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    Release 7.4.1 Main volume is controlling monitor volume with or without Rig Manager connected and with without output linked on or off. Mains are muted on mixing board and monitor volume on stage only increases display, not volume. Only main volume in display increases monitor volume All volume is tied to main volume. no matter what.

    I've got a pair of Line 6 DT25 extension cabs, and I was always impressed with the bottom end response from such a small cab, it's similar in design to the NL12. When I replaced the stock Celestion G12H-90 speakers with the Kemper Kone's, I had more of everything: bottom, middle, and, especially, the top end. But, what was even more striking, was the definition coming out of those little cabs. Because of the wider frequency response, and the speaker imprint technology, each rig can now sound the way it was meant to sound. So, a Marshall profile can use a Celestion speaker imprint, or a Fender profile can use something like the C12N imprint. Now, I'm not stuck with one sound like I was before the Kemper Kone came along.

    I was doing the same with the DT25 cab and thought the G12's sounded warmer and the Kone harsher. I have the Kone currently installed in an open back 1 X 12 that I stuck a piece of plywood behind. But when I A/B-ed them one in left ear, one in right, the G12H-90 sounded a little blanketed. Then I ran backing tracks thru them the Kone was much more articulate so I guess I will keep it and put it in a Mojotone Baltic Birch 1x12 with 3 piece back, so I can run it open or closed.

    If you wish to try and use imprints with them, I would recommend using the merged profiles with the cab off. That should get you closer to the actual amp sound. But you should try both ways and decide what sounds best for your setup and your ears.

    For me it also is nasal and with blanket over the speaker. When I unselect Monitor Cab Off, it sounds more alive, but kinda fizzy. Really weird. On clean and hairy profiles it is amp in the room however.

    I get kone yesterday and should be installing tomorrow and test PS2 vs SS for kone with imprints What amp profile with what imprints sound fizzy? And what is your monitor output set to?

    I just tried this in Rig Manager (select all and delete) and i had 400+ on the profiler, after 20 min's it's dropping but only down to saying Deleting Item 259 of 1 (which is an odd message)

    Was there a better way? i'm afraid to stop it...deleting 1 at a time was very fast, do not sure why this is slow.

    I had the same issue deleting from Rig Manager. I stopped the process a couple of ties and restarted and found the issue. While you are deleting you need to keep the window active, If you click on any other window it appears to be deleting but isn't and you get that strange message.

    Quote from ckemper

    Now I got the question :)

    Yes, we have plans for a per-rig setting.

    We are still asking ourself, if that setting should be stored in the Rig data or in the Cabinet Module (!).

    ckemper How about both? All rigs get kone setting in output section, unless override setting is in Rig data.

    Yes, it will be a pain to assign a cab to every direct profile you own, but on a complaint scale of 1-10...I'd say it's a 2. When the switch is made to assign the Kone per rig, you'll need to do that anyways unless you want one imprint to be global for all profiles. In which case, might as well use a real cab then

    A global setting in the output, which can be overriden by a setting in the rig, would seem to be the way to go.

    Wouldn't it be awesome ckemper if we could measue the differences between a broken in speaker and a new one and add an adjustable control to simulate that ?