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    Turn up Space in the output menu? Make sure that the checkbox “headphones only” isn’t checked, unless you’re monitoring through headphones.

    The Kemper chorus is obviously stereo, while the CE2 example is mono, but listening to them both with my monitors set to mono, they're actually pretty close.

    If Kemp added some classic Boss chorus in there, it would be the be all end all. I love all the Boss choruses...CE1,CE2 and Dimension. Wish we could get those in there. I'd pay for a package with that trio of choruses.

    The Vintage Chorus in the Kemper is modelled on the CE1. I’m not experienced with the real pedal (not a fan of chorus myself), but I had to use chorus on a studio session gig I had a while back, and the engineer set it up like his old CE1 and was very pleased. Make of that what you will :)

    Are Dawman still active? It seems they have only a small selection in the online shop. I can not find any non pointed shredline picks?!

    They generally only take custom orders, though every now and again they have "stock" picks that are available in the web shop. Email them, they'd be happy to help you, I'm sure :)

    I switched to Dawman picks back when there was a looong thread on the topic. Best picks in my experience! I’d never have thought I’d go for 3mm picks, but they’re wonderful, my favourites being the 2020 pointed shredline standard with polished finish.

    Having to build a single preset and try to incorporate scenes/snapshots was what finally killed the Helix for me, in the time I had one. I hate having to strategise my sound with regards to gigs; I want to just find sounds that work and not have to think about workarounds.

    I got the impression spacing would be tighter than the Kemper Remote but similar to something like the HX-FX and probably quite a bit wider than those Boss 500 series things with 3 foot switches on a pedal that is 5 and a bit inches wide.

    The remote was also slightly too cramped for my plates of meat, which is why I got a Stage.

    Another issue is that the Quad foot switches seem way too close together.

    This is my main reason for not getting a QC. I'd never be able to use it in a live setting, so therefore I may as well stick to their plugins, if need be.

    The Green Scream and the Kemper Drive have identical circuits, when Definition, Slim Down and Tone is set accordingly.

    Here is a wav of a loop set to input, with me toggling between the KD 808 Mid preset and the Green Scream set up as the corresponding diagram of the real pedal. Both Stomp levels are at 0.0

    I start off by switching between them every time the loop loops, but at the end much more frequently. The differences are subtle, but I can definitely hear a more nasal, mid-focused sound on the Green Scream, whereas the KD has a more open top end.

    The Green Scream and the Kemper Drive have identical circuits, when Definition, Slim Down and Tone is set accordingly.

    We don't give recommendations about the volume settings of the originals, as it depends in a number of circumstances such as Clean Sens. This is why the volume knob on the pictures are greyed out.

    For an A/B test, simply level the volume by the volume knobs of the analog pedals.

    Definition, Slim Down and Tone were set as per the presets. I set the Drive and Tone knobs of the Green Scream at 5.0, halfway, to try to match the settings on the KD 808 Mid preset. They sounded different. Maybe it is the level control? It was set at <0.0> on the GS, 0 on the KD.

    Even though the volume knob in the pictures is greyed out, it still appears to be at 1.30 o’clock, which is where I started at on my physical pedals. Maybe there shouldn’t be a value at all on the pictures?

    Here are my thoughts after checking the KD 808 presets against my TS Mini, 80s TS9 and the Green Scream.

    Setting the controls on the physical pedals as shown in the Addendum, I didn't feel that the presets were as close as I assumed; slightly disappointing. Because of all this talk of levelling etc., I tried to balance the volume of the physical pedals with the KD without the Amplifier and Cabinet modules engaged. As an added extra, I didn't notice any extra harsh top end, listening through a Headrush 108, which I have at home. However, once balanced, engaging the Amp and Cab modules once again gave much closer results. The tone and drive structure are pretty much identical. One thing I noticed though, was that the pedals were consistently louder, sometimes giving the impression that they were more dynamic, with a rounder bottom and sparklier highs. Adjusting for the difference in volumes on the Headrush though revealed this to be false.

    Comparing the Green Scream, it seems to me to be slightly more nasal, a touch more compressed and focused, though I can't rule out confirmation bias here. It's definitely slightly different in tone, though I didn't go back and balance the volumes without the Amp and Cab, like I did with the KD.

    My friend has borrowed my 1:1 Klon clone and my own hand-built Klon, so I can't do a proper comparison of these, though my initial impression when the beta dropped was very favourable when comparing the physical pedals to the presets, again using the diagrams in the Addendum as a reference for the knob positions.

    Thanks a ton to Kemper and all the beta testers here :)

    Sound in headphones will never give you the same experience as sound through speakers. Ever tried to mix a song exclusively on headphones, only to find it to be really unbalanced through speakers?

    If you’re intending to use your Kemper live, I’d rather suggest dialling it in using your CLRs, as that will give you the most accurate representation of whatever comes out the PA and what the audience hears. Remember to turn them up to gig volume.

    Hmmm, from the Announcements from Kemper forum :

    Factory Content

    added: Kemper Drive and Full OC presets (available in Rig Manager and included in download of OS upgrade package)

    added: 19 Bert Meulendijk Rigs (available in Rig Manager and download area as Bert Meulendijk Rig Pack II

    I think the upgrade package might mean the Load Factory Content option in the settings menu..? Or maybe in the zip file itself? I haven't had a chance to check yet.

    I can also go months before changing strings, though if I have a run of gigs, I'l change them before every other gig, just to make sure I don't break any onstage. My hands don't sweat at all while playing under normal circumstances (stage lights and an energetic performance can change that, though). I use whatever strings are cheapest, though luckily that tends to be Ernie Balls in my neck of the woods, which I quite like. I used to use Dean Markley exclusively, but since you can't get them over here, I just went the "whatever's cheapest" route. I did try a few of the coated, high-end, high price variants (NYXL etc.) but really didn't like them. Too stiff.