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    There's an automatic breaker inside the KPA to protect against power surges. You must have tripped it. In order to minimise "downtime", support recommend pulling out the power cord from the back of the KPA, waiting 20 minutes, then plugging it back in. I've only read a few posts over the years about this happening to people, mostly in the US. Seems you have more power problems over there than here in Europe.

    I know what the manual says, but try my experiment for yourself. I stumbled over this when I wanted to send the piezo output (with Fishman Aura presets) of my Acoustasonic Tele to the Loop input but have the regular magnetic pickup output going in to the regular input on the KPA, in order to have both acoustic and electric sounds at once. I couldn’t understand why there was such high end loss on the piezo, losing the acoustic feel, so sent a ticket to support, believing there to be a bug. I was told that, in fact, the Cab is last in the chain. Which also makes sense, once you think about it. Guitarists have stereo effects in the effects loop of their amps, before sending the signal to their cabs on stage.

    The Cabinet module is actually after X and Mod, contrary to the legending on the front panel. You can verify this for yourself by putting a Loop stomp in one of those slots, put your guitar into the return input and strum while turning the Cab block on and off.

    So, the VH Panama era set up is very doable without reamping (though the phaser/flanger would then be in stereo).

    I'm out now as well and hope you (and others) learned something :)

    Thanks, Martin! I’m just “the sound guy” in my workplace, so the techie graphics stuff does go a bit over my head sometimes. Didn’t know that about the TB pipeline and ProRes! All our machines run Blackmagic cards and interfaces, now I know why! Cheers

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing 8K masters as the norm for a good few years yet, though shooting 8K has a ton of advantages for options in post, but I have to agree on the screen specs, if what you say is accurate, lightbox

    It seems it may fit Apple’s thinking when they introduced Final Cut X; a kind of semi-pro intermediary, that was a dumbed-down, cut down version of Final Cut Pro, though in this case, it would be their first foray into the world of calibrated monitors, rather than being one of the industry standards.


    At work, I recently switched from a 2011 cheese grater to a Hackintosh that far outspecs the current trash cans, though at a fraction of the price. I’m lucky that there are a load of young tech nerds working for our IT department, so I didn’t have to do any of the investigative work or testing myself. It’s a lovely machine, though it’s very gamer-like aesthetically. Blinding fast, though I’m still not on Mojave. Our VFX, motion graphic artists and colourists have had nothing but trouble with the trash cans. Apple finally admitted that there was a manufacturing fault on the graphics cards that caused render errors to be burned in, though strategically only once the warranties had run out. X(

    I’m sure we’ll get one of the new Mac Pros for testing at some point, but I’m not expecting us all to jump all over them. The Hackintosh in our 4K suite will take some beating.

    This is a slight diversification from topic but I got a second KPA last year as a backup.
    My intention was to have 1 set up at home and 1 mobile for gigs with duplicate set of info on each.

    I only got around to it last week but I have to say that it was a slow pain in the ass to transfer everything ( rigs and Performances ) through Rig Manager.I found that I couldn't transfer more than 80 or so presets at a time or RM would crash.I'm running latest beta.

    Hope this will become easier and glitches will be fixed as part of new RM too.

    You could have just made a back up of your first and restored it on the second. Takes a few minutes.

    The behaviour of the delay slot lights was changed when the new delay algorithms were released and the delay could occupy Stomps A-D, Mod and Fx as well as just the dedicated delay slot. Yeah, I kind of miss that, too.

    So, to fix it, you have to downgrade to Fw 3.x or thereabouts;-)

    The built-in amplifier in the powered Kemper switches automatically to match the cabinet impedance, either 8 or 16 ohms, so you’ll be fine.

    I’m not familiar with that cab or speakers, so unfortunately can’t say whether it will be good for metal or not.