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    Yes, but i will only have to select a profile that sounds good into the Kabinet without caring about the sound sent to the FOH....

    That is how it has always been, and you are still free to do that; just use Merged profiles and lock the Cab section.

    I've got the same problem.

    I've done it with a brush, i assume it would be better with a spray bomb. On the other way, we were warned that the result could be bad by Kemper ;):P||

    The best way would be a tissue with Kemper's logo embroidered we could sew on the grill. It would more detailed too like the one on the Kabinet.

    Drybrushing would do the trick, I reckon, though you might need a sealer, too. Anyone ever paint Warhammer/Games Workshop figures? ^^

    Good on yer, Mats! Timing is everything, and being humble and honest enough to see and admit one’s shortcomings are the key to improvement. Well done on both accounts, as this grooves nicely!

    According to theSupport/ Download page of the main site, Rig Manager requires at least Mac OS 10.12, so you won’t be able to use your Mac with your profiler.

    I’ve compared my Kone (in a closed back 1x12 Peavey extension cab) to my Genelec near fields and sub in the studio. The Genelec system is tuned to my room and listening position, the Kone was sat on the floor in the middle of the control room. It held up surprisingly well! I wasn’t missing bass and as I recall, the Genelecs were only slightly brighter than the Kone, little enough to be disregarded. I have a Headrush 108 at home. One of these days I’ll compare that, too (though I already know that the Headrush has a more brittle, unnatural edge to it).

    I think you’re right. There’s a translation mistake (even in french). I was surprised the first time i read the manual.

    I assume that they wanted to say : « when the led start flashing in red » and come back a little to prevent this. The Red indicator is the clipping start like every FRFR device.

    I’ve just tried it with my headphone (too early to play the cab now), and it seems to work with the entire green led without any distortion....

    Thx for your comment ;)

    Just noticed there was an autocorrect fail in my post... how ironic! Perhaps that is what happened for the folks writing the Bam200 manual, too?:D

    I was also surprised at how low the gain had to be, according to the directions in the manual for the Bam200. For kicks, I tried the Bam200 directly as a bass amp with my Fender Jazz bass and found that the gain had to be almost off in order for the led to only light occasionally. This is when I realised that the manual is written incorrectly. You can actually turn the gain up quite high, before I perceive any distortion. Try it for yourself. It makes the usable output power much greater.

    From post 6 of this thread :

    Kemper Kone / Kemper Kabinet

    As you have read in the chapter xx, the Profiler can run linear speakers for monitor purposes, as well as classic guitar cabinets. But our company also offers a special speaker solution, that offers a maximum of sound varity: the Kemper Kone is a speaker that allows for a linear reproduction of your rigs, as well as mimicing several classic guitar speakers. It‘s your choice.

    Connect the Kemper Kone speaker to the Profilers power amp output, or amplify it by an external solid state power amp, connected to the Profilers MONITOR OUTPUT.

    The behaviour of the Kemper Kone is fully controlled by the software of your Profiler. To activate the „intelligence“, the Kemper Kone mode, navigate to the page „Kemper Kone“ in the OUTPUT section and press the soft button „Kemper Kone“.

    You will find three parameters that you should be familiar with already; hey have been mirrored to the Kemper Kone page for your convenience: Monitor Volume, Monitor Stereo and MonitorCabOff. When MonitorCabOff is not highlighted, the Kemper Kone works in the full range mode.

    Bass Boost

    The Kemper Kone is seasoned for a perfect tone, when the cabinet sits on the floor. Whenever you lift a cabinet away from the floor, into the freefield, it will loose a certain amout of bass fundament, as the mirroring of the floor attenuates. This effect can be compensated by pressing „Bass Boost“, which adds 3 dB to the low frequencies.

    Speaker Imprint Mode

    When you highlight MonitorCabOff, then you deactivate the Cabinet Modul exclusively for the Monitor Output, in order to run a classic guitar speaker on that output or the build in power amp. You have learned this in Chapter XXX. The Kemper Kone mode fulfills this demand by switching from full range mode to the speaker imprint mode and offers you the choice of XX of the finest classic speaker imprints to chose from. Enjoy the ‚amp-in-the-room‘ sound! You might be surprised how different the sound is, compared to the full range mode.

