper and I am happy with it.Works great!

    What copyright and who is infringing it?
    Lately all the commercial profilers had changed the profiles names because they are sensing some type
    of agitated status of the amp builder industry (try to figure out what profiles are selling ampsound !!!!).
    There are pro profilers who do not make DI profiles !!! (guess why?)
    All of us who paid for their profiles RESPECTED their work by not sharing them but not because some copyright matter which does not exist! That implies IMHO that the same respect goes to the kemper community!And if you have a kid or grownup who is capable to tweak a commercial profile and make it a better sounding profile you have to be proud of it and not try to block it because the final profile is DIFFERENT from the previous and its not a COPY (see copyright deffinition).
    The best U2 profiles I have are those made by Viabcroce but you have to buy a TAF pack to play them
    (reverse copyright).That means that some spooky interpretation of legal terminology will prevent the
    kemperists to tweak commercial profiles and share them!
    I think it is possible to reach a gentlemans agreement whith a commercial seller.All you have to do is inform him and made public his answer.

    Very low action allmost to the limit of playability and 0.7 or 0.8 strings!
    For MY hand ergonomy is haven I can play hours whithout pain!
    You have to be very very precise in what you do because of the noise.
    IMHO all about action ,strings gauge,guitar neck etc are the ergonomic aspects of this
    unique tool you own (in this case your hand).Beeing unique all yours settings might be
    unique.And if you make errors your hand will call your attention!

    The Kemper is another example that human brain is capable to project and realize things far beyond
    normal immagination!Only 10 years ago an idea like kemper would make laugh all the guitar and music
    world and now they are trying to fight back with all means.Why?Because the kemper steal the soul of an amp!Remember the indians and the 19th century photography perception?The same!
    Their problem is that legislation is behind and lost in very old concepts!They try to use those concepts to stop a threat!It will be very difficult!And I immagine one day when the guitar industry will sue a kid who invents
    a hot plug guitar pickup capable to steal the soul of a real one and a micro fx board inside it and a kemper
    capable to use new algoritms for original and good sounds!After all music is all about sound!

    Yeah Acy is the first step to get really close to acdc tones.Every serious guitar player tried at least once in the life to get that tone! :)
    I dont know how many of them got the tone.Everyone interested know the theory about it but practice is different! I got Acy s pack in december and i played his rigs with all my guitars.I can tell you that only a few of them get me to the acdc tone!Very strange but the best one is an esp vintage plus with stock (very bright) pickups !