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    When you make changes to a profile just save the new profile by pushing store until its saved. It will save that profile and you will still have the original profile. Two profiles with the same name will be in the browser mode.

    When your happy with your new profile then change the name of new profile or change name of original profile so you know its the original.

    If you save a profile after you make changes by pushing store then rename you will not have one profile in browser mode so rename after your happy with changes.

    Yes I have a power rack KPA. I have my poweramp booster at 6 db.

    If a profile starts to clip at the output I just lower the volume a little.

    Do you have a 3 db switch on your cab. I only use that on high gain metal tones, never clean tones.

    Is it on all clean profiles ? Maybe a bad profile.

    I would get a hold of Mick at Xitone and see what he says.

    I also have the Xitone 2x12 passive cab and it sounds great clean and distorted tones.

    Maybe a dumb question but did Mick build your cab 16 ohms for the kemper. His standard 2x12 cab is 4 ohms.

    you may have a blown speaker if you setup your clean sense and dist sense to your guitar. I use a PRS custom 24 and custom built strat and use 0 on the dist sense for both and set my clean sense at -1 for the PRS and 3 for the strat.

    Its really just a review not comparing the Xitone and Yamaha. I prefer the Xitone most likely because its 2x12. I wish I had a CLR to compare.

    I'am using the KPS power rack- monster Pro 2500 power cond - 2013 PRS Custom 24 - Liquid Foot +Jr+ controller. USA Jackson and Custom made strat.

    Your welcome Ingolf

    Start with the cab quality- received cab in a well packed box, this cab is made like a tank. I think he could have shipped it in the back of a pickup truck without a box and there woundn't be a scratch because he uses a line-x product to cover the cab. Its 50 lbs and small(easy to carry). Horizonal and vertical feet.

    16 ohms mono- standard bab is 4 ohms and 8 ohms stereo but The KPA wont accept 4 ohms.

    Has a 3 db switch on back of cab. In reg setting is the flattest setting and when using it takes -3 db from the tweeters which gives you more of a guitar cab feel.Great for high gain stuff.

    500 watts in 16 ohms

    Bass- Tight bass not boomy or muddy.

    highs- nice round highs not icepick highs.

    First thing I noticed is effects are more present so get ready to lower the mix. In the flattest setting the cleans have a full 3d sound with all the chime of the original tube amp. I felt on the flattest setting anything from blues to classic rock sound awesome but high gain is a little different sounding but that's where the magic switch comes into play and metal tones are top notch. Palm muting sounds like it should. Last night was my first band pactice with the cab and it's plenty loud.You will need earplugs at the loudest setting and everything sounds as it should at the volume.

    I own a Yamaha DXR10 and never bonded. The Xitone 2x12 is way above sound and build quality then the Yamaha. No I don't work for Xitone.

    Last Mick at Xitone is a great guy and easy to work with.

    I received my 2x12 Xitone cab yesterday and the same thing a lot of profiles sounded muffled. but I found a lot sounded really good(distortion tones). I also noticed a lot of volume drops on a lot of profiles. I thought man there's a lot of bad bad profiles on the Rig exchange and then noticed these profiles were commercial profile from amp factory and vsp so I figure they will need some tweaking. I bought Bogner XTC DO profiles from petes profiles and found a greenback cab on rig exchange that sounds awesome so that maybe the trick is to switch cabs.

    The Xitone has a -3 db switch for the tweeters and I found it works great for the high gain tones. They sound awesome.

    Clean tone sound awesome thru the cab.

    I have a Yamaha DXR10(used) and never liked it but the Xitone sounds a lot better and more guitar cab sounding with the -3 db switch.

    Hey Freak4pc as long as the monitor cab off box is checked in the output menu you don't have to push the cab button. The poweramp has plenty of power for live gigs.

    Also I use guitar cabs right now and I always look for profiles the were using the same speakers as I use. To me it don't have to be tweaked that much since the profile was EQed to the same speakers. Example if the profile is a Engl amp/ 4x12 cab with vintage 30s and a shure mic and you use a 4x12 cab with vintage speakers you most likely will only have to do small EQ tweaks. Good luck

    I just ordered a Xitone FRFR 2x12 cab that I will review when it comes in.

