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    Hey Tyler I have looked into Atomic CLR, I have the powered rack so would I get the passive model ? I do get great Marshall sounds thru my 1960 cab along with other HG models but your right the Fender cleans and boutique amps don't sound great thru the 1960a.

    I really need a easy to move cab that can be used for mostly blues. I use my 1960a for band settings(80s metal and classic rock covers) and love it.

    Thanks for the help

    I have had my Kemper for 2 weeks and I can't stop playing it. Awesome and thanks again to Kemper.

    Now right now I'am using a Marshall 4x12 cab with 2 Celestion Vintage 30s in a x-pattern and I love it with the high gain stuff and classic rock but not so much on the Fen cleans and vox profiles. So my ? is any advice on a 2x12 cab for the clean chime and blues growl is welcomed. I'am leaning towards a Dr Z best or a Avatar cab with a Celestion gold and a Celestion heritage. I prefer cabs over FRFR(old school)

    I know this has been asked but I want to wait for the Kemper footswitch(if its even going to happen) or bite the bullet and buy a midi foot controller. Its would make using the KPA live a lot more pleasing. advise also welcomed.

    Thanks for the welcome guys. Played the KPA in pactice today for 2 songs(Judas Priest Electric Eye and Led Black Dog). Cuts thru the mix and sounds awesome pushed.

    Hi my name is Lenny and have been playing guitar for 5 years. I'am 48 years old so I got a late start but always been a huge music and guitar fan which my wife don't understand why I didn't start playing younger.

    I bought the Kemper power rack(waited 10 weeks) and received 2 days ago. So far I love it and I'am trying to find good profiles(Vintage Fenders and Marshalls). I like a lot of the factory rigs and already deleted a lot of them.

    I'am playing thru a Marshall 4x12 cab with Vintage 30s in a x-pattern and I'am going to buy a 2x12 with celestion blues for cleans and blues playing(love the chime from these speakers).I like the feel of speaker air on my back. I plan on playing the kemper like but will keep my Marshall JVM410H.

    I play in a classic rock and 80 metal band with some friends and play some blues with some local guys(cant wait to bring the Kemper).

    Well Ia'm going to do some reading and fig out how to edit the stored rigs name's.