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    As far as wireless, don't think it's possible as the Kemper does not have a bluetooth or wifi connection.

    Why should not it be possible?

    KPA has USB port, it is running well known RTOS, so it can be easily extended with WIFI and BT with external USB dongle.

    KPA has few more hidden features that may be used in the future for new features.

    It's not normal. Looks like backlight LEDs contact problem. I would contact support.

    On the other hand: You have first Kemper with touchscreen! :D Quite unique feature (bug).

    Why will they give us OS betas, but not a RM beta???

    Because nobody wants to see The end of world coming. ;)

    Because (RMbeta)OS7beta is not a good number.

    New RM/Editor is probably heavily based on new software features that were introduced in OS7. Those features that we don't see and that are part of software structure. And it seems that some bugs have to be solved first.

    Don't worry they will sort it out as they did it every time.

    From the Kemper main manual... Page 45...

    Well, I didn't find anything in the manual that tells me that:

    - You should store your snapshots as rigs in your pool while on OS6 and then upgrade.

    - Snapshots should be treated as temporary until such time as you save them as rigs.

    Am I missing something? :huh:

    You should store your snapshots as rigs in your pool while on OS6 and then upgrade. Snapshots should be treated as temporary until such time as you save them as rigs.

    Could you please provide any source of this recommendation? I am not aware of anything like that.

    And even if it was true, it would be nonsense. Who would ever develop upgrade process like this? It's developers' task to think about such cases and make sure thing will work out.

    I am still waiting for OS v7 which will handle my snapshots properly.

    I have more snapshots. Whenever i like my tweaking, I just take snapshot. And I have many of them. Will I need them in the future? I don't know. Why on earth should I save them as rigs if I am not sure I like them?

    Didn't CK say that 'guitarists should not lost any amp settings' - that's why Snapshots were introduced?

    "fixed: lost snapshots during upgrade"

    Doesn't work for me. :(

    I tried latest 7.1.1. Tried = kaos 7.1.1 booted from USB directly. (I don't upgrade anymore to test new fw, instead I use direct load from USB)

    My snapshots are still lost. If I use fw 6, they are back.

    From what I experienced with OS7 versions and from what I read on forum, there was never any 'release' ready version. Release 7 shipped with Stage was problematic, it was really a 'beta' but renamed to 'release' so the Stage could be shipped to customers.

    How is it that there are bugs in new versions not related to any added new functionality? I tried few OS7 for my Head, but there were bugs, so I went back to OS6. Two of bugs I experienced: all snapshots were not showing (after downgrade, they reappeared), gui frozen, waiting indefinitely when I tried to browse effects. Don't tell me to contact support. I am not beta tester and I don't want to become one. I just tried it, it didn't work I don't complain, it was 'beta'.

    But I see, we have 'release' version with bugs such as, not responding to MIDI messages. Do the developers use any automated testing of new OS before they release it to public? I cannot imagine such bugs would come through automated testing.

    Or maybe the sw has gotten to a state in which bugs like to pop out when unrelated functionality is changed?

    Seeing this phenomenon, I didn't even bother to try 'release' version as it seems it's not ready yet.

    In the past, I remember there was such period when we experienced similar problems with many bugs in new versions. Then the sw was rewritten and all went back to normal.

    Hope it will get sorted out soon.

    Hi Brent,

    my unpowered toaster has same "loose dimension tolerance" as you showed on vid.

    I think it's the same for all devices. I also think it shouldn't be like this on product of this price, but really, I don't care, because I bought KPA for sound not for display cover perfection.

    I am experiencing this behavior on Toaster. RM was unable to update to 7.0 (Update failed) so I have to update through USB stick. When I found this bug, I just downgraded to 6. Downgrade also didn't went well, I had to boot 6.0 from USB stick and only after that KPA was able to update to 6.0. So I told myself I will wait for more stable version. But I have time, no worries. i will wait for new version.

    The profile is great.

    Petrucci's guitar sound is fat on this album. I like it.

    It's so sad that I can't say the same about the music. :(

    When Portnoy left DT, I think, the band lost the last creative person. (The first one was for me Kevin Moore.)

    I don't like none of the albums since Mike left the band. The chemistry is gone for good.

    I was like, "Let's listen to the new album, maybe they will come up something finally". Nope. That music is so boring. No melodies. Nothing. :(

    It feels to me they make music just because the have to. :(

    In november 2017 I discovered Seventh Wonder. Their music filled the empty space for a progressive band which creates music with their hearts. Seriously, just listen to their album Mercy Falls. And Tommy Karevik is one hell of a perfect singer. Maybe I don't like the guitars so much. But the melodies and ideas are just pleasing me each time I hear them.