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    It doesn’t sound like you’re experiencing the same thing as the infamous “cocked wah”. Try turning the noise gate in the input section all the way off and see if that makes a difference. How are you monitoring the Kemper? What is your signal path? Other than that, you’d have to provide sound clips for the forum before it could help you further.

    Also hope this setup is also usable for a potential Quad Cortex, that i may also try in future. Hope it goes well with the Kone FRFR setting.

    The Kone FRFR setting is only selectable with the Profiler, as the Profilers DSP is used to "flatten" the GFR response of the Kone. Try playing through the Kabinet/Kone without the setting switched on in the Output menu and you'll hear what you'll experience with any other piece of gear going through the Kabinet/Kone.

    One thing that will always be missing is room ambience. Mics on an amp will pick up some of the room to a degree, whereas profiles will be bone dry, until you add a reverb or use the Space option (recommended if you’re using headphones).

    The physical Reverb knobs on the Kemper only work as intended when there is a reverb effect in the slot named Reverb.

    Andy Sneap talked about something similar in an old video, matching old tones off albums he’d recorded, though he “tone matched” using the DI off the tape into the Kemper, and the final sound off the tape into the return.

    I think it was a question of the volume being levelled after the Kemper Drive but before the Stack, meaning that increasing the volume didn’t affect the drive or tone in the same way as it would in the real world.

    The mechanical feel of the pedal is a big part of it, in my experience, though I too didn’t find a wah preset that I instantly loved. I also come from crybaby/Vox wahs, and it wasn’t until a user posted a Satriani cover and shared his wah settings that I was happy enough. There is still a slight discrepancy for me, but I think some of it is down to the slightly crackly old pots, noise and distortion of my old wah pedals. I went through a bunch back when I toured; they always sounded best right around the time they gave up the ghost, then I had to break a new one in all over again. Back then, first thing I did was I always unscrewed the brace keeping the treadle pole on the pinwheel, to adjust the heel position so that it enhanced the third harmonic on the low E string, then it was good to go. I can never quite set the parameters to hit that sweet spot in the Kemper.

    I’d wager that you’re correct on that one. Myself, the closest I’ve got is a few pedals. There are more amp builders on the forum, but none that I recognise have made an appearance in this thread.

    Coming from a family of five siblings and being the only male, I don’t believe in the “women are the weaker sex” thing and never have, so Stormhenge doesn’t get any special props from me for her gender. However, she does argue a good point and that’s cool, for sure. She’s wrong, but cool haha 8o

    I've profiled amps with reverb and delay, as I liked what they did to the tone. The profiles just come out dry, though the tone was the same as it was through the effects. It's pretty neat, actually. Those old Fender reverb tanks impart a warmth all their own. It's kind of cool to get that but then set it in a plate reverb instead of a spring.

    User experience is key. Being able to load a profile made in 2011 and for it to sound the same now as it did then, whether it be on the rack or toaster that I had, or on the stage that I currently use, without having to mess about with licenses or permissions or worry about the OS version is what will win out, tones being (reasonably) equal. The Kemper is so simple for a reason. There’s a huge chunk of guitar players that aren’t tech savvy. Some even struggle with the Profiler! Granted, they’re probably a dying breed, but unless that DRM locked ecosystem isn’t plug and play, it’ll be a ship passing in the night.

    People are beginning to realise that it doesn’t matter what amp or brand was profiled, as long as it sounds good, anyway.

    No one seems to be arguing for upgrades to stop, though. You're more than willing to accept the inconvenience because of everything amazing that you get out of the product. So it's not a reason it's an excuse.

    Inconveniences when updating are a necessary evil, the times when it goes less than smoothly (only happened to me once in my 7 years of Kemper ownership with a beta, but that’s another tale). I don’t think anyone in the community would think that inconveniences from a DRM system would be worth the few extra bucks that third-parties would make from the few spoiled kids that got a Kemper but don’t have pocket money for profiles.

    I think we should all look at this from Kemper’s point of view. They have absolutely nothing to gain from putting a DRM system in place. All they’d be doing would be enabling third-parties to make money off the back of their tech, with all the R&D, upkeep and updates they’ve put into it and continue to do so. They already make money off it anyway, as little as that may be for the small profile vendors, but nothing is stopping them from continuing to do, with or without DRM.

    What they certainly will lose though is customers. Even if we’re all cool with buying profiles and no one is pirating, it will still harm the customer base. I for one hate having to input codes to unlock software, and the thought of having to do that every time I buy a profile pack turns me right off.

    Of course people who put time and effort into dialling amps, placing mics, adjusting EQs and whatever else should be paid for their work, if that is what they wish. That isn’t a debate for me. I think most people who have shelled out for a Kemper don’t have a problem with that.