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    Not agree. have a hardware problem is the seller if the damage is related to transport.
    here it is not so.

    Well, one arrived dead. I doubt that it left the Kemper factory that way. Something has gone wrong between the factory to Thomann and from Thomann to the destination. There’s nothing to say that the first one wasn’t damaged in transit, either.

    Thomann, as a reseller to the end user, carries full responsibility legally, regardless of the reason of the defect. It is up to them to take it up with Kemper. If I buy a pair of cheap Adidas trainers from an online warehouse like amazon who happen to be running a sale, yet send them back because of a stitching problem, I wouldn’t expect to go to the Adidas online store and be able to get the same deal.

    To be fair, your issue is with Thomann, not Kemper. Just because Thomann, a third-party reseller, was running a discount on the product, doesn’t mean that Kemper are obliged to do the same. Yes, you had a very unlucky experience with Thomann and the Stage, but that can happen to anybody purchasing any piece of gear from a giant retailer overseas and shouldn’t have any bearing on the manufacturer’s own retail service and practice. Sure, you getting two defective units in a row reflects badly on the build quality and quality control at Kemper, but after the first unit was a defect, Thomann really should have checked the replacement before sending it out.
    I feel sorry for you, I do, but your anger towards Kemper for anything other than shoddy build quality/quality control is misplaced.

    I have the Bluguitar Amp1 that I use regularly with one of the bands I play with, and I must say, it's handy. Sounds great direct, too. I also have an AC30 that I haven't touched in years (it's waaaaay too heavy, so sits in storage) and an original Marshall JMP 2x12 combo from '78, which sounds great, but is also too heavy to take anywhere. I plug that in once in a blue moon, if I'm ever home during the day and I can hear someone testing amps in the guitar shop opposite, to mask the volume from my neighbours, haha! I can only tell you that the options I have apart from the KPA get limited playing time at home. The Amp1 resides on a pedal board that I take out to rehearsals and gigs with that one specific band, otherwise the Kemper gets 80% of my playing time. There is something deliciously immediate with plugging in something as small yet powerful as the Amp1, and just twiddling a few knobs a few notches and having glorious tone, but I can do that with the KPA, too. More often than not, not having to touch a thing.

    ...but many of these bugs didn't seem to exist before the last few rounds of beta/release OSes.

    I read somewhere that the move from .kpr to .krig had to do with incorporating the new preset management system into the OS and subsequently RM, which must have meant a significant rewrite of the FW and RM itself, before taking into account the editor portion of RM. I can't imagine the headaches that must have caused the team, especially as interviews from NAMM suggested that a third-party programmer was brought in to write the editor code =O:wacko:

    Great stuff, Nicky! I knew you’d have it down! Thanks for the extra info, too. I wasn’t aware of him having a compressor and boost before the wah... that might be why I eventually decided to nudge the volume parameter.

    The wah I use is great. I'll upload the parameters later when I'm at my KPA. I can't remember who it was that shared the settings, but it was someone playing a Satriani cover and the wah sounded exactly like what I was missing. After I saved the settings, I haven't bothered trying any others out, it just works like my old favourite 80's wah.

    Nope, sounds like you must have some software routing issues, though you don’t actually say what the problem is. No sound? Bad sound? Low volume?

    To check it it’s the KPA, connect the monitors directly to the main outs. If that’s all good, then you can worry about the apogee and routing.

    Factory Rigs can be loaded from the settings menu (IIRC. They are stored within the OS, unless the OS is beta), but I recommend using Rig Manager, as you'll find a lot of extra factory content there, too.