    Speaker Imprint

    Selects one of the classic guitar speaker simulations. The imprints are adjusted to equal loudness levels. They can sound quite similar to each other, especially when you play a sound with slight or no distortion.


    The Kemper Kone features a larger high frequency dispersion than many classic guitar speakers. That is, a real guitar speaker will sound duller than the Kemper Kone, when you position your ears away from the middle axis of the speaker. Thus you might like to adjust the colour of the Kemper Kone towards a „creamier“ sound by lowering the Directivity parameter. The nice side effect is that the on-axis sound will also loose some of the harshness that classic guitar speakers naturally have. At Directivity set to maximum, the on-axis sound is identical to the original.

    Note: Speaker Imprint and Directivity are only available in the speaker imprint mode, when MonitorCabOff is active. However, Bass Boost is available in both modes.

    Here is some more properties of the Kemper Kone:

    • The Kemper Kone comes either build-in into our Kemper Kabinet, or as a replacement speaker fitting in any 1x12, 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet for 12 inch speakers, open and closed.

    • The impedance of the Kemper Kone is 4 Ohm only, to get the most efficiency from your power amp. Since 4 Ohm is usually the lowest impedance allowed for power amps, you should take care not to come below this value by connecting two cabinets or two speakers to the same power amp output in parallel. When two Kemper Kone speakers are mounted in a 2x12 cabinet, they have to be connected in series.

    • Two or more Kemper Kabinets can be daisy-chained by the additional jack without danger, as the Kabinets are automatically put in electrical series by the build-in circutry.

    • The Kemper Kone speaker and the Kemper Kone mode in the Profiler make a perfect team. Thus refrain from running the Kemper Kone speaker with any other sound generator than the Profiler. It will sound bad! The same goes for the Kemper Kone mode run into other speaker. It will also sound bad.

    • Any solid state amp will work. Running Kemper Kone by a tube power amp will change the frequency responce and potentially sweeten the sound too much.

    • Similar to the MonitorCabOff feature the Kemper Kone mode is only available for the Monitor Output, as well as for the build-in power amp, for your personal monitoring. The other outputs are not affected by these features.

    • Due to its special cone design, the Kemper Kone speaker is not suitable for close mic‘ing. Use it for personal monitoring only.

    • You can run Kemper Kone in stereo using the „Monitor Stereo“ function (XXX im Stage immer stereo!!!), either in full range mode or speaker imprint mode. Since the intelligence lies in your Profiler, all connected Kemper Kones chassis benefit from the Kemper Kone features simultaneously.

    • You probably use Direct Profiles in your live set, such as acoustic guitar sounds or bass rigs. Direct Profiles are marked by having the Cabinet Module set to „empty“, thus featuring a full range sound. Running a full range sound through a classic guitar speaker is unpleasant. Therefore, in speaker imprint mode (MonitorCabOff active), when switching to a Direct Profile, Kemper Kone will automatically switch to full range mode for that rig. No preparation needed.

    • A signal on the Aux Input fed to the Monitor Output by using the AuxToMonitor control will be processed by the Kemper Kone intelligence as well. It will always processed in the full range mode, even when you play your rigs in speaker imprint mode (MonitorCabOff active).

    • Use two Kemper Kone equipped Cabinets as your little PA, maybe for a spontaneous party. Feed your music into the Aux Input in stereo, activate Monitor Stereo, use a stereo power amp into the cabinets. Only the guitar-speaker-like dispersion will make your cabinets appear different to a regular PA.

    • The maximum Kemper Kone setup: Play guitar along the stereo music using the speaker imprints, while the music plays full range, through the same cabinets.

    • Pure Cabinet is naturally available for Kemper Kone as well. As you would expect, it is only perceivable in the full range mode, where the Cabinet module is also fed to the Kemper Kone. In speaker imprint mode Pure Cabinet does not influence the tone.

    I was addressing the statement that the Stage does not come with a manual not the content of that manual. In fact I also stated that he should still download the online manual.

    I was reinforcing the recommendation of downloading the manuals, as not only would the information have changed since printing, but only partially covers operating the Profilers :)