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    I'am just saying its wrong. Who said I'm calling anyone.

    I own all Sinmixs profile already so don't need your free ones. I bet your still use them.

    I also own over $200 dollars worth of Andys profiles. Also TopJimi's - Petes - .Arthur D

    It would be funny if I release all those profiles too. I like to know how the above guys feel about that. I won't because I have class.

    Geech you too have some anger issues. Putting his profiles on newsgroups is wrong and illegal in my book. This is not napster. Now breath-pickup your guitar and create some art. Relax Relax Relax

    Like and44 said its over so lets hug and stop rehashing this over and over.

    Thanks Koma I will try the treble booster and I have learned a little on the eqing side from fellow kemper users.

    I will give it a read Andy. I do use PAF output humbuckers which are warmer sounding. My brightest sounding is my USA PRS Tremonti which has hotter pickups.

    Just got back from picking up my new(used) USA Fender Strat Deluxe mahagony body guitar H/S/S. Plugging it in now so see you in a couple of hours.

    Koma I agree i like the raw balanced profile as I stated in a few posts ago.

    and44 - I also agree about learning to tweak. I'am a very late starter to guitar playing(4 years playing and 48 years old) and really just started learning to tweak delays and effects. As for Eq's I do good with the basics but the studio, graphic is where I have troubles but my lead guitar player is teaching me and I'am a big boy and will learn. But when the set of profile's are all dark and sound like there's a blanket thrown over the cab its a lot of work. Also Andy I love the last pack its by far my fav right now. The Bogner XTC and Friedman SS are sweet.

    Last I'am love this forum and learn a lot from it and I'am always appreciate the help I receive. Thanks everyone

    Make music not war

    I agree it went south a long time ago.

    I also think its great to talk about all commercial profiles good or bad, that way they can improve there way of profiling.

    I would love to see profiles EQed for humbucker's and single coils so there's less tweaking when you switch guitars.

    Hey Guenterhaas I own both the Friedman SS and Bogner XTC. I like both sets of profiles. There are good hard rock sounds. Tried the Engl pack and its alright but I use the Arthur D Engls a lot more, I do use a few of the clean Engl profiles from TAF.

    I will say I like the pack 9 a lot more due to the profiles being more Raw. I like the profile of the actual amp not with EQs added and FX. That's just me I can add them later to my taste. It reminds me of a Custom Strat I own, The luther that built it had the bridge blocked from floating by not routing the space so the bridge would rest on the wood. I asked him why and he replyed that's how I play my guitars and I told him but your selling them not playng them so let the buyer make that decision.

    Raoul23 thanks for the reply, I was putting a idea out there(not saying it use it). That's what's great about people, we all have different taste's but you have to try more then 2 pizzas before saying one is the best pizza out 30 pizza's.

    Really - When will this crap stop. Lets make this forum useful not a boxing match.

    Putting his profiles on the net for free is wrong and illegal in my book.


    If you want to help new owners maybe post it like this. List each commercial supplier my Pros and cons.

    TAF- Pros - Great vintage amps and a large variety of amps. Awesome blues and low gain profiles. great price. Cons - most profiles geared to single coil pickups and subpar high gain profiles but they are tweak able. A lot of pre and post EQs used.

    Sinmix- Pros: great high gain metal profiles that cut thru the mix. Raw profiles. Price is a good value. Cons - No vintage profiles or low gain stuff. Metal only

    TopJimi - Pros - Great all around profiles with little tweaking needed. Good pricing Cons - low volume profiles but tweak able.

    Soundside - Pros - Great variety of amps, lots of profiles included to cover all channels and switches(Fat-thin) of each amp profiled. Prices high. Cons - Prices high and to many profiles to test per amp.

    Now this is a example and my opinion. This way everyone in the forum could have a opinion as grownups without cursing and beating each other up.

    Or maybe we need a rating system for commercial use. I personally own profiles from everyone and believe me there are some crap ones which are unusable and some great ones.

    Hey Metal Mike the EurekaProm is all pre programed too. I don't own the Uno but I'am sure they are both equal.

    I don't know a thing about setting up Midi and after I turned on my FCB pedal with the Eureka installed it was ready to go.

    I'm sure you cant go wrong with both.

    Well guys I stopped at a local music store for new guitar strings and noticed a Demo (white)KPA sitting in the used gear room for $1600.

    I already own a power rack which I gig with and I own a Yamaha DXR12 which was sitting unused so I put the KPA on the counter. On the way out the room I noticed a FCB1010 used board for $50(it looks brand new) so I bought it.

    When it was all said and done they gave me the KPS for $1500 and the Midi board for $40 and free strings which was all I planned on buying. I then bought a EurekaProm chip which I love.

    Studio setup- NP KPA/FCB1010 midi footswitch/Yamaha DXR12,

    Gigging setup- KPA power rack / Xitone passive 2x12 cab/Liquid foot Jr+/monster Pro 2500/Korg DTR-2000.

    Iam using and lovin the Xitone 2x12 FRFR passive cab. Has more of a in the room feel. It is also very well built(like a tank) and its a smaller cab making it easy to carry. about 52 pounds.

    I sold my Yamaha DXR12 because of the Xitone cab. My buddy has a Atomic CLR and he likes it but prefers my cab which his talking about selling the Atomic CLR.

    I own a Xitone 2x12 FRFR cab, very lite and has more of a in the room feel to it.

    My Lead guitar player uses a Atomic CLR cab.

    I have tried guitar cabs, DXR10 and both of the cabs listed above a head over heals a upgrade.

    I have a few profiles that sound the same as you have said. one from andy and one from Top Jimi but after buying every Top Jimi and at least 15 single amps from Andy I decided to tweak them until I was happy.

    I had that issue with the Marshall JVM JS and solved it by turning up the definition from 3.6 to 6-7. Throw a EQ in a slot and tweaked the global EQ. This amp wouldn't cut thru in my band before the changes and it sounds great now.

    The EVH lll profiles from TJ needed a different solution- I changed the cab to a EVH 5153 4x12,added a EQ into the slot and played with the global EQ and all is good. From what I researched Eddie tried a large amount of speakers well designing the EVH cab and a lot of cabs just don't sound good with this amp.

    I have bought a few profiles from the amp factory that had profiles for Les Pauls and profiles for Strats. I would love to see all commercial profiles sold this way, also throw in different cabs would be awesome. I think setting the EQ for single coil and Humbuckers play a big role in the profile.