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    I write in Logic, generally either starting with Logic’s Drummer and tweaking, or importing a midi groove into Steven Slate Drums and tweaking that. Rarely I’ll start from scratch. For bass, I have a Mexican Fender Jazz and a Höfner violin bass. Occasionally I’ll use a synth, if I’m lazy or the track calls for it.

    can someone equipped with a stereo Kone system or stereo cab tell me if these can be used as a monitor & mix system ?

    I think about installing a new room in my basement for playing , recording & mixing , and a pair of KAbinet or similar system would be perfect ,especially if I can use them as a mixing monitor set as well.


    They are only FRFR via the DSP in the Profiler, so I'd say no.

    I don't agree. Providing free update and active maintenance on a 7 o 8 years old product increase the product value and convince new customers to buy it. It's one of the reason that allowed them to increase the price, imho.

    Yes, but my point was that those customers would most likely still buy it if those new features were introduced in a Kemper 2 at the same price point.

    Thank you Mother Theresa... I'm sure Microsoft and Apple just give free updates out of the goodness of their hearts as well... if you knew thing one about business you would understand it is a common business tactic...

    Like the way they introduce new features, but nerf them in iOS, so older models can't use them...?:/

    Edit: just in case you can't follow the thought to the end, I'll spell it out : thus forcing you to buy the new hardware


    you can prove me wrong or you can continue to spew nonsense.

    Please, direct me to where I spewed nonsense.


    Edit2: Just to clarify, free updates of the Profiler are only of value to existing customers. New potential customers that are attracted by those feature updates and end up buying the Profiler would buy it whether the updates only existed in new hardware (a theoretical KPA2) or not. The fact that existing customers also get to benefit from the new features, regardless of when they purchased the Profiler and what features it had at that current time is extra value for their money. Kemper only benefit from the new hardware purchases. They could just as easily introduce a new Profiler and force any existing owners to shell out more money for the privilige of using the new features, but they don't. THAT is valuing your customers. Get it?

    Its pure marketing for new customers, nothing to do with servicing old ones... wake up, they could care less what you think!

    This makes no sense. As soon as you have purchased a Profiler, you're a customer, whether old or new. Providing free updates over the past 8 years for their product, rather than releasing new products in the form of hardware updates is only value for their existing customers. Prospective customers that might be persuaded to go the Kemper route because of the updates would exist whether they introduce them with a new product as a hardware update or not. I think you should think about what you're saying before posting your bile on here and telling others to "wake up"...:/:rolleyes:

    Yeah... take advantage of that one-size fits all excuse for lack of common courtesies.... maybe in your world, not acceptable in mine.

    The website says the same thing... it is just lack of appreciation... which I've come to expect from Kemper... ;)

    I think free updates to functionality and capability say more about how they value their customers than any generic, auto-reply thank you email ever could... :rolleyes:

    The more you hang around here, the more you’ll come to realise that there really aren’t any would-be dictators amongst the users; people really are just trying to help. I understand that any time spent on any other forum on the Internet will make anyone wary, so MonkeyMan’s comments possibly could have been seen as someone trying to throw their weight around, but it isn’t like that here.

    That by every definitinion, means free. I understand you have your opinion on what free should mean. But that's your respectable opinion, nothing more and there's no point in arguing about it, you will think I'm not correct and we can disagree and still be friends haha.

    There’s the misunderstanding! Now I see I wasn’t clear enough; it isn’t my opinion of what free means, but what free means as defined by the forum rules.

    I can’t point you to where this is stated (to be honest, because I’m too lazy), but rest assured, there has been a lot of discussion about definitions and the rules when it comes to profile offerings, sellers and freebies.

    Sambrox why are you linking the commercial rules? If this was a paid pack, those are the rules I'd need to hold on to. This is a free pack. Everyone grabbing it knows it. You know it. I still don't get what's your goal with this.

    Thanks anyway if you somehow tried to help somehow...

    Edit: I was replying Ibot39 not Sambrox, sorry haha.

    Well, the thread got moved. MonkeyMan tried to tell you, I tried to reaffirm, but now it’s in the commercial section.

    Just an example about the point with the email; say I want to try your profiles, give you my email address as is required in order to download, but then hate them and delete them forever. Now, I now know that we don’t share the same taste in guitar tone so don’t want to bother with your profiles again, but whenever you make an update to your pack, I get an email about it, until I actively go in and unsubscribe (if your site offers it). That is a string. Free profiles mean that you are free to try them without having to give up any data, free to disregard them without further contact or bother. Anyway, best of luck with them.

    I get the idea of Monitor Cab Off means the imprints become active but doesn't that mean I've quickly lost the ability to mute the cab output? I guess I can still use the Monitor Out select knob to set it to off though but typically in the studio I turn the monitor on and off depending on if I want some speaker and guitar interaction while recording. It can make a big difference in sustain and how alive the guitar feels with a speaker close by even though I'm using the direct outs to record. I can see using the Kab the same way.

    Maybe there should be a Kab Imprint On/Off button and the Monitor Cab Off should be renamed Monitor Cab Mute. It does get confusing because the Kab actually has an Imprint mode and a Direct FR mode. Monitor Cab Off naming doesn't make it easy to know what you're getting especially since it used to mean Mute.

    I really like the idea of having different imprints in the cab section to be used with different profiles. This will be an amazing way to deal with a wide variety of acoustic and electric instruments.

    Monitor cab off has never meant mute? It has always meant that the Cab section is bypassed for the monitor output, while it is still in the chain in all the other outputs.

    It's hard to belive that they redesign the Kemper to detect the speaker that is connected to it. I doubt it.

    It's interesting to read that the cone is superior to Celestion F12-200x that is Avery good fr speaker.

    It sounds grate with the Kemper wit cabinets and irs.

    I like the opportunity to switch between I prins to switch cabinets in a quick and easy way instead of scrolling through lots of profiles. I wonder if Zappladen had the chance to AB test the cone and the F12-2000x or heard a comparison in YouTube or other place sins the cone is soperilr but not out yet.

    I am sure the cone will be very good, but so is F12,-200x

    Zappledan is trying to make the point that the imprints are specifically tailored to the Kab/Kone, in that the profiler uses DSP to “flatten” the response of Kemper’s speaker, and that the speaker also uses a whizzer cone, rather than a second driver, which has a different dispersion pattern and off-axis response. The results of the two speakers won’t be the same, and it is logical that the Kone would be the better, more authentic-sounding of the two, as the algorithm and imprints have been tweaked for it specifically.