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    Got it for over a month now. And loving it!

    [Blocked Image:]

    Unfortunately its not really possible for me to capture the top wood.

    - Black limba body

    - walnut top

    - 5 piece wenge-bubinga neck with matching headstock

    - birdseye maple fretboard

    - Bolt-on

    - 26.5" scale

    - Luminlay side dots

    - White binding on body, neck and headstock

    - Evertune bridge

    - Hipshot open gear locking tuners

    - Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets

    - Flushmount strapmounts

    - Graphtech TUSQ nut

    - Bareknuckle Miracle Man/Juggernaut

    The best thing is the Evertune, i have to admit... and the open gear tuners are sexy as f#$k 8)

    Sounds and plays great. Never thought that i would be healed from my obsession with the EMGs :D

    I am curious how many KPA users have a guitar with the Evertune installed.

    I personally think that now i can say that i have the perfect setup for me with my evertune guitar.
    No worries about tuning anymore, no worries about the good sound thanks to the KPA.

    At first, when the system was introduced, i thought that there was no need for a "always in tune" guitar bridge, hence tuning was no big deal at all. But after trying the first guitar and testing the possibilities with the 3 zones it got me interested in buying a guitar.

    Long story short: I traded my Mesa Roadking for the guitar and now i couldn´t be happier :)

    This thing stays in tune in all situations! Bending is also no problem when set up properly for the use. And for recording situations you don´t have to worry to ruin a take because the guitar got out of tune.

    And last but not least, Evertune has an outstanding customer support! I had a noise issue coming from the bridge (rattling) and they sent me an updated part at no cost via Express delivery! Also really nice contact with the guys from evertune.

    I will definitely buy the next guitar with an evertune bridge.

    A good quality cable (Cordial, Sommer, Klotz) and Neutrik plugs. Switched over to soldering my own for everything a while ago.

    I don´t think that a 100,-/0.5m cable is really necessary.
    Not even in the studio. Maybe there is a slight difference but i personally doubt anyone else besides yourself would really notice.

    Yup, that scenario is working. But the option to control any midi gear without changing the rig would be great.

    I often use the morphing feature a lot to switch between clean and distorted sounds because of the cool fading between the sounds for example. If i want to trigger an additional external effect in that same rig it is either on or off when i select the rig. The fading is not possible if i change between rigs i think.

    It would be my feature request to have an additional stomp effect to send PC commands when turned on or off which can be triggered via the remotes effect slot buttons or an additional footswitch.

    For example if i want to control another Amp with the Remote in addition to the KPA itself.
    Or if i want to trigger a click-track from my DAW, Start or stop recording.
    Or anything else that can be controlled via MIDI, lights or pyros or whatever.

    Is there any chance that this will be implemented as additional feature in the future?

    Yeah, it is possible to use another solution than the remote. But for those who use it already it would be a huge step backward to use another pedal and/or route another pair of cables to the rack. The convenience is one enormous advance of the remote. I would love to integrate it in any setup without limitations. I am not sure if Midi switching has any time-wise pros or cons in oposite to the remote switching times.

    The hardware is there, its only a little line of code to be written ;) Please @timo, can you tell if this will be done someday?

    I am currently planning a new Setup where i want to control external MIDI gear. I know that it is possible to send PC commands when a rig is loaded.
    Wouldn´t that be a useful feature to assign any button to send those commands?

    Or am i missing something? :S

    I think it would be a no-brainer for the Kemper team to implement a stomp type effect to send MIDI PC on activation or to set an external 2-button footswitch to send the MIDI commands (which would be a great addition for anyone who is using external MIDI gear)

    What do you think? Is it something that is useful?

    Es geht auch bis 15m ohne Injektor. Von Sommer gibt es ein Kabel dass die Anforderungen dafür erfüllt. Ich war selbst überrascht dass das funktioniert. Wir haben es an 2 KPAs in Verbindung mit 2 Remotes getestet.

    Im Zweifelsfall aber lieber einen Injektor einbauen, da ist man nicht an spezielle Kabel gebunden und kann auch mal ein günstiges Kabel als Ersatz nutzen.

    I am currently at the point where i want my rehearsal rig profiled. I am not 100% sure how i can get the best results.

    Here is the rig:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Signal Chain: (guitar) --> Tuner --> TS9 --> Decimator --> Morley ABC -->
    A Engl --> 4x12
    B Mesa --> 2x12

    When i want to make a studio profile i think it is clear that i have to blend the two (or more) microphones with a mixer and profile that chain. The Decimator will be bypassed of course.

    But is it possible to get a direct profile somehow? If i use two DI boxes to blend the signal from both amps together? I currently only have one and think about getting another for that purpose. But if the final result will be bad i can save that money on beer and a new set of strings :D

    Has anybody ever done this?

    - Chris

    In my opinion, if it comes to a compact rig, i would´nt plan with any monitor at all. I usually take my Rack, my remote and 2 guitars and thats it. The remote in a case in the left hand, the KPA in its rack in the right hand and both guitars in a double gigbag on my back.
    If i would go to any gig by public transportation, i would never want to carry a big, heavy box with me.

    For me simplicity beats everything. Every gig that i´ve played so far had monitor wedges which were absolutely useable. I don´t need any "perfect tone" for monitoring. I can rely on the output of the KPA and thats what important. The crowd has a good, clean signal. I just need to know where i am and how it sounds roughly.

    For a compact solution, i would go for in-ear monitoring. If you get a powered rack version you can put the in-ear sender inside the rack and have also the option to use a box if any available. There are some who put the remote in the lid of the rack. For small things i would put a drawer in the rack and everything is where it is supposed to be. That way you have everything as compact as it could get.

    Der Kemper im Pedalformat wäre wirklich genial. Die Remote mit den Funktionen des KPA und ich würde sofort zuschlagen.

    Die Möglichkeit 2 Profile miteinander zu mischen wäre auch interessant. Also parallel 2 Profile zu nutzen.

    Auch wäre eine Version mit abgespeckter Größe interessant. Ein Gehäuse mit 1 HE würde mir auch gefallen. Da kann man dann die ganze Saitenfraktion in einem kompakten Rack unterbringen.

    Oder ein reiner Profile-Player, also ein KPA ohne die Profiling Funktion, auch sonst etwas abgespeckter.