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    yes, assuming PC 1 on Kemper = 1 on FCB. I set several rigs with sequential changes starting with 1, 2 etc.. still the FCB reports that it sent the change and displays the number... the Kemper just stays on the current rig, what ever is currently displayed.

    So I just got my UNO chip and loaded it and configured two way midi, no problem. In Performance mode the FCB works as expected; that's great but I'm not building performances just yet, I'm still auditioning rigs. When I switch to Browser mode, the LED indicator on the FCB changes to Switch 1 as expected; the top row of buttons (6-10) work as well. The Up and Down Bank buttons change the numbers on the FCB, but there's no change on the Kemper, i.e. it doesn't advance to the next/previous Bank. Also, the 1-5 buttons on the FCB do not change the rigs either. So though it appears visually on the FCB to be working... the Kemper is not changing rigs in Browser mode. Any ideas??? Do I need to assign rigs to banks to make it work or does Kemper automatically assign rigs to banks?? That's all I've got man..

    SO the LED above my Master button is flickering and hitting red. I'm trying to figure out how to control it.. I've read both manuals and I still don't have a very clear picture so a little help would be greatly appreciated!

    This only happens when I'm playing my Fly Bronze (piezos & active pre). My other magnetic pickup guitars, no problem. The LED above the Input button stays green with both guitars cranked all the way; it's just this pesky Master LED. I hear the clip as well; not too bad but annoying.. I really want to get this thing balanced out. What am I missing???

    Thanks everyone for the replies! Yes I hope that Kemper expands its effects base a bit more. I'm not looking for Axe-FX; if I were, I'd bought one. I do however want to eliminate my stomp devices and have a more centralized solution that can work in the studio or live. The GR5 has been great for building textured sounds but it doesn't come close to the amp sounds I'm getting out of the Kemper.. wow, I spent all night on it last night building and playing.. a very musically inspiring piece of equipment and easy to use as a bonus. No way should you under sell your effects capabilities; the ones you have sound great and are easy to use. But hopefully in the future you'll find a place for a stomp delay!!

    Until then... I'm lovin' on my new Kemper.

    Just got my Kemper today!! I'm digging in and loving the sounds. Amazing clean tones and the effects are really good.. it's very three dimensional and amazingly accurate reproduction of my favorite amps. I've set mine up with a pair of JBL PRX612m's for live and my studio monitors at home. I have been looking at AXE FX and Kemper for a while now and finally bit the bullet. I've been using the Guitar Rig 5 with the Rig Kontrol 3 as my interface and wow what a difference the Kemper makes! bye bye GR5 and my pedal board... less my Boomerang!!

    So my question is why do I only have access to one delay? Seems I'd read that there was a delay in the stomps area but I can't find it. I like texturing clean sounds with rhythmic delays and modulations... shimmering effects and echoes.. So where's the delays?? It'd nice to double up on delays in the post amp section as well. So I could have a ping pong and an analog running.. Any plans in the future that might provide more delays??