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    I want to share with you how I record and reamp my Kemper through SPDIF with Reaper DAW.

    I've built a set of "toolbox tracks" (and saved them as input template). Here there are:

    There are a separator and a folder (just for cosmetic). The three nexts are more important

    How to use it ? (i will explain how to setup them below)

    Record for Reamp

    Your kemper must be set with Git+Master Mono and SPDIF output

    Create a "DI+AMP" track that will contain DI + mono amped (this is a stereo track). I prefer keeping DI and Amped sound together because it is easier to split/cut them together.

    To record a track, I send "Git+M" to the "DI+AMP" track (click and drag the IO/Route button to the "DI+AMP") . Arm the record button on the "DI+AMP".... and let's play.

    Record Master Stereo

    Your kemper must be set with Master Stereo and SPDIF output

    You do the same as previous but using the "Master S" track instead of "Git + M".


    Your Kemper must be set up with SPDIF Input Reamp as Input

    Now, create a new track "ReampResult".

    - click and drag the source track "DI+AMP" to the "REAMP" track (to send the "DI+AMP" to the "REAMP" track) : the REAMP track is configured to just taking care of the DI and send it to the KEMPER

    - click and drag "MASTER S" track to the "ReampResult" track

    - Arm the "ReampResult" ' record button

    - Record.

    How to setup toolbox tracks

    The "Reamp" Track

    This is the setup of the "Reamp" Track:

    - The record is disabled

    - In the routing parameters:

    - Add a new hardware output to correspond to your SPDIF interface

    - Now, set the hardware output to send the channel 1 (mono source -> 1) (left bottom combo box in the routing window)

    The "Git + M" track

    Here is the configuration of the "Git+M" track

    - Enable Monitor Input

    - Disable the record

    - Set Input Stereo to the channel corresponding to the SPDIF inputs

    Note that in the Routing config, I added a Send to a "Kemper M" track : this is an optionnal monitoring track: I send the mono channel 2 (the AMP sound) to a monitoring track.

    The "Master S" Track

    Quite similar to the previous configuration

    So with track tempates, I can easlily add these pre-configured tracks to my projects

    PS: for who that will ask me which reaper theme I use -> here it is :

    Just note that reaper is NOT free ... The evaluation period is not limited in time, the the evaluation version is full featured (only a pause of 5sec at startup). But it is not free ... AND really cheap 65$ lifetime license and eligible to get all the current version updates AND the next major update (so the version 7.0) and its updates as well..

    Reaper here, with mainly 2 plugins :

    - Ample Sound Bass P Lite II : really great because it's free, the sound is great and it offer the ability to import Guitar Pro Tab -> no MIDI programming (it handles all bass articulations according to the Tab)

    - EzDrummer : quite not so expensive (i've seen that slate gives a free light version of SSD5 -> probably a good free alternative)

    Ready to go !

    No it's not extremely difficult neither impossible to ge the big pro sound in a home studio.

    What ??? Ok if you rely on real hardware, you need amps, cabs, mics and rooms ... Basically to expensive for a home studio. But with a kemper, all this infrastructure is hidden behind a profile. So, yes, it is possible to get a "pro sound" in a bedroom, focusing on a good guitar (new string / pickup) and even more, a good guitarist ... Double tracking or quad tracking sloppy played tracks will just give you sh*t

    Common guys, you cannot imagine what a support service can ingest. Ok, they will sell hundered of stage these next two weeks, receiving a lot of tickets about :

    - use questions

    - user errors :)

    - bugs in KAOS 7

    So imagine if they release the KAOS update right now for the rack and toaster version ? they would be flooded by tickets !

    Beyond that, i do not understand pricing policy :

    - as far as i know,, the only missing stuffs on the stage are the 3 buttons (stomp, effect, amp), both reverb/delay rotary knobs, the ethernet connector (seems dedicated to remote, so useless here)

    But the stage has :

    - a stereo monitor output

    - an additional send/return

    - apparently, a updated (better ?) input with 2 impedances selection

    - the functionnality of a remote

    and it is cheaper than the toaster / rack version ?

    What am i missing ?

    To stay with the differences :

    - 2 effects loops

    - a stereo monitor output

    - The profiling feature ??? Gone ???

    Furthermore, there is a new official Kemper stage overview video :

    Interresting stuffs :

    - Overview of the new preset management :

    - Use of USB2 :

    -> manages Rig, performances AND PRESETS