    Hi this maybe a dump question

    The Xitone is mono or stereo and uses a speaker cable to connect to my power rack. So when I receive the cab and I the turn on the monitor/cab in the KPA I will get the entire profile(amp/cab/mic) correct or do I need a speak on connector like the Atomic CLR?

    Hope this helps. I talked today with Mick at Xitone and here are some specs of the passive 212 cab.

    500watt RMS and 1000 watts program

    4 ohms mono or 8 ohms stereo. He can do it 16 ohms mono too

    He will install a switch that will remove the FRFR features for a more guitar cab feel. removes crossover and tweeters

    2 to 3 week wait

    includes a 3dp pad switch to pull the tweeter back

    1 year on parts and 7 years on speakers

    I'am looking at the Xitone passive 2x12. The Matrix FR212 is 4 ohms so that's a no go with the KPA. I read a review on the Atomic CLR vs the Xitone and he gave the edge to Atomic but said if your looking for a guitar cab feel go with the Xitone. He said they are very close and that was a Xitone 1x12 wedge.

    I have been like you Silvertonekid. I bought the KPA powerrack because I have 2 4x12 cabs and 2 2x12 cabs so I really didn't want to buy a FRFR. But after looking on the forum and checking out youtube I was feeling gas for a FRFR. I have a great relation with the local music store manager so he let me use a used Yamaha DXR12 for a few days and I have to say I really didn't like it, most likely just different then my Marshall 4x12(2 vintage 30's in a x-pattern). I didn't use it live just in a band setting and I'am sure with more tweaking and time I may have liked them.

    I'am leaning toward the Atomic CLR passive but may pass because I get nothing but compliments on my tone thru my cabs. With all the profiled on the rig exchange and great profiles to buy you will find great sounds with your cab. Try DO profiles they are great just not a lot of them. Also not sure what speakers are in your Marshall most likely G12T-75's which sound like a blanks thrown over your cab you may try switching out 2 speakers to vintage 30's. wow what a awesome tone. goodluck

    Looks like my rig. SKB 6u with monster Pro 2500 power and Korg pitchblack rack tuner and KPA. I use a Dr Z best 2x12 with Vintage 30's or a Avatar 2x12 with creambacks. How do you like the Jensen speakers(my best cab is heavy). I;am using the Liquid+Jr+ midi. Used it live for the first time on Friday and nothing but compliments on my tone.

    Last year I played on amp for all my gigs(Marshall JVM410H) and it worked out nice. But I bought the KPA for the option of having a ton of amps at my fingertips. I guess what I'am saying is way buy a KPA if your only going to use a Bogner XTC.

    I'am really just a basement-garage player but I play gigs a lot during the summer and like mic2002 said I play a wide range of songs so I would love to use different amps thru out my set.

    It would be nice to use the rig manager but would need someone to set it up because I don't have a clue with that kind of thing.

    Like I posted before this will also help members find a profile that they may not thought of using. I also see postings asking for artist tones all the time so they can use a thread like this for help. Hopefully we can make this happen when the rig manager comes out.

    The one thing I see on the forum is the Atomic CLR which I will most likely get one but to be honest I use 2x12 cabs only with my power rack and it sounds huge.

    You will not have a problem finding profiles that sound awesome with your KPA with a 2x12 cab. I use the Bogner XTC DO from Petes profiles the most but I find if the amp was profiled using a cab with vintage 30's your cab most likely will sound huge if you have vintage 30's.

    I have a 2x12 with vintage 30's and one with creambacks and I get a lot of feedback on how great my tone is. Matter of fact since buying my power rack 3 guitar players are now looking to buy a KPA.

    Mine too. Depending where I'am playing its 80's metal or Classic rock. I guess we could use current set list and if the tread stays on going you could update setlist's

    Only using KPA in practice right now, waiting on Atomic CLR and have to buy a Midi Foot switch.

    Where the correct place to start this kind of thread ? If more people think it would be cool and it also could help others choose profiles.