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    Besides the universal Ox Box there are also the Two Notes Captor X and the Boss Waza Tube amp expander. They can also act as a load box and you can record DI with them. I never played one, but I am interested because I still have a Koch tube amp that I like.

    Our band has tried to rehearse with Jamkazam for the first time yesterday. It was not very satisfying. All members had various problems. At the end of the evening, our bassplayer and me (both with focusrite audio interfaces, a 2i2 3rd gen and a 6i8 3rd gen) were able to jam together. And we had a good sound without latency. Our singer (with a Steinberg interface) had problems because she heard a lot of cracks. And we only heard her singing in the left channel. Our other guitar player used his line6 Helix as an audio interface, but couldn't even get to play in our session. He was greyed out and the message we got was ´no audio from John'.

    We are going to try and fix the issues this week because, when it works Jamakazam is a really nice tool to rehearse in these times. I think it is a lot busier than normal on the Jamkazam servers so that also might be a reason we are encountering problems. Beside the fact that our singer and our other guitar player are no whizz kids :-)

    I am also a rock/hard rock player and I have the same experience. I have returned the cab. Compared to my Palmer 1x12 cab with a Celestion Creamback or with my Friedman ASM12, the Kemper cab sounded thin and harsh at higher volumes (monitor out at -30db). At bedroom level it sounded good. I have read the manual (7.2) and I am sure I did everything right. I use mainly MBritt profiles.

    +1 for the Sennheiser HD25! After years of use, my Sennheiser HD400 (which i boughts back in the 80's) died. After reading a lot on this forum, I bought the BeyerDynamic DT880 two weeks ago. It is not a bad headphone, but I wasn't completely happy with the sound either. So after reading this thread, I decided to buy the Sennheiser HD25. And I am very happy I did. The guitar sound is a lot bigger and more fun to play. The BeyerDynamic goes back.

    Thanks for the discount Michael ! I finally bought the BoC pack. Should have done that a long time ago :-) There are a lot of great profiles I like in this pack: Bogner Goldfinger, Soldano, Matchless, TKO all sound very very good!

    I bought a Gibson Les Paul in 2015 and never played and liked it much because it would always go slightly out tune real fast. Yesterday, I installed a string butler V3 on it and it really solved the tuning problems on my Les Paul! :) Only negative thing about it is the name. Googling it was hell :D

    There are some good acoustic profiles on the rig exchange made by Dorrus. And Bert Meulendijks has a good acoustic pack for sale.

    Ik play in a rock cover band and in an acoustic duo. For acoustic I also use the Kemper. Sounds really great with the profiles mentioned. has been release and the release notes contains this:
    - changed: If WahPedal >Volume is activated, pedal volume is maintained during Rig changes and doesn’t require to be picked up at toe position after Rig change any more.

    I just installed the update and it works just perfect.
    Thank you Mr. ckemper!