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    Here is a possible scenario for how you might want to use this type of switch. For instance, I have changed my Tuner foot switch on the remote to turn on slot X, and in slot X of almost all of my rigs is a pureboost stomp set to +3.0db. I use a volume pedal and have tuner switched on the volume pedal when it set to heel down, so I don't need the tuner button on the remote, but if you don't want to lose your tuner and looper foot switches on the remote, you could utilize a switch like this to add global switch functionality while still keeping your tuner and looper switches for their original purposes.

    Have been using the Gator kick pedal bag for years, perfect size for the toaster, like it was made for it. Padded, good quality, incredible price.

    Read the reviews, looks like I'm not the only one!

    I have been using the Gator double bass pedal bag for years as well, mostly because I am cheap (it cost me $40 I think, they are more now). It works fine. Padding isn't as much as I'd like, but it is adequate. It easily holds the toaster + remote and plenty of accessories. I'd like the official Kemper bag, but just never get around to spending the money on it.

    I originally wanted a 'vintage' white one, but I decided to go with the powered toaster, so no choice for me. Green/black only. If I could get a white powered toaster, I'd probably do it.

    Coming from someone who sold all their expensive high end stuff, hand built tube amp, etc. to purchase a Kemper, I would say sell the AC-30. Especially if you aren't wanting to use it live anymore. I do like a good loud tube amp in the room and sometimes wish I just had that to plug into, but in terms of your wants and the fact that you can get some really excellent AC30 profiles (I use the Mbritt ones and they are awesome). I would just go for it. Unless it is a special or vintage amp of course!

    Definitely +1 on this. It would he much easier for me since I almost always have my phone, but my laptop or desktop always seem to be somewhere else (or my keyboard player is using my laptop at practice and I can't access it at the same time :) ).

    I must say that it is shocking that no editor has ever been created. It is a pain to navigate through effect pages to find what you need. Not to mention the wear on these dials and buttons.

    What gives??

    IIRC, the interface on the Kemper was originally conceived to be used without an editor. In reality, it isn't that difficult to navigate without an editor. However, everyone is used to having a PC editor, so that seems to be what people expect, regardless of how much they might actually 'need' it. I would like to have a full fledged editor and a way to organize set lists all in one, but I don't think it is necessary. It's nice to be able to access all the functions without an editor, I definitely wouldn't trade ease of use of the unit for an editor. I think as they have added more and more features over the years (when I started using it in 2013 it didn't have quite so many options), and as more and more people move to a Kemper from devices that have editors (AXE, POD, Helix), there is a bit more demand and even expectation that one should be created for the Kemper.

    I play P&W and usually setup on a per song basis (especially on songs that require a specific delay tempo), but I do have a preset that is setup as a standard P&W type setup. I use that for songs that don't have any specific tempo, or if I don't know the song we might play. Slot 1 is setup as Intro, slot 2 is verse, 3 is chorus, 4 is bridge and 5 is ambient/volume swells. Slots 1 - 4 all have the same stomps setup (Pure boost, TS, RAT) and I have another Pure boost in slot X which is assigned to the tuner switch (I access my tuner by putting my expression pedal to minimum). I vary the level of reverb and delays by slot, and I have the TS turned on by default on the chorus and the RAT turned on by default on the Bridge slot. This way, I can use 1 toe switch to get a lead sound or a mild OD sound. Footswitch 4 switches my .8th delay on and off so I can have that option as well. This covers almost anything you can think of in a common P&W set. Of course, there are lots of ways to do this, but this is the way I am using right now. The amp I use is a MBritt AC30 (stays the same on all the slots). I also use morphing on each slot to change the delay/reverb (for instance, on the ambient/swells patch, it changes the reverb mix from 75% to 100% wet so I can strum and get a wash, but the default setting works good for ambient stuff/volume swells. Footswitch 4 on that patch changes between a standard delay and a pitch shifted delay so I can have the shimmer sound on my ambient/swells stuff as well. There are a few things you can't do with this setup, but all in all, it works really well. Hope this helps!

    The original idea given (if I remember correctly from CK's post) was that a user would press bank up on the remote, then immediately press button 1 (which is directly below the up foot switch) for slot 1 to access the first slot in the performance. I believe it seemed logical for them to have it this way. I remember the discussion of which button should be which before the remote was built and many users commenting that they would like it the other way around. As others have said, all the other Midi foot switches, POD's, etc. have the buttons arranged with up on the right and down on the left. That's the way I would have preferred it, but now I am used to it since I've had my remote since it first came out. Having it be something we can change would be great though, but we'd just have to put some gaffer's tape with a new up/down symbol so we don't get messed up! :)

    Also, just a side note, the Mbritt profiles are already tuned to be used over a loud PA. What that means is that they are usually a bit darker than you might expect for a given amp. That might be something to factor in to the equation, but I am sure that isn't the problem here, just something to be aware of. I find his profiles sound really spot on for worship type tones without any tweaking, if you've tweaked it a bunch, you might want to go back to the original. In my experience, you don't really need to tweak much with his stuff.

    Thanks for the reply Timdabel. I will consider losing the pedals external to the unit. The problem is I have put so much money into the board and I like the tone I get from them but I'm sure the Kemper will sounds great without them. I'm in the phase where I’m trying to integrate the board with the Kemper while running a clean amp profile. Once I get more knowledgeable with the Kemper then I may start shedding the OD pedals and continue using my time-based stuff in the loop (timeline, big sky and mobius).

