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    The Whammy won't output any midi data I'm afraid.

    But the way you're controlling your Whammy is cool. I control mine (preset and expression) via midi from my helix. The pedal lives in a rack drawer.

    Damn, imagine being able to leave the expression pedal behind and just use the whammy for everything, would be so simple. PC in for tuning changes, CC out for all expression.

    The Mooer as a controller almost works perfectly , so I have a permanent onstage back-up that's just a little bigger than a remote. The problem is.......lack of CC out ||

    I've been controlling the Whammy via PC mapping from a Mooer GE300 controlling my Kemper. I'm thinking of re-organising my rig and going Dual Kemper, anybody know if I can use CC data from the Whammy to control Kemper Wah modules?

    Finally, measured, in idle, 220v, the headrush consumes around 3.8A of current, and while playin and mid volume goes to 4.3A, that means the headrush uses around 750W plus of nominal real voltage, so there you have it, 2000W looks like marketing, at most this thing would be a 1200W peak speaker, but it indeed sounds like a louder one. Still, no luck for your pedalboard :/ wont make it with 2A

    Thanks so much for doing this. Like you say, it won't work for what I need to do, but I'm sure someone at some point is going to be Googling for exactly this and you'll answer their question too.

    When recording, I use external IR's in my DAW as I blend a few amps and use complimentary cabs to get a wider spread. Luckily the main cab I favour, I have as both IR and Kemper cab.

    Ok, for reference you can make the classic calculation for current, the FRFR has a supposed peak of 2000W, which would give you a peak current of 20A at 120v, and around 12A at 220V, for nominal operation, they normally operate at 60% peak voltage, so your nominal current would go arround 12A and 7.2A. Assuming you live in europe, then I would not connect your FRFR112 unless the passtrough supports at least 10 amp. But most passtrough connections do, so I think you would be fine.

    I can measure mine anyway, just give me a couple of days for weekend to arrive so I can check personally with my FRFR108 (has the same electric configuration to the 112, just smaller coils, same power, should be fairly the same).

    Thanks so much, I'm waiting on a Cioks Big John to arrive and the pass-through is 2A, so it sounds like it's unlikely to work. The FRFR is being delivered to a rehearsal space in Germany ready for tour, so I've got no way of checking for the next three weeks.

    Your playing here is pretty tight but Josh is utterly, utterly clinically tight with his rhythm playing. Take a look at where on the string you are picking, this can make a huge difference to your clarity, also how you are contacting the string (Angled/Flat), try out different pick materials and thicknesses. I'm also hearing slightly more low end in your example, it may be coming from whatever pre-amp/interface/DI box you are using to record. You also need to factor in your listening environment, you may be making changes based on characteristics of your room

    I'd say you are 95% there with this sound, this last 5% is the stuff that seperates 'really great sounding guitarist' from 'That guy is not of this earth' and I really believe that most of it comes from technique first and foremost.

    Firstly, cabinet choice. Profiles with non-optimal mic's or bad speakers will have high whistles/hollow mids/low flub. As you've kind of alluded to, there's a lot of amateur sounding profiles out there, the trick is to hunt out the few that are pro sounding for the kind of tone you are trying to achieve.

    Secondly, the majority of high gain profiles sound better with an EQ block straight after the amp with a notch cut at around 6khz, and possibly 9khz (depending on the original profile). I don't think I've found a profile yet that didn't benefit from some degree of doing this.

    As Nicky says, piracy concerns would make most companies think twice about this.

    I would like a vst but purely to control the Kemper - it would be nice if you selected a channel on your DAW with a Kemper Control vst that did not have the ability to be a Kemper but just talked to the hardware Kemper and selected the profile you were using last time. It’d be nice if daw automation worked too, again just to play with parameters on the hardware Kemper.

    +1 DAW control and recall would be amazing

    It's looking likely, as someone else said here it's the ease of getting it into hand luggage that's swaying it for me after lugging a 4U case through countless airports as hand luggage, especially in the current European heat. I've switched from using a Remote to a Mooer GE300 for an onstage redundancy, two boards on the floor and a wireless unit will be way more convenient.

    I would love to, but unfortunately this is a flying rig. I've got my Kemper, wireless and IEM Gear in a 4U which is the exact dimension for carry-on luggage, figured that if I'm carrying the remote in luggage, I may as well carry the extra three kilos for an AX and have some redundancy too.

    Thanks Burkhard, I want to split the signal and get a DI out to an AX8 with just modules A & B (Gate & Pitch shift), it sounds like using the loop in module D will achieve that.

    The idea would be that the AX controls the Kemper via midi and both units send signal to FOH. If the Kemper goes down, I lose both units initially but I can keep a spare line on the floor and swap to the AX to cover while the tech sorts the Kemper out.

    I'm considering replacing my remote with a floor based modelling unit from 'Another provider' to give me some reduncancy on tour. In the Kemper, I use a gate in slot 1 and pitch shift in slot 2 to alter tunings between E, D & C, wondering it's possible to send a DI from monitor out which contains only FX from slots 1-4 rather than 1-8?

    I've just been messing around with the presets. The Bob Weir 2 is absolutely perfect for what I'm looking for, but the pedal is working in reverse (ie open sound is on the heel). Anyone know how I can reverse it round without changing the tone?

    one of our staff has already replied to you on the same day you sent your email. Please check your spam folder.

    The advice from our staff to fix your issue (which is different from the one that the OP has reported in this thread) was the following:

    Press and hold the System and Rig Button while you turn on the Profiler into Tuner Mode.
    Hold these two buttons till the message "Initializing current Rig and global settings" appear in the display. then let go off the Buttons and let the Profiler boot up.

    That's great, I'll give it a go. I'd been searching my gmail for 'Kemper' in case it had gone somewhere else, looks like it doesn't check the spam folder on search.