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    Yup I do it all the time, I run both XLR's to the board and the 1/4" to my stage monitor. You can link them all or just one of them to the master volume knob as well. I just use the master volume for my stage monitor and leave the main output volumes to the FOH guy. I've run one side of the main outs to the board and the other to my monitor when my 1/4" to XLR cable went down one night.

    I'm looking for suggestions on what to add as a backup for my Kemper and also additional effects with Kemper in the loop. Unit would need to sound decent as a modeler, as transparent as possible and also have good quality editable effects. Mostly looking to assign delay time to an expression pedal and for some great reverbs. Have owned a GSP1101, not a bad cheap alternative but delay time is not assignable. Could get an older Axe FX I guess but wouldn't this make me a hypocrite? lol Scared of Line 6, never liked them but it's been a few years since I used a POD. Just looking for ideas, maybe I'm missing something out there that might work. Not above getting 2 separate units either. Thanks for any input!

    Had the ZLX 12P's for about 6 months now, 100+ shows and am very pleased with my tone. I was going to get the K12 but I tested them side by side at GC and didn't hear enough difference to justify the extra cash. I actually have 2 now, one I use as a vocal monitor normally but will use both on stage for larger venues.

    They are loud as hell for sure. I find the bass a bit boomy, especially when I use 2 side by side but that's a quick eq adjust and I'm off playing again. I do get some rattle as mentioned in some reviews but only in my bedroom, once I get to a gig it disappears. I've recently switched to the KPA rack mount so I'll be in the market for something different (2x12 cab frfr).The tops of the ZLX's are angled backward and I need something flat to mount my rack onto. Plus this will shut my bass player up about moving air, stage image, blah blah blah etc lol. Other than that I'm very happy with them.

    My opinion: go ahead and buy them especially if a budget is in mind, they are great for the money. With the ZLX and a Kemper even a monkey like me can sound good!

    Yup that's how I have them set up. I have,a booster in slot D and another in slot X controlled simultaneously by my Wah pedal, only have the booster in slot X to increase the volume a bit. I noticed, especially on Mesa Boogie profiles, that when the gain goes up the tone get mushy and loses presence (?), so I add a tad more volume to it. Enjoy your Kemper, I sure do.

    Ha! Yes thanks Lokassena for telling him the same thing I tried to tell him the day before, lol. Just a little light humor :) so long as you got the help I'm happy!! Remember you can also adjust the pedal range in the booster at slot X. This will allow you to dial in actual volume change to taste as you roll in the gain. I keep mine pretty minimal, just enough so I'm not getting lost in the mix with more gain. Peace!

    Anyone have experience with the CLR cabs? I just sold my lunchbox and got a rack Kemper and really want to go with an frfr cab. I'm even kicking around the idea of buying a used cab and swapping out the speakers. Any advice is appreciated!

    I wanted the same thing as I noticed that when I increased the Gain I got lost in the mix on certain amp profiles. I set up a Pure Booster in slot D to roll the Gain up before the Preamp section and also set up a Confidence Booster in slot X which being after the Preamp really just increases Volume for the most part, both were assigned to and work off of the same pedal, I leave both slots, D and X, on with the pedal backed off normally and just step down on the pedal when I wanted more gain/boost. I use a Roland FC300 but I'm sure this will work with any midi expression pedal.

    I use CC#72 to roll in Gain on all my clean/crunch channels and love it. I'll be getting an external expression pedal as well down the road so I can also have the Wah and Gain options for clean/crunch. For live shows rolling the gain in is so much smoother and natural sounding than changing patches. I sometimes get lag from the KPA changing patches from low to high gain on certain profiles, never analyzed it, my guess is it might be from switching on/off the compressor stomp or something similar. To compensate I roll the Gain to max right before I change to a heavier patche, seems to smooth it all out a bit better.

    I use a Roland FC300 with pedals 1-5 for patch changes, CTL 1 & 2 to turn stomps on or off (this varies depending on the patch), expression pedal 1 is always a volume pedal but with the toe switch as a boost for solos, expression 2 varies, it's either a Wah, Wammy pedal or I use it to add in gain for my crunch and clean patches. The toe switch turns the Wah on/off.

    I basically have each bank (1-5, 6-10, etc) set up with different amp profiles. 1st bank is a Masotti for most of our songs (hard rock, heavy blues), 2nd is some Mesa Boogies, 3rd is Fender for clean and Marshall JVM for heavy, etc. I have a couple of banks set for specific stuff like country twang, whammy effects for Rage against the Machine and the like, a drop tune for The Levee but I keep that to a minimum so the show can keep moving. I have most of them set up as bank one for clean w/ a gain pedal, two and three for heavier gain rythym each w/ different stomps assigned, 4th will be for solos dry and the 5th for solos wet.

    This seemed like the best way to get through shows for me. We're a cover band but we don't try to sound like the original. We do around 250 shows a year, both large and small venies, and will pick from well over 100 songs we know plus some on the fly, we don't use set lists and only practice we get is on stage, our singer will just call it out or ask us if he's drinking too much lol. I can quickly get in the ballpark by picking the right amp bank and then pick clean or dirty from there. I thought about naming rigs for songs but I'd hate to have to weed through lists especially since they can get outdated and require maintenance of their own. Hope this helps!

    Boot times are slow but big deal, I do 200+ shows a year with my KPA, if she needs a reboot (which is rare) the audience waits, doubt anyone will ever say they left a good show because reboot times were slow.

    If you're using 2.4 you're missing the true sound of your KPA. Download and install firmware 2.3.3 or wait for the tone issue fix from Kemper which will come eventually. The difference will amaze you, 2.4 sounded like I was playing through a stereo system on quite a few of my profiles.

    Is Kemper perfect? No, but the tone is all that matters to me and they have that nailed tone like nobody else, the rest is stuff I can easily live with.

    I reversed back to firmware 2,3.4 and did a show and my sound is back. Will wait for the firmware fix before I get 2.4 again which I have no doubts Kemper will come out with soon, they're support really kicks butt. Thanks for all the help gang!

    That is probably it, I'll roll back to 2.3 until it's fixed. I updated both and then went to do a show and that's when I noticed the sound change. That's actually great news, nothing wrong with my Kemper or my ears lol.

    Hey all! I've been very happy with my lunchbox for about 6 months but my band does over 200 shows a year so I recently got the rack version to keep things safer (both non-powered). My backup went in fine to the new unit but I've noticed a changed in the sound that's hard to explain. It sounds kind of hifi-ish compared to my old unit, my bass player agreed (he notices everything!). I'm using all the same gear, same patches, same gigs. I was wondering if the backup procedure excludes anything in the process or does it back up the entire unit completely? Master settings, clean sense, output settings, anything that I might not be seeing. Could be this unit works better and I'm finally noticing my pair of EV ZLX 12p's aren't up to the task, lol. Thanks for any help or advice!