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    Which is the exact version of your OS? We tested on two machines with 10.12.6, and it worked on both.

    You can press any key from A to Z, and the list will jump to the first entry starting with that letter. This applies to the column that is currently sorted.

    I think every other key command can be found in the manual.

    Rig Manager comes with a pre-installed database that reflects the contents of Rig Exchange at the time of release. From then, it will download only the new, missing rigs. You can switch off using Rig Exchange in the Preferences, but that does not remove the database from your computer.

    Das Einfachste wäre erst mal ein Reboot, falls noch nicht versucht. Falls Rig Manager sich nämlich nicht richtig beendet hat, kann man ihn nicht mehr starten, weil das Programm nicht zweimal gleichzeitig aktiv sein darf.

    Hilft das nicht, bitte Support kontaktieren.

    There is more than one reason to stop support for Windows 7. As long as we support it, we need to maintain our testing and development machines running that OS, and from January 2020 on, they will become vulnerable to any security breach that is discovered later on. Additionally, Windows 8 and above provide some internal improvements that sped up editor development, though they are not directly visible in the product. Rig Manager will still run on Windows 7 for quite some time, only without the editor. We won't actively prevent Rig Manager from running on Windows 7, but official support and testing will end January 2020 at the latest.

    Circular knobs in a GUI haven't needed to be moved in a circular manner since the old days, in case you were referring to me as "some here". I've been using every kind of software since the beginning of software.

    I won't offer any more suggestions, I promise.

    Of course more suggestions are welcome. Regarding the linear/circular knob behavior: it might be that we offer that as an option in the final version, but linear will always be available and default.

    Did the download of the new version succeed? Then you can find the new installer in your Downloads folder and start it from there. It is named something like Rig_Manager_2_1_61.msi.