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    Got to give a shout out to these fine folks at Rose.

    Somehow I stumbled across these and chose to pull the trigger on a set of these during their July 4th sale @ $75 U.S.

    Background: My experience having an otherwise dormant 60th Anniversary Strat merely collecting dust in the closet.
    In every way this Strat was a mint axe, but those MIM Tex Mex pickups just plain sucked with no response life at all.

    Now, with this set of pickups in it, that 60th Strat has now become a strong contender towards my other favorite guitars. :thumbsup:
    i.e. I can coax both chimey cleans and the most angry distortions now out of these cool little tone sticks. **Note: Those weird pots are a ToneShaper product I use as well**

    I happy to be the herald as these shouldn't be a secret.

    Well... Judging from all the reads and the lonely one "echo" response, I guess it'll just come down to whatever sounds best I suppose.

    To Kempers' credit, this new legend is pretty intriguing how all those variable measurement components increase/decrease disproportionately to each other now.

    I'm sure the science is faithfully accurate, I just wish I knew how better to take advantage of it.

    Certainly no show stopper, but went I went to verify my Master Volume settings and I discovered this new Mstr Vol legend listing.

    I basically kept my prior (1-10) settings around 3.5.
    Now with with all the categories listed in -dB increments, what's everyone using now-a-days. (or would equate to my prior 3.5?)

    FWIW - I did check the latest 5.1 manual and didn't see anything.
    That's not to say it's not there, I just haven't found anything yet.

    I'm sure it's simple thing and but just trying to get my little head around it.

    Based on what's in the latest manual, I'm confident there's an excellent reason for the change and all those initiatives far outweigh my unfamiliarity.

    On the surface it may seem so, since Kemper draws nothing compared the wattage draw of a conventional amp.

    But for me, it still all comes down to (IMO anyway) PROTECTION.
    I can't tell how many times I played out where power availability was extremely sub-standard.

    If that turns to be the case, I would want to know about that condition asap.

    Beyond that, you can call me lazy since I still do prefer having a central "hub" to plug in all my various attachments. i.e. power amp, extension amp, wireless remote charger etc.

    I still wouldn't leave home without one.

    Welcome and congrats!
    Kemper along with the remote are indeed a different and glorious species of product.
    I recall anguishing over finding an enclosure with enough height without any excess.
    (Most products were simply too tall/high)

    I ended up going with a product made here in U.S by Protec ( Model# SWPB2

    It allows ample room for the Remote along with twin expression pedals.
    Fits like a glove.

    Hope it helps

    Went with "blind faith" an pulled the trigger for this update.
    I really admire the great work involved in this release.
    The cloud based rig pack feature is a very lucid approach in order to benefit the community.
    Even though I had cut-n-pasted in my Rig Manager before, I since verified any dups and 'blitzed" them.

    Nice to know any new offerings will now be available for ready use at any time in the future.

    Bravo Kemper Team!

    Download and installed the complete 5.1 package, then ran to practice.
    The import and transition all went well without a hitch.
    I also tested/experimented with most of the delays. Wow!

    Moreover, what impresses me is we now having an incorporated dual delay "engine" (for lack of a better term)
    I've been lusting for dual delays since way back and Kemper successfully delivered this ability within this package.

    Well done Kemper Team!

    i cannot think of a single cable which should unplug itself when your Profiler is located on top of a speaker. what do you mean by "the cable to amp connection"?

    A little late to the party here.
    But, I think what most are trying to convey here is it would be a huge improvement to implement the use of the following.…04/660x/ne8fdx-p6.jpg?v=1 on the Kemper

    Clearly no one would want to muck up Kemper internals in order to perform such a modification, but at least as I see it, that feeble retaining clip from the Remote breaks off ever so easily rendering the remote cable vulnerable to popping out of the Kemper.

    Granted replacement cables and add-on retainers can be had, but correcting the root cause of this minor defect would yield an immensely grateful Kemper community.

    Gotta share Mfolet's SS100 sweet profile has shot up to become one of my all time favorites now.
    Keeping the list contained gets harder and harder all the time.
    Terrific and useful profile capture. Well done!
    FWIW, I partnered this rig with BulldogXTRM's BE100 cabinet which (to my ears anyway) compliments it best.

    Since no one has chimed in, I'll take a stab at your question.
    Having owned both the GCP and currently using the Kemper Remote, hopefully I can share some in-sight to help.

    I'll say first, if I didn't go with the Remote, the GCP would have been my alternative choice.
    I used the GCP with a Mesa Triaxis setup, and it's both a robust and effective pedal board.
    (I really enjoyed taking advantage of the 7 pin midi out thereby eliminating that extra power feed)

    Secondly, all taken into consideration, you are at what I'd say to be at a 50/50 mark as to whether going forward would be cost beneficial to you.

    Consider this: The Kemper Remote is specifically designed to work with the Kemper.
    As such, it has intrinsic features available to you which no other pedal board can offer.
    i.e. integrated tuner, bi-directional communications, etc.

