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    @VESmedic1 I can't agree with You. BBE in a chain with my ADA MP-1 3TM sounded totally KILLER. Also with a Peavey 5150 it's a very good combination but I don't like how BBEs affect the Marshall-style tones. As always.. It depends.. I also don't like sound of a recording provided by deadpan. I'm sorry :) IMO they sound weak. I know that guitar processed by maximizers can sound way more powerful.

    By an accident I also have a BBE 462 in my loop section. (It's a remainder after my ex gear. ADA MP-1 3TM, BBE, Mesa 20/20 G-Force. BBE is hard to sell in my country) So i have it in my present rack. And I don't know what to say... :D Once at rehearsal I turned it on while using a Dual Recto profile and I totally loved it. (On marshall-style profiles it doesn't sound as good.) It made my sound cut through the mix way better than without BBE, but when I came home, profiled new amp (vst btw :D, preety awesome results) and got back to the Recto one with BBE I was like "Wow what a piece of shit" :D After turning the loop off it was fine compared to the new profile. Weird thing... :D I have to check this out at next rehearsal.
    Most recent summary:
    Profiles with BBE in a mix are way more "in the face".
    Alone:.. well... :D I don't like them that much. :D

    I didn't want to resign from all the LED's in the front panel so I chose the toaster version, but I wanted it rackmounted, so all I did was to buy 19' 3U shelf (for the strenght) and two metal L-type profiles, unscrew the KPA's leather handle, secure the L-Profiles with tape to make them not scratch my amp and screw them to the Kemper and to the shelf, that the profiles goes under the Kemper and are screwed to the shelf there. You barely can see them. This solution is the best IMO because it holds amp safetly, doesn't damage it and looks preety well :) And I'm going to make patch panel at the bottom of rack, where now is a blind panel.
    The shelf:
    [Blocked Image:]
    [Blocked Image:]
    My RAAACK <3
    [Blocked Image:]

    Check out that second video. At first guitar is plugged in the front input, normal sound. Then I plug it to the return input, set that input in input section (return reamp) and i get processed sound. Later i show you that no loop is activated. Just simple JVM preset downloaded from the site.
    Kemper Return Input processing


    If you're using a clean amp, is the guitar level the same when using the return/aux inputs?

    Trazan I think you solved my problem. I checked the volume difference between return and alt input and return was slightly quieter. It can be revised by Reamp Sense value (~+7dB).
    Then at hi-gain profile noise at both these inputs is the same. So my Profiler seems to be just fine and i'm a bit oversensitive. Am I right? Big thanks for every response!

    It can be used as input. I'm preety sure. I'll check that when i get back home, but i think so. But is it normal that the noise amount goes like alternative input>front input>return input? Shouldn't it go like return input=alternative input>front input? Could You please check that on Your KPA in the same way as i did? Is it the same or i should be worried?

    Noise Recording
    Guitar Vol is all the time at 0. It is recorded at a high gain profile. I'd understand that noise if at the return it was the same, but it's not. :) Then if I plug a stereo unit in effects loop then one side will be noisier than the other one.

    And the return input seems to be the quietest. Weird.

    Thanks for responses.


    "The manual indicates that the front input has the greatest s/n ratio. >108dB compared to 105dB for the others."

    The noise disappears when I plug it for example to the return input. So other than the front input and quiet. :) But I think, that the difference shouldn't be that big.


    "What's the noise like? Hiss, or buzz? Did you try switching the ground lift?"

    It's a hiss. I'll record an audio in a moment.

    Hi! It's my first post, so hello to everyone. I have got an issue with my Kemper Amp. I'm using a wireless system live and I noticed, that when I plug the unit via Jack-Jack cable to the Alternative Input it is realy noisy. But when i plug it (the same signal chain) to any other input it's way quieter (Front/Return). It can be eliminated by Noise Gate on the front, but i have to turn it to values like 6.0 and more and using is too noticeable for me. It's not a problem with my wireless, because when I plug my guitar directly, using a cable, the problem is still present at Alt.Input and disappears at the others. Is my Profiler broken? Best Regards