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    I love a lot this wonderful piece from Steve. You played it greatly.

    In the past I made a sound for this song and just learned the intro. Just curious if you check/discover it...

    Ahhh I’d like to try that Rig! Due to live was the first song by Vai that I could play more than a couple of bars of

    Definitely sounds like you have the monitor output control linked to another, higher output. Once the higher output hits max, the monitor output will stay wherever it is, even if that is on “one”.

    @5 minutes : Directivity control?

    Maybe you should try profiling your amp with your settings, then you might get closer. I know that Andy from the Amp Factory profiles through outboard EQs and compressors for colour, taking it further away from the amp in the room.


    Fx loops are behind cabinet.

    Definitely not the experience I’ve had, though I must admit it is some firmwares ago.

    For my use, I wanted the second output of a Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster to bypass the Cab, so the piezo bridge pickup had no low pass colouration. I assumed I could do this by plugging it in to the return of a Loop Stomp and activate it when needed, using the regular full profile for the magnetic pickup output. However, all the acoustic-sounding highs were always missing, unless I disabled the Cab. I logged a bug report and was told that, in fact, the Cab was last in the chain. That was before the update that saw the Delay and Reverb slots able to load other Stomp types, though. I’ll check again.

    X and Mod slots at least are before the Cab, despite the legending on the Profiler. You can test it yourself by plugging your guitar into the Return, loading a Loop Stomp in X or Mod, strumming a bit while turning the Cab on and off. If the slots weren't before the Cab, you'd hear no difference.


    i did some DI-Profiles of my amp. Then i put a commercial cab in the rig, liked it, saved it. Now i want to share it, but don't want to upload the commercial IR/cab. How can "un"-merge the rig or is it allowed to use some other "free" cab (for example the cabs that come with the profiler?)

    I just found how to merge profiles, but not to return it to the original state...

    I suggest reading the profiling section in the manual about merged profiles and what the merging button is actually for. Unless you’ve made a Studio profile and a Direct Amp profile with the exact same settings, merging is unnecessary and will actually not yield authentic results. Just adding a Cab by browsing in RM or the Profiler itself is enough to add a Cab to a Direct Amp or DI profile.

    Most serious professionals in the music industry aren’t mathematicians, don’t understand digital audio and don’t have any interest in true blind tests (why would they? They’re busy making hits and money). Marry that to the human condition of “more = better” and you’ll get a lot of engineers working at high sample rates, convinced that it just sounds better.

    For the record, I’m a professional and work with digital audio every day. My job includes production, mastering, composition, sound design and broadcasting.

    Isnt sending from the Helix ( with a cab or IR) to the Kabinet ( powered or not) esentially using it as FRFR?

    I find it sounds rather nice :)

    Just my 2 cents.

    It would be interesting to know what experiences users are having using the Kab/Kone with other modellers.

    No, because the Kone on its own is GFR, not FRFR. The corrective EQ applied using the Profiler's DSP when the Kone setting is ON takes it closer to FRFR specs and without it it is just a slightly more broadband guitar speaker.

    Humans perceive clean tones to be lower in volume than high-gain tones. Clean tone profiles always sound too low to my ears, but when looking at my db meters in my DAW, you can see they are the same signal strength as a high-gain profile. So, be careful with clean profiles so you do not begin to clip. I keep my Sens at Zero, and I use cold/hot passive and active pups on different guitars.

    This is also why compressors are so handy when dealing with clean tones :)

    It is built on the same type of concept as the "resto mod" in classic cars, where you take an older concept but modernize it some. So I started with a 60s style Fender Telecaster body, and fitted it with a roasted maple 50s neck..

    That's the opposite of modernising it, surely! :D

    Just pulling yer leg!