    Size-wise: the GCP is considerably larger and heavier than the Remote.
    Depending on your preferences, that can either be good or bad. (If you prefer button spacing, the Remote might end up being too compact for you.
    I will add that the Remotes compactness sometimes caused me to mistakenly select the looper function while targeting a stomp function. (But I resolved that by modifying a domed cover placed over the Looper button to prevent that)

    While on the Looper, the Looper function itself is OK, but I find it's One minute capture time a tad too limiting for any real stage function. i.e. it's no real comparison to other extended looper devices on the market.
    So, if you truly want to explore true Looper features, I'd look into a dedicated looper for that purpose.

    Cable-wise: having one CAT 5 style cable between devices is what I was after for so very long.
    The connection cable provided is sturdy enough, but I (and others) have had instances where that small retaining clip has broken off rendering the Kemper side cable connection prone to slipping out.
    Discovering an aftermarket clip-on mod addresses this issue should it occur for only about $8.00 for pkg of 10.
    Replacement after market cable have been identified as well.

    The bi-directional sync feature between between devices should not be over-looked as it'll save you loads of time over "teaching" the GCP.
    Downloading a patch from Rig Manager directly into your Kemper and the reference title being listed directly on the Remote is about as seamless as it gets!

    So, all-in-all it'll be up to you whether these advantages are cost effective enough to go forward.

    The last point I'll leave you with is with over four plus years of Kemper experience, Kemper has been the only device I've ever invested in where it's actually improved rather than degraded. That speaks volumes IMO.

    I for one, look forward to any additional features Kemper elects to incorporate and share via future updates.

    Hope this helps.

    Unlike many here, I went forward and pulled the trigger to get the Xvive wireless unit.

    My selection criteria was based getting something to:
    1: Take advantage of today's technology. 2.4 Gz wireless
    2: Being robust enough for field use
    3: Being able to recharge/use with the least amount of tension/anxiety
    4: Guards against signal dropouts / interference

    After some time with them and a live performance behind me, I'm comfortable submitting a successful review of these units.

    The first point I'll mention is this product with it's small design, is a bit of a "double edged sword"
    Meaning it's small package unit size having the obvious advantage of compact size, but some may find it somewhat challenging to work with.
    Or even risk loosing the required charging attachment. (I'll discuss my solution a little further on)

    Frequency-wise, I've experienced zero drop-out/interference issues using these units.

    They have also worked with several different guitar styles with no issues what-so-ever.

    Some similar reviews cite the tone actually getting brighter since these work over the same upper band 2.4 Gz frequency.
    (The best physical cables have an internal resistance by design, which will always result in a duller sound)
    A simple tone EQ roll-off compensates for this condition if it concerns you.

    FWIW - Keeping these little muchkins together can be a task since they're so small.

    So, here's what I did and you're more than welcome to adopt something similar should you choose.

    Beware that both the transmitter and receiver look and feel alike!
    I resolved to simply label identify the back of the Receiver and leave it in the Input jack of the Kemper. (My SKB rack cover fits and protects)

    The Transmitter fits all my guitars with no physical/sonic interference. So when done, (turned off) I plug the Transmitter into my Kemper headphone.

    Now, the Xvive comes with this dinky little Y cable in order to recharge both units simultaneously.
    The promoted idea is do this on a computer (which you can always do) but my preference was to keep everything together when needed.

    So I used an AC USB module which I have now dedicated into an AC port of my rack power conditioner.
    Next in order to always have the Y cable when/where I needed it, I grabbed an old "flip phone" belt carrier I had hanging around.
    (Any similar sized folding/locking container of the like will do: Flip Jewelry box, etc)
    I then used double-sided tape to secure the phone carrier to the inside front of my SKB cover.

    Now, if I have to charge or check charge of the unit before any event, I have everything handy in order to do so.

    Moreover, should I change guitars for different events, I needn't concern myself where all the components are.

    It's a great little wireless solution which suits me fine.

    Xvive Rack Set up

    I have the U2 system. It's working well with passive PU's. I use it at rehearsal mostly and I haven't had any dropouts with it yet. But, If you have a guitar or a bass with built in preamp such as SD blackouts you may get a squealing noise. I tried it with passive SD's and active EMG's with no problem. I contacted them about this issue and they have updated their homepage with this info. The sound and the size is great tho.

    Thanks for your comments.
    Personally, I'm still keen on the U2 system for my purposes even though others have recommended some fine units.
    Your preamp caution is appreciated too, since it might affect use with my Parker Mojo.
    (But since my current main guitar is a Godin Passion RG3 anyway,
    I believe it'll still suit my needs)

    Many Thx

    Way back when, I had experimented and then later gave up on any aspect of using wireless.
    IMO, it was mostly due to the "tone-sucking" results from the technology of the time.

    Now... With the advent of Kemper's performance and most recently with results from the 5.0 release, it's got me thinking about wireless once more.

    I've read lot's of love here for both Line 6's G series (G-10 & G-30) wireless products.

    For me, the G-10 would be a choice, but I also read about some having issues with that feeble USB connection breaking or otherwise becoming disabled rendering the product useless. Perhaps not as robust a product for the $$$ comparatively.

    I then discovered the Xvive U2 unit which really now has my attention.

    Since both Line 6 G-10 and Xvive U2 units connect use 24 bit resolution, the only shortfall I see with the U2 unit would be it's 6ms latency.
    (And that is most likely is something I could probably live with)

    So before I go forward, I'm curious if anyone here has had any real experience using the XVive U2 with their Kemper.
    If so, I welcome your comments.