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    You can't have 2 different Cabs in the same Rig unfortunately.

    To get different EQ's the only thing you have to work with is the possibility of adding the Space parameter to the Main outs and send that to your IEM's, then you can send the Monitor outs without Space to FOH. This way each signal would have it's own EQ and the Space parameter would be added to your IEM only. I have sent Monitor out to FOH with 1/4" cables many times and it works great. You would lose stereo to FOH though, that's the big trade off.

    From the Manual:

    By selecting the option “Space>HeadphOnly”, you can select whether it is applied to the HEADPHONE output only, or to the MAIN OUTPUTS as well.

    Another option? Place an EQ pedal in your IEM chain.

    Hope this helps! 8)

    Are you referring to the physical gain knob? That only affects the amp gain. Doesn’t matter whether you’re in a stomp or not. Amp gain only.

    Yes the physical Gain knob :) which of course only affects Amp Gain. When I'm dialing in a Booster I often change the Amp Gain at the same time to get them both working together how I like it.

    I agree you should go FRFR and a powered monitor, one less thing to hook up if you skip the power amp. Headrush is worth the try at $300 you cant beat the price. The next step up in quality will cost a couple hundred more minimum. Check out RCF 312a if the Headrush doesn't cut it for you, for my money the RCF's all sound amazing.

    Wondering if Freeze is accessible via the remote in any way or if there is a midi cc assigned to it. Morphing will work I suppose if you keep it always on and then change the mix from zero to taste but I find that can leave traces of some effects even at 0% mix.

    Thanks for the quick response....

    A concession workaround (just because I need a lightweight solution for international travel): Does this amp have a model that sounds sweet and clean like a Fender Twin playing Little Wing and then still has enough gain within the same amp model to morph into the full crunch of a Black Sabbath song? I could probably get by with that...

    Yes, You can use the morph to change the Mix parameter of any Stomp such as a compressor, Treble/Fat Booster, Pedal Booster and even Amp Gain. What you're trying to accomplish can be done, I do it with the above changes but it has to be on an amp/cab that does both well. I use a Morgan AC20 Profile, have yet to meet a Fender I like over driven, at least how I like it anyways,...

    Has anyone posted the frequency and gain values (or something close) for the Treble Booster stomps? Did a search but nothing came up. I seem to remember a post about this years ago.

    I use one in my D slot and a Pure Booster in X slot for solos and want to possibly free up the D slot by setting a Studio EQ in X with the proper treble booster values and then use the Morph to increase that stomps Volume for solo boosts. I'm also not quite sure if this will increase the overall rig volume or just boost the treble effect. Any help appreciated!

    I agree the Matrix is awesome and you won't need the 1000 to run, it's probably only a 120w cab anyways? Also agree to get the powered version, wish I had somedays but then again the open back makes a great place to store my phone and keys during a show :)

    Cool I didn't know that, hadn't looked at this since I got the remote a few years ago. I could never get it to work with my old Roland FC300, maybe I was the problem lol

    Anyone have any experience with this? Reliability issues? Wondering if it’s a good option or just a ridiculous idea. Would certainly clean up the stage and setup/tear down time.

    Yes in CC mode you can assign a switch to all 10 buttons plus the CTL button. As for programming it there are a couple of threads on how to set it all up here in the forum.

    When I switch my Charvel from SC to HB I get that same feeling like I'm suddenly playing in mud. I use an EQ (A-D slot) stomp that came with a Morgan AC20 rig in RE. It mostly adds a +7db bump around 2500hz. Change mix to suit, its helped me hope it does you too.