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    Sorry to hear this, I was quite sure that the update would fix it for you. Could you please send the latest DebugLog.txt again?

    @ Arne

    I tried installing this latest (60) build over whatever was installed - probably beta 59. I am on Win 8.1 and device manager still reports no driver is installed for the Kemper Profiler.

    Is there a specific procedure that you have in mind for getting this to install the driver on a machine where there is no driver installed?

    Of course it is supposed to work out of the box after installing Rig Manager, no matter if there was a different driver installed before or not. Anyway, we have identified 4 different problems when updating to 3.1, and the update to 3.1.60 was supposed to fix three of them. To find out what your problem is I need some log files. Did you already open a support ticket?

    Dear Cantemir,
    there is a problem with the new Rig Manager that shows up only on a few Windows installations, and yours is one of them. The trick with the device manager won't help. If you like, try out this update:…Windows%2064-bit.msi?dl=0

    Thanks for your patience and best regards,


    Dave, Lokasenna and everyone else who hasn't done so yet, would you please open a support ticket? If the problem is that the Profiler is not recognized after the 3.1 update, we need the following files to find out what went wrong:
    Documents\Kemper Amps\RigManager\DebugLog.txt

    Documents\Kemper Amps\RigManager\InstallationLog.txt
    Sorry again for the trouble.

    Still rolls back unfortunately.... :(

    I see you had opened a ticket. Could you provide us with the following files?
    Documents\Kemper Amps\RigManager\InstallationLog.txt


    Without those, we can't find out why exactly your installer is rolling back.

    Hi everyone,
    sorry for all the trouble. Unfortunately, we haven't encountered these update problems on our own Windows machines, but we have identified a potential issue with the driver update. It might fix both the installer rolling back and the Profiler not being recognized after reboot problems. If you want to try it out, please download it from here:…Windows%2064-bit.msi?dl=0
    If you need a 32 Bit Windows installer, please let me know.
    Looking forward to hear from you!
    Best regards,


    The type should be "Sound, Video and game controllers", not "Other device" (Andere Geräte). And Hersteller should be "Kemper GmbH" instead of Unbekannt. For some reason, the Profiler is not even correctly recognized as the type of hardware it is.
    Could you please send the file C:\Windows\INF\ to support? Hopefully this will give us a hint what went wrong.

    Which is the exact version of your OS? We tested on two machines with 10.12.6, and it worked on both.

    You can press any key from A to Z, and the list will jump to the first entry starting with that letter. This applies to the column that is currently sorted.

    I think every other key command can be found in the manual.

    Rig Manager comes with a pre-installed database that reflects the contents of Rig Exchange at the time of release. From then, it will download only the new, missing rigs. You can switch off using Rig Exchange in the Preferences, but that does not remove the database from your computer.