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    At rehearsal im using monitor out with cab off into my peavey valveking and marshall 4x12 1960 cab and one main out to a yamaha dxr 10. Sometimes i dont bother to connect the amp and cab since its so directional, but it sounds good with both.

    Playing live i just use my dxr as a monitor and feed main out to the mixer.

    Guess you could stick a mike in front of the speaker and do it the old fashioned way, but theese days the venues and soundguys aren`t really overly fond of loud stage sound.

    For me the best way is going direct and get the "same sound" as my dxr and have less unknown parameters changing your sound not regarding the different PA systems at venues though:P

    So the reasoning regarding an amp and cab is more the feel and thump during rehearshal and more of an hassle when it comes to live gigging if you ask me:)

    Due to the fact that time is relative, some of us will probably get the editor tomorrow, others next year. Finally, it depends on how fast you play your strings.

    Seems legit, talked to Yngwie last week and he said he was getting bored of his editor already and was asking when the kemper 3.0 was coming.

    I asked him why he was bored and if a new kemper would help, he just mumbled something about more is more:)

    There is really no time for sympathy, we aren`t talking about hordes of people standing outside the house of a single programmer with pitchforks.

    This is a company with many employees that has come out with small drops of "this is what you may get soon" and hopes of a new world where everybody has come together, hugging their toasters and rack units with only a dream of a single editor to seal the proficy of that: One day you shall not have to bend down towards the floor to tweak, one day your knobs on the unit shall get some rest from the vigorous turning of delay time, one day your mouse will do the work and that DAY IS NOT TODAY.

    For tomorrow comes a day which you will check the forum post again with hope of a sign, a proficy, a leaked screenshot from the programmers, a update from G-string, SOMETHING! And then, maybe the release of the Edithor, the god of thunder or something.

    Anyways we are just waiting for something good as anyone else, no hard feelings:)

    Well, im in for a little conspiracy theory:) At the 2000th post all the Toasters will light up simultaniously over the world and the face of Christoph will be shown in 16 bit on the lcd screens saying: Congratulations! You have unlocked a part the editor, now go forth and find the rest of the clues hidden around. And it will be a series of challenges like playing stairway to heaven backwards ten times for the next part and so on :P

    Regarding the dxr 10 and loud enough, it depends on your genre of music and how hard your drummer hits..

    I play in a metal/rock band and the dxr 10 has been nice, but it starts to fart out when you are starting to hit 2`o clock on the volume dial:P

    I am now looking at a dxr 15 to supliment :)

    Correct me if im wrong, but since the kempers amp is solid state it should be the same rule of thumb as you treat ordinary PA/hifi gear? Approx double the wattage in an amp for the speaker wattage? So 150w speaker - 300w amp is golden?

    I seem to remember that its much worse to drive a speaker with a too small amplifier due to burning coils from hard driven amp.

    As some others have said, it will be ok and trust your nose :P

    The fm3 has a small footprint that sure will tempt some players.

    Since feet are one of the few bodyparts available for switching i don`t see the point in incorporating the amp sim tech straight into the guitar itself.

    I am sure Kemper has taken notice of the market they are missing out on regarding footcontroller sized amp sim solutions.

    My guess is that within two-three years there will be a Kemper Kommander (footswitch sized profile player not including profiling capabillities) and a Kemper 2 in some form with more horsepower for effects, dual amp, stomp profiling, and maybe a guitar profiling technique since that is the one part of the chain that is left after Kemper Kone.

    And maybe a plugin :)

    Yeah great tone for sure! Believe it or not he is actually on tour now with Meshugga as he is one of the few people outside of the band that they confide in when it comes to djent. He is considered one of the founding fathers of progressive death metal and has years of experience moulding hardcore tones.

    Something that you can actually hear around the 35:50 mark in the video. That is a profiled 6505 heavily boosted with a boss hm2, the subtle overtones on that gretch gives it away.

    Fun fact: He had to fight the conductor before the concert because he originally wanted to bring his skervesen raptor, something the conductor denied him to do.

    As you can se in this video the conductor sadly won :P