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    In my experience, the Kemper is perfect for recording and I personally can't tell the difference between a miced amp and the studio profile. But for bedroom playing or in a band context (rehearsal or small stage) the kemper doesn't sound and doesn't feel like a tube amp. I personally have switched back to tube amp. Fwiw I used a powered Kemper with various profiles including profiles of my own amp and with the same cab.

    Hey, no, I didn't solve it, I think it never happened again.
    On the other hand, I don't use the main outputs much anymore, I mainly use the spdif out to my audio interface, or the monitor out to my cab.
    Sorry I can't help you

    Relax guys, it's a feature request;
    the fact that you don't need it doesn't make it less valid for some.
    Saying "if you need 2 amps at the same time, buy a second kemper" is not very helpful either.
    What about all those who have asked for a Spring Reverb or a Delay before the amp?
    "The kemper doesn't have a Spring reverb, so if you need one, buy one. You need delay before the amp? Well buy a delay pedal and put it before the kemper. Done"
    All the feature requests can be answered this way.
    Now as far as we know, the Kemper can't handle 2 amps at the same time, but with KTeam, you can never know what to expect in the future...

    Thanks for your replies

    if you want to use the same assignments for each slot in a performance you can simply use the lock function

    Yes, the lock function is a workaround but it only works if you use all your stomps with the same settings, in my case I don't have the same delay or boost settings (for example) for a clean or a distorted rig.

    At the moment you are the first to request this as far as I know.

    Well that's funny as it's really the first thing that came to my mind when I first used the remote. Again, everytime you change a rig, you have to assign the stomps again and then save...

    Everyone has different stomp boxes. Every Rig in a Performance can have different stomp boxes.
    Perhaps you want a different order. E.g. Booster before stack or after stack but always at the same foot switch.
    How should the system know which stomp box of eight has be to assign to what remote switch.
    How do think this can be solved, if you do not have free choice of assigment.?

    By creating (user) presets, hence the title of the thread.

    Of course versatility is great, and if you want to have different stomp boxes for each rig, that's fine, but I like consistency, especially for live use, so all my rigs are organized in the same way, comp, wah, boost, od, eq, mod, dlay, rev, and I just switch the boost, od, mod or delay on or off. So in my case these presets would make sense

    Lastly there are presets for eveything on the kemper, for the input, for your stomps etc so why not for the remote?


    Hey Raoul
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I agree, its quite quick to assign the buttons, but if you assign the 4 buttons to 5 performance slots, that's 20 operations for 1 single performance...
    Like I said, I had a fcb1010 with U4K; it lacks flexibility, but at least when you've created your performance, you're good to go, you don't need to assign all your fx buttons again.
    Shall I make a feature request, or am I the only one here?

    Hi maybe I'm missing something, but are there any assignment presets for the 4 Effects Buttons?
    Before getting the remote, I had a fcb 1010 with u4k. I use all my performance in the same way, button 1 for slot C,button 2 for slot D, button 3 for slot X and button 4 for Delay.
    With the remote, it seems I have to assign the FX buttons to every rig in every performance. The operation is easy, but it is quite tedious when you have over 60 performances. It would be so much simpler if there were presets for the Remote.
    Am I missing something?