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    If I understand you right, they compare appels with pears, because behind a studio profile and a merged profile is a different process. Imo they can't sound identical.

    Hey Eltzejupp
    No, I think you misunderstood something; a merged and studio profile are supposed to sound exactly the same through studio monitors

    Sure, this is a must and it's been requested since merged profiles came out.
    Also it would be great if we could select one type of profiles in rig manager and remove the others!
    Browse through the new profiles in the rig exchange, crank the volume on your studio monitors, and suddenly you have a high gain direct profile! :cursing:
    Does that ring a bell? lol

    In my (limited) experience, great studio profiles will also work very well with a guitar cab and monitor cab off. This is good cause it means that you can still send a nice studio profile to FOH.
    If you like mbritt's profiles through your frfr, chances are you will also like them through a guitar cab. This is true for all profiles, and the opposite as well.
    But the speaker I'm using (G12H30) is supposed to be quite versatile, so you may have a different experience if using Vintage 30s for instance.

    Now what puzzles me is that so far, my favorite profiles with a guitar cab are studio profiles, and not merged. But the offer for merged profiles is still quite limited, so maybe that explains it. Still I've done a couple of direct profiles of my tube amp, and found the result to be very close to the original, so I don't understand why I usually don't really like the other direct or merged profiles I've tried. Making a good studio profiles requires a lot of experience and good mics; if you don't know what you're doing, you can make your profiled boutique amp sound like crap. With direct profiles (and the direct part of merged profiles) you can't really go wrong, you just need to dial in your amp and let the profiler do the magic !

    I think that sometimes it's best to try something for yourself so that you can draw your own conclusions.

    Hey Tim
    You may have misunderstood my post. You're probably right about the importance of the DI box, what I meant is that if some vendors say studio and merged profiles sound different, the problem is probably somewhere else, as I imagine they have good DIs. So yes, maybe they're doing something wrong.
    If CK says they sound the same, I believe him (and yes, like I said before, I haven't tried myself).
    Still I think it would be interesting to have official information about the importance of a good DI; the recommended DIs in the sticky post of the "share tips and tricks" section are actually quite cheap (10 to 40 euros)

    Thanks for your recording. I can hear slight differences between the loops, but wouldn't be able to say which one is which or which one sounds better.

    True, this is astounishing.
    I believe that the saying that Studio Profiles sound better than Merged Profiles is a myth that has build up in the last months.
    We have never been approached by commercial vendors that there is a potential problem.
    On the other hand we have asked a known vendor for Merged Profiles and the respective Studio Profile for a comparison.
    I could not hear or feel a difference.

    thanks for your answer. We should spread the word. It's really a shame there aren't more merged profiles available.

    Was watching the testament's rig rundown, not really my cup of tea, but it's always fun to hear artists talking about their Kemper
    So, did I get this right, at 5.10, he mentions that Muse has got 20 Kempers 8o
    And he mentions an other band just before which has like 80 Kempers lol. I can't hear the name of this band, can someone help me?
    So did I misunderstand, or do they have trucks loaded with KPAs???

    Hi Guenter
    I completely understand what you mean, but when you say you're "into good music", and that Vai's tone is "the worst clean tone" you've ever heard, it can be frustrating for others, especially Vai's fans, even if everyone's entitled to his own opinion, it's just how you say things.

    Back on topic, I really like your profiles Bert, especially the Bogner! (with Strat or buckers)

    It would be great if you could give a feedback about Pure Cabinet on this thread.

    I think Pure Cab is a nice addition, but personnally I still struggle to find tones I like with my FRFR (studio monitors or speakers).
    With a guitar cab, I find that pretty much any profile will sound good, meaning like a real tube amp next to me.
    My favorite rigs before pure cab were those were the mic trace was the least present. So Pure Cab didn't change much for these rigs.
    Now with the many commercial offerings, it's easier to find tones I like with my frfr, but otherwise I think many studio profiles sound really bad, even with pure cab. Maybe they need a specific mix to shine. Again, I don't have this problem with a real guitar cab.

    @ckemper On a side note, many commercial vendors won't sell Merged profiles, because they say Studio profiles sound better. Are they doing something wrong? (I haven't tried myself) I'd love to have your opinion, CK!