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    I understand this now, I was confused as well and tried to "extract" the .bin file, which ended up with a lot of nonsense, as you can imagine. I guess my Maxc OS extracted it automatically....

    The embarrassing scenario : I was fooling around with a newly acquired bass head and couple guitar cabs, and my kemper... Somehow (like a bad comedy routine) i plugged speaker out of bass head to speaker out of the kemper . Then wondered why there was no sound. Bass head imploded, completely dead. ?

    Hi trusted kemper community! After 7 years of outstanding performance, i did something super stupid ? and killed the power section of my power rack :(:(:(. I have email in for advice on repair but wondering if it might be cheaper / easier / more fun to replace the power conditioner in my rack with with a separate 1 rack space power amp... Seems like there are some options under $500. I've always thought hearing my kemper in stereo would be a thrill... ?????

    I appreciate all thoughts/ recommendations / experience with repairing power amp. Thanks all!

    My Marshall 4x12 is rated less than that (30 watt speakers) and A) hasn't burned up (yet) and B) is pretty darn loud with master at 30-40%

    It used to sound way quiet, tho, until I found a little check box in output "power amp boost" or something. Search forum because others have gone thru this low volume thing...

    here's someone's check list I found:
    After you have reintialized Global settings, first check volume levels using only Master Volume. If for some reason, you need more volume output out of your Speaker Output, first got to Output Menu, and boost the Monitor Output Volume.

    Next, If that still isn't enough, turn on the Power Amp Boost control in the Output Menu, and adjust.

    Make sure you have "Monitor Cab/Off" activated, if you are connecting directly to a traditional guitar cabinet.

    Another possibility, is to check any connected volume pedal (if applicable). You may need to recalibrate your volume pedal.

    Once I had a similar issue with the remote. Thanks heaven it was only rehearsal.Later at home I found out that the cable made this problem.
    I changed the cabel and since that time I always have some spare in my tool case.

    Thanks for the reminder - (did you check the cable stupid? or DYCTCS)

    I'm using a liquidfoot for my MIDI control. I did sort out a problem with my wha - TRS cable going into liquidfoot was sketchy. Surprising since it just sits all tied down in a flight case but I guess they don't make em like they used to. I have a back up PedalSnake (basically 4 MIDI cables) that I will employ and see if the problems persist.

    My Kemper has been acting buggy lately, taking forever to boot up, not responding to midi PC changes, or responding slowly, freezing up , display looking weird, etc... its also about three years old. Multiple attempts at start up are now the norm. I am on current OS, which I believe to be the problem - I didn't update for a couple years since it was working fine. :(

    I had a similar experience and was advised to hold the rig button on whilst powering up to clear the edit buffer, which, if corrupted, throws these kind of problems. I didn't know at the time and resolved it with the longer alternative of restoring a backup. Not a comfortable scenario mid gig

    Thanks for the tip - I will try tonight. I'm dreading a gig with this type of uncertainly.

    Hi all - I'm getting intermittent problems with my KPA. I think it has to do with my Liquidfoot JR +, but not sure where to begin... Both pieces of hardware have latest firmware, Kemper on latest OS. I actually think that's where the issue is since I've been using this set up for over three years with no significant problems.

    Problems include: Kemper freezes on start up, sometimes doesn't seem to "find" the Liquidfoot or a long time to find it, only will respond to program change 5 after I send PC4, screen backlighting turns off, freezes on shut down, "locked" stomp boxes / effects" not activated or turn off on PC change, sluggish rig load / display update when in Browse mode... a bunch of small bugs. I can usually get things working OK after restarting the KPA a few times. I tried different orders with power up but it doesn't seem to help the bug filled landscape.

    The two way communication was faulty on the tuner display on liquidfoot (note would display but sharp / flat indicators wouldn't). I did post on Liquidfoot forum and a firmware update fixing this seemed to be available almost immediately - not sure if just coincidence or the FAMC guy saw and fixed ...

    Anyway - curious to know if any other users of Liquidfoot are having problems. I can limp along but miss the confidence of my set up working the first time I fire it up. This behavior will be very stressful at the next gig! ?(:(

    5 years and this is the first real issue

    Curious as to a solution was found - ever since updating my KPA OS last fall (it had been a couple years), MIDI has been misbehaving. I updated last week to the current version and now no PC changes from my Liquidfoot, altho the CC messages are working....

    Also, two way communication from tuner is buggy (that was first problem) - it displays the correct note on the Liquidfoot but not the high/low indicator chevron so not usable as a tuner. It displays OK on KPA.

    Also experiencing freezes, browse knob not operating, other intermittent bugs - not even sure where to start, or if I should roll back to an old OS. ?(

    I too had been very happy for over 4 years! ;(

    This was caused by the polarity of the switch being wrong. Changing it solved it.

    Hi - I am having a similar but intermittent problem with Mission Spring loaded (goes thru liquid foot). It sorts it self out if I work the pedal a bit but seems random so might be a calibration problem, or something else... where can a experiment with the polarity - or would it even apply in my set up? Thanks, Erik

    Hi - My KPA has worked pretty great for 4 years, including my last gig (luckily). One small issue, and might be hardware or 3rd party foot controller (Liquid foot) is that the wah effect on my spring loaded Mission wah, sometimes stays engaged for a random amount of time.. A bit irritating but lower priority and complex to troubleshoot.

    BUT, the last time I tried to use the unit - it locked up on start up (even after multiple restarts, with and without the MIDI foot controller connected) including turning off the power conditioner. After a couple hours (I had to use a "real" head for rehearsal - gasp), I idly send a program change from the Liquid foot and it snapped to like nothing had happened... I haven't used it since but obviously very concerned. On some start up attempts the start up bar would almost finish, then, just an illuminated blank screen, other times the images below would present....

    last system update January (OS Public Beta) - it had been behaving fine all year...

    Simon Fallon - new guitarist for Striker - excellent stadium worthy shreddy metal from Canada!

    I got to speak with him and share Kemper notes after their gig here in LA a few weeks ago. He uses a "stacked" profile he made by recording his 3 favorite amps ( think a EVH, Mesa, and can't remember the third) into a DAW, then profiling the blended sound.