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    There will be Hendrix type tones lol :D . I said at the time there was no rigs for free that I found "useful" and I have never been influenced by Hendrix. That has changed the more I got and dug into them and the more that are coming out except Hendrix still does nothing for me 8) . I admit I was premature on my thoughts and backing up a friend :) I have NO claims that my profiles are better than anyone's. I am just trying to make a good central area for the small time makers to sell. The web site and the time I put into helping others distribute costs me money hence the reason there is a fee for my service. I most likely will make no money off of others I sell; I am just trying to help. I hope everyone sees that and I hope it all works out. Thanks again and I hope my results are useful to those who purchase them. In the end who can trust a guitar player that don't like Hendrix 8) .However, I respect the tone and for you caveman1 its free on me when I get it close :thumbsup:


    thanks and I just sent them(kemper) and Christoph himself an email about it. I don't see to much conflict at all coming. Part of keeping it intuitive is by the way I have it. I respect Kemper and other users and If needed would change it. If all else fails ill change it to KPAProfiles. ;)

    Website is new so please tell me anything you find. Also I have more amps coming this weekend.

    I think this is a great idea for a shared area for smaller commercial guys like myself to have a big community and store to go to.


    KemperProfiles.Net was started as a way to distribute my Kemper profiles out in a high traffic area unlike a big cartel page. I wanted a URL that was easy and intuitive for someone with a Kemper looking for profiles. I then thought about the free download area at Kemper’s website. I began to think what if I added a spot on my site to help out other awesome profile makers in the commercial side and help distribute their product as well. So here it is! :D

    No catch and not a "get rich" off of ya: :thumbsup:

    I sell and email your profiles for you and take 20% and you get the other 80%. As soon as payments are made to me you get your cut. You get to kick back and relax while our high traffic web site gets your profiles out there. We all win. You choose the price, how you want them sold (packs or single amps) and ill host and distribute them on my site. You can of course still sell them anywhere else at the same time you like and I encourage you to do so as well. I do still expect you to do promotion on your own using Facebook and forums about where to buy them to help selling potential. There will be a “growing star” on the homepage for who sells the most in a 2 month period and will be renewed every 2 months. \m/

    So get ahold of me here on face book and throw a like on the page!

    Email here to send your files, prices, how you want them sold (packs or single amps) [email protected]

    I understand privacy and respect it very much. I will not give away your profiles or anything without your permission.

    Thanks, I hope to hear from you all soon enough.

    My opinion :thumbup:

    I agree with VESmedic all the way. You cannot compare the drum samples to the Kemper. Even the Andy Sneap Drum samples he did are not all the way processed to what he would use in his personal mixes. Why would he ever want to do that? He is not going to give away his signature sound that pays the bills ect. People come to guys like Andy for their master drums and guitar work. People like him can spend 3 days making a toontrack pack that sounds better than most people can do in a months’ time. But in reality when they are recording a band they themselves can put a months’ time into the real product that will never be available for sale. So in theory the drum loops are about 40% of what they would really use and the Kemper as we all know with proper technique can be about 90%+. Now let’s go on the shared opinion for the Kemper. I know Collin Richardson and them literally keep their profiles in lock and key as to not get out. If Collin and Sneap gave away their profiles that they spent all their time mic’ing properly ect for MAJOR productions, they would be outa biz. Again their profiles are about 99% accurate if not better and are used on major productions. Here is my take on this for anyone that cares. I have heard the Lasse Lammert’s free pack compared to his personal one. While the free ones are still the best available they are not as good as his "personal" ones for his records and or paying customers. They mark his trademark sound. Lasse himself has been quoted about not feeling well on giving out his profiles and I believe he would agree with myself and VESmedic and proves most points about this write up.
    Point I’m trying to make guys is that most producer packs if they ever come out will be good but still nothing that was ever used by them on your favorite bands tone they recorded. And that’s what VESmedic was basically saying. I have heard some of these profiles VESmedic speaks of and they are night and day different than you could ever commercially buy. PERIOD! He is doing people a favor by putting samples up so you can hear what can actually be done with proper gear and mic’ing with the kemper. Again just my opinion. :thumbup:
    So let’s not beat each other up and make this a peaceful forum 8) :D :thumbsup: