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    The only merged profiles made by mbritt are the free ones that you can find on the Rig Exhange
    (they originally came out with the 3.0 FW, but then I think Michael redid them and posted them on the RE)

    Hi guys
    I'm selling my Behringer FCB 1010 with Uno4Kemper chip (1.3)
    Works perfectly, mostly used at home.
    Comes with 2 midi cables (5 meters), the original chip, and the Glow In The Dark stickers (never used)
    Price: 100 euros
    I'm in France, near Strasbourg, but I can ship
    PM me if interested. I can also send pictures if needed

    Hi Jimi
    Thanks for your work on the Trainwreck; this amp is a monster of gain, isn't it?
    I just have a question:
    The TJ Twreck low 3 and TJ Twreck low 3M profiles sound different when played through studio monitors, which is not the case with the other studio and merged profiles. Could you please check if something went wrong during the merging process?
    ps: I'm not a 100% sure about the profiles names as I'm not in front of rig manager, but it's the profiles with the least gain

    Hey JerEvil
    I'm sure you're gonna have loads of fun!
    As some others have stated, things might take longer than you'd expect, as you need time for the setup, mic placement, testing your profiles vs the real thing etc... I recently spent the afternoon in my brother's studio, and we made about 12 merged profiles.
    So my advice is to take your time to make a few profiles that you love instead of hurrying to make the maximum number of profiles

    Please someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that in order to make accurate merged profiles you needed to do the studio profile and the direct profile with the same settings on the amp (so during the same session). Merging direct profiles that you've made in your rehearsal space with a few well captured studio profiles in the studio will not be really accurate; am I wrong?


    Same here!

    Up to today we offer studio profiles only - because these profiles played via FRFR are the closest to the real thing.

    Personnally, I don't agree with this. When playing with my band, or alone just for fun, I feel closer to the real thing with merged or direct profiles and my guitar cab than with frfr.

    If I understand you right, they compare appels with pears, because behind a studio profile and a merged profile is a different process. Imo they can't sound identical.

    Hey Eltzejupp
    No, I think you misunderstood something; a merged and studio profile are supposed to sound exactly the same through studio monitors

    Sure, this is a must and it's been requested since merged profiles came out.
    Also it would be great if we could select one type of profiles in rig manager and remove the others!
    Browse through the new profiles in the rig exchange, crank the volume on your studio monitors, and suddenly you have a high gain direct profile! :cursing:
    Does that ring a bell? lol

    In my (limited) experience, great studio profiles will also work very well with a guitar cab and monitor cab off. This is good cause it means that you can still send a nice studio profile to FOH.
    If you like mbritt's profiles through your frfr, chances are you will also like them through a guitar cab. This is true for all profiles, and the opposite as well.
    But the speaker I'm using (G12H30) is supposed to be quite versatile, so you may have a different experience if using Vintage 30s for instance.

    Now what puzzles me is that so far, my favorite profiles with a guitar cab are studio profiles, and not merged. But the offer for merged profiles is still quite limited, so maybe that explains it. Still I've done a couple of direct profiles of my tube amp, and found the result to be very close to the original, so I don't understand why I usually don't really like the other direct or merged profiles I've tried. Making a good studio profiles requires a lot of experience and good mics; if you don't know what you're doing, you can make your profiled boutique amp sound like crap. With direct profiles (and the direct part of merged profiles) you can't really go wrong, you just need to dial in your amp and let the profiler do the magic !