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    I've used the Kemper for about 7 months 120 shows and couldn't be happier with the tones. I will be adding an axe fx to my rack eventually to get more tweakable effects and as a back up if the Kemper goes down. I use a Roland fc300 for midi changes, it's great having 2 expression pedals and it's built like a tank. Good luck and enjoy your Kemper!

    Having an issue with the tuner changing pitch on me, was amost a full half step down by the 3rd set last night. Started a few shows ago and gets worse as time goes on. I will do an update to 2.4.2 from 2.4.1 later today and see if that fixes it but was wondering if anyone knew of any similar problems and a possible fix?

    According to the manual at 0% you get no effect (this includes the WAH stomp). I use my WAHs with high gain and never hear the warbling you are talking about. I use it in position D with a noise gate in slot A and sometimes a booster in slot B. Would like to hear what your setting are to see if I could reproduce your issue. Below is the manual s explaination of the Mix parameter for all stomps:

    Controls the amount of effect in the signal. At the default setting of 100% you get the most intense effect.
    With some effects, such as Wah or Compressor – only the effect signal is audible at the 100% position to
    give the strongest effect. With other effects, typically modulation effects like flanger or phaser, the dry signal
    is still in the mix for maximum interference with the effect signal.
    When MIX is at 0% you will hear no effect. The MIX control is scaled to perfection individually per effect,
    so there is no volume drop or boost at the 50% position. Some effects, such as the Air Chorus, don’t offer
    a MIX control, as this would contradict the character of the effect.

    You can place the effect loop in any of the STOMP modules or in X or MOD in the EFFECTS section. You can also copy/paste the EQ in question into the MOD position (turn on the EQ, press and hold down the X button until the parameters open up, hit copy, hold down the MOD button to open that one up, hit paste and poof!).

    I try to tweak the profiles to get rid of the EQs that take up stomps so I can free them up for effects. Try the profile without the EQ on, see what it does and maybe you can get satisfactory results by making some tweaks in the STACK section (or one of your pedals?).

    Good luck!

    To the original OP: I play professionally and am very picky about my tone. It took me months to get the sounds I wanted out of my Mesa Boogie Triaxis I used before I got the KPA. To make my KPA purchase feasibIe I had to ship the Triaxis 2 days before I got the KPA. It came the same day I had a big audition and I had never played on one before. I got some very cool tones almost immediately and the audition went fine. Bottom line is the Kemper is an extremely easy unit to work with and get phenomenal sound from, whether you are a bedroom player or a pro. If you can swing the expense get a Kemper, you won't regret it IMHO.

    I never tried the 15's, had heard the crossover frequency of a 15" caused some kind of problems, not sure though. I have tried the Alto 10's and 12's and thought they sounded good with the Kemper, especially if price is a major issue. I A/B the Alto's with a K12 and an EV ZLX12P and felt the EV sounded the best, they are $400 a piece, a bit more than the Altos but a lot less that the K12's or a CLR. I currently use 2 for larger shows and am happy as hell.

    On a side note having a 12" vs an 8" gives you the option of added bass response (I like some bottom end push for certain semi clean profiles, Mesa comes to mind) this can also be easily dialed out.

    I went with the EV ZLX 12P about 6 months ago, they were a bit cheaper and the sound is fine but after 100+ shows they look like a pair of bad B movie props lol. I guess the finish is where I saved the money.


    I have very high output pickups and add clarity (usually around 4.5) to every mid to high gain patch I have and everything I do seems to come through no matter how much gain I use (mistakes especially!!). I'm not particularly fond of my current pickups I just don't like a distorted mess that hides the dynamics of my right hand.

    Love this forum, I went through and made the changes Deny posted to one of my lead patches. Pretty slick! Going to use it tomorrow night, never found the Green Screamer usable until now, always used Pure Boost.

    I've had just the one in 7 months and I download a lot of profiles so I'd say it's pretty stable. I'm also pretty sure my problem came from the flash drive that came with my pre-owned unit.

    I had a software bug at one point due to a corrupt profile I downloaded, it caused popping when I changed presets. I had to delete all my profiles and do a fresh firmware update to get rid of it. If that doesn't work I'd take it back and get a new one. Good luck!