    I wasn't actually going out of the XLRs. I had to plug in to the unbalanced 1/4 cable jack (left). As Engolf mention, I was not set to Mono for the Mains so that may be why things sounded bad. I also have backed the vol down to -18 as mentioned. Sounds guys didn't mention any clipping issues but I will go back to ask them. Thanks for your help man!

    *EDIT* - The Xotic was on but turned all the way down. It just gives the tone a nice color. As for the profile, it was a purchased MBritt Matchless Profile but I don't remember which. I do know it was clean with very little gain.

    Just to be clear, I wasn't meaning for you to get rid of all your pedals, just that you could try it for purposes of making sure it wasn't the pedals (just for troubleshooting). As I said before, I think it was the settings in the Kemper. The other guys sent you down the right path, so try it again. I know from the rest of the forum that the Kemper takes pedals like an amp, so it shouldn't be an issue for you to keep them all (Believe me, I know the investment, I did the huge pedalboard thing for quite a while - I had an overflowing full Pedal Train PT3!). Good luck with figuring out the issue!

    Just out of curiosity, have you spent any time with the Kemper effects? I have an M13 that I've used with "real amps" for years and I've never felt the need to use it with the Kemper. If there's nothing specific missing, it might be a lot easier to use the HD500 as a midi controller with KPA effects.

    Good point @Carp. I use only Kemper effects. The only thing in the HD500X that might be worth using over the Kemper is the different Reverbs (Cave/Octo/spring) Other than that, I really like the Kemper effects. With the new delays you can do a really nice shimmer effect and not need a shimmer reverb either. You might try that out before doing the more complicated setup @scottbrockettmusic.

    Check out the POD HD500 Advanced Manual (Here is the link: POD HD500X Advanced Manual. Look under appendix 'B'. There is the possibility of sending midi messages to control your Kemper. I used to use it solely as a midi controller, but never tried to use it with effects and midi at the same time because of the more complicated setup. I pretty sure it is possible. Give it a try, let us know how it goes! Pay attention to the warning about using the HD500x in looper mode, they say it automatically sends certain midi messages, you may not want those to hit your Kemper it could cause some issues!

    You fought for 2 days to no avail? Something must have been seriously wrong then.Like it was said before, I would always UNLINK Master Volume from the Main Volume Knob and in the Output menu make sure I'd send solid -18 dB and not more to not overload the mixer.
    The Main Output should be set to Master Mono (Stereo only if you send 2 XLR's to FOH).
    Also make sure the Ouput EQ is flat.
    This should actually guarantee that what comes out of FOH is what you hear with your own headphones.
    I would check with the soundguys what went wrong in retrospect.

    Ingolf's suggestions and the others are the place to start here. I would try these suggestions, also what matchless profile are you using? One of the free Mbritt ones? Why do you have the volume on the Xotic booster all the way down out of curiosity, just to get the EQ and no boost?

    I play in church every week (not quite as large of a production but we do have a full band with 4 - 5 vocalists, 3 guitars, bass, drums & 2 keys players). If you have any questions about the Kemper related to worship music (or anything else), let me know. I've been using it since 2013 but still don't know everything there is to know! I don't run a pedal board in front of it though, I sold all my pedals (Timeline, morning glory, Carbon copy, etc, etc) and use only the built in effects and stomps on the Kemper. But, I know it takes pedals just fine as I've tried that for myself. Have you tried to run the Kemper without the pedalboard? (just plug your guitar straight into it, and play without your pedalboard to eliminate that being an issue just in case).

    It really sounds like it might be an output issue to me (ie, one of the settings is wrong as suggested above). As the other guys have stated, the Kemper has a really hot signal out of the XLR outs, so you need to make sure you dial it back to about -18db like Ingolf suggested. Did FOH mention the inputs on their board being clipped? I assume not, but just in case try that.

    If I don't dial back to about -18 or -20db, it clips the inputs on our board and the FOH guys have no control. I would check that for sure, the default setting is 0db and it is too hot for many boards.

    I don't think the volume level from your pedals is causing the kemper to clip, but that is possible too. Hopefully you will be able to try these changes and they help.

    Sunshine, thank you for the advice. My thinking aligns with yours with regards to how the loop would react to a pedal being used for a volume boost. I shall look for profiles with similar stompboxes already employed. This is somewhat confusing to me, because I have read that profiling a pedal is not possible, which makes perfect sense to me. I guess the profiling process, when used with a valve amp/stompbox combo, takes the cumulative IR's to make the profile? Cheers :)

    @dallasclemyck You can't profile effects pedals, but you can profile some dirt/boost pedals. They basically just become part of the gain structure/eq that is saved with the profile in my understanding. Mbritt has several flavors of this in his amp packs (since I know you are looking at using those). He has several with a Klon and Tim pedal in front, they are just whatever settings he was using on the amp + the pedal. I mentioned to you in another thread that I use the built in stomps exclusively, but there are one or two OD's I'd like to have, one being a Superbolt (or something similar). I'd like to use that for leads in conjunction with a slightly broken up amp. Or I could just get a supro profile I guess!

    The one thing about the Kemper that is unique is the Delay/reverb mix function. Don't forget to try that out in conjunction with the Crystal delay preset and some longer reverb times, you can get some really great shimmer stuff out of it that may be even more useful than a pure shimmer reverb.