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    Agree. I see the same behaviour regardless of method used to switch between rigs. There's some caching going on that improve the switching along the way, and it seems there's room for improvements in future firmware. The KPA should at least load and prepare all slots in the currently selected performance for use, as well as groups of 5 or 10 of the numbered slots in browse-mode.

    Great idea maybe, prep any presets that have midi program change numbers assigned so they load faster.

    Thanks for the response. Well, my tube amp boots for a minute or so. But what I'm talking about is the power blackout. After that tube amp is usually warm enough to go straight to the action again, whereas Kemper boots for another half a minute. Imagine everyone from the band and audience looking at you for loooong 30 secs or more. This vision really frightens me. The use of UPS could be solution to this. But I really don't like when a product itself is designed so that you have to buy another product to be safe when other competition products can be safe without it. Hope that this issue will be addressed in next updates asap ;-)

    If the audience gets mad at waiting a half a minute for a power outage they aren't drunk enough! Seriously though I was considering a UPS too but in 100+ shows the Kemper has gone down twice and neither was the KPA's fault, we cracked some jokes about it and went back to the show. Not worth it for me to lug extra equipment that only gets used on rare occasions.

    Also remember that profiles go after an amps sweet spot and for me adding amp gain can sometimes have negative impacts on the tone (always a matter of taste I know). I use pure boosters a lot to add gain on clean/semi-clean patches and it seems to add smoother sounding gain than using the gain knob.

    I considered an ISP but after playing with the Kemper I can't a need for anything else. I use the noise gate set to about 1.0 or so (will raise it a bit if the venue's power adds any noise) and add a gate when even I use high gain or switch to single coils. Just play with it and I'm sure you can find settings that work for you.

    I'm in the US so am not exactly sure what's available in Europe. I'd recommend looking at the RCF Art 310-A MKIII's They may be a bit above your budget new (around $325 euros with free shipping) but well worth it compared to anything else in that range or less. Their factory is in Reggio Emilia only about 450 km's away so you may find one cheap locally. Good luck!

    Boot time is only a major issue live and it's only happened once where I had to wait to reboot on stage. The new update has me down to 32 secs to reboot, pretty sure that's quicker than some of my old tube amps.

    Lag is a bit of an issue for me, still working around it but it seems to annoy me at least once a gig. If anyone has workarounds I'm all ears.

    I couldn't tell what was wrong I just knew when I used the tuner I was off pitch, heck I didn't even know the tuner had parameters lol. I did the system reset and it fixed the problem but in all likelihood I probably did knock the master tune parameter without knowing it.

    Find what sounds good to you regardless of what guitar It was profiled with. My main rig is a Masotti I got here on the rig exchange and I use it with a '80 Washburn Eagle with humbuckers, used it for 6 months before I realized it was profiled with a strat lol.

    I'm interested in hearing advice here as well, my 2nd guitar will be finished this month. Both are somewhat similar but I will probably ast the very least need 2 different input sections saved to accommodate the different pickup outputs.

    I'd give RCF monitors a try, I know their ART MKII active speakers get great reviews here and they are very inexpensive so I'm sure you could find a passive one that would fit the bill. RSD Music in Eversley, Hampshire has a showroom where you can demo them if that's close. Good luck!

    Was ready to smash my guitar on stage lol. Very frustrating so I'm happy it's gone, especially with 3 more shows this weekend. Will definitely take a different approach with issues moving forward, best thing about this site and my KPA is I feel like I'm part of a team!

    I use the default cry baby, never changed the settings and I use it with high gain (5different amp types) and even a booster stomp before it at times. Something is going on with yours, it should work fine. If nothing is wrong with the pedal I'd start a support ticket unless someone has a better idea. Good luck.

    No, mine is fixed bridge but thanks for the tip on trem arms, my custom build will be ready in 2 weeks and it has a Gotoh trem. I've also never seen the line frequency parameter in the system menu, you guys rock!

    Are you able to get the KPA stomp lights to automatically sync with those on your Roland?

    You can't sync with the Roland or at least I haven't figure out how. The CC buttons stay lit when you change presets, kind of annoying but I got used to it. Would love a pedal with a bunch of CC buttons that give the correct current state (on/off) when I switch patches. Then I'd just use the FC300 for expression pedals and bank changes.

    Are you able to get the KPA stomp lights to automatically sync with those on your